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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ice packs are our friends

The other day when I was at the pharmacy I purchased two kinds of packs (2 each) that can be used either for cold or heat. One kind was a gel and another uses some other means of holding the cold or heat. I tried out the gel packs tonight. The ice packs fit in a pocket and a cloth wraparound fastened with velcro works well around ankles and knees. I kept it on my ankles for 10 minutes, my knees for 10 minutes, and finally my back and shoulders. I got under my Snuggie and at least while I had them on my feet and ankles, had the massaging cushion going. It was a little like spa time. I feel much better than when I got home, albeit a little cold (it's very cold outside and I didn't really warm up much before I started using the ice). Now I'm eating some oatmeal and trying to get a little warmer. I'm going to turn in very soon because I have to get up early in the morning around 4:30 am.

I got a thank you card in the mail from the oral surgery office thanking me for being a patient and assuring me that I could call them if I had any issues. I thought that was rather nice.

We got scant snow, nowhere near the 3-4 inches that was predicted, although the wind was very cold. I'm glad I didn't go out to Best Buy, although I'll be very poor tomorrow and Monday.

I guess that's all for now. I'm finished eating and should probably trundle off to bed. Good night.

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