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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Odd Kentucky story of the week: rampaging psychiatrist with sword!

A psychiatrist and doctor of internal medicine, Dr Douglas Rank, attacked a woman with a sword, stabbing her in the chest, in northern Kentucky Sunday. Dr Rank had previously practiced in Lexington, but his licence was suspended for a time over sex with a female patient. Apparently he's also been in trouble over his prescribing practices. The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure found that Rank had given a patient 57 prescriptions, including narcotics, over a 14 month period. According to the police report, Rank had drunk a fifth of brandy and taken two Clonezapams before stabbing the woman. Neighbours heard the woman scream (his office is downstairs, his apartment upstairs) and were able to distract him enough for the woman to get away. The attack took place upstairs and it was unclear whether the woman was a patient or not. I would make a crack about how she shouldn't be billed if she were a patient, but it was pretty serious and she could have died. Fortunately, she's listed as recovering.

(Shakes head.) There are some real looneys out there, and some of them have medical degrees.

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