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Saturday, February 27, 2010

It is an experience

Riding the bus changes her view
Just to note, there are some pressing things about not having a car and riding the bus that I ponder at times. Like how long it takes me to get somewhere with the leaving the house early to walk the 15 minutes to the bus stop, to wait for the bus, to play stop-and-go down Wilshire. Or, when the bus is late. I mean, I know it happens but it really puts a kink in my schedule. Or, when you just want to listen to the radio and sing at the top of your lungs with the windows rolled down.
All in all, though, she found the bus to be much different than she'd imagined, and she's saving money and helping the environment.

I really get bummed by riding the bus sometimes (and ours doesn't run as late (or probably as frequently as LA's). But now, after six months, I've found it can be a good thing, too, especially in terms of connecting with people. I like most of the bus drivers and I'm recognised as a 'regular'. And although I do mostly keep to myself, I talk to other regulars or sometimes get drawn into conversation. I just wish I could read on a bus; I really must get over my motion sickness problem, since I spend so much time on them, it would be the perfect opportunity.

It also gives me an appreciation for what my taxes go for. The fact of the matter is that I can drive, I'm just without a car currently. Some people can't drive at all for various reasons. For them, the bus is a lifeline that helps them maintain a job and home.

There's kind of a secret code to know when riding the bus, in terms of schedules, what the rules are, which bus stops are serviced in snow, which buses go where, what passes cost what and give you what. A lot of it's available on their website or in the brochures, but a good portion is just learning to navigate the system, and it sort of makes me feel good that I do so pretty well, and can help those who are new find their way, too.

So bus riding has been good for me--but I have to admit, I still want a car for going places on whims, running around at night, or when friends need rides.

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