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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I finally worked on the aquarium

It only took about 20 minutes. I came in from work, put my stuff down, and immediately started scooping out duckweed. I probably took out two cups of duckweed. I can't believe I told Brenda I didn't mind duckweed when she gave me a couple of pieces in with a swordtail. I guess I'd forgotten that the last time I had duckweed someone else regularly cleaned it out. :) Then I filled the tank (it took about 10 gallons, and my tank is a 29 gallon long. I treated the water with a conditioning agent and put in a solution of good bacteria. I also fed the fish. I think the duckweed was trapping some of the food, meaning they were hungry and the uneaten food could affect the water quality. I did not vacuum out the tank--that involves siphoning, which you start by mouth--not a good idea when you've just had oral surgery.

Speaking of which, I'm healing pretty well. The gum tissue is growing over the socket and I'm up to fairly non-soft foods like bagels, although I'm avoiding hard things like, say, tortilla chips. I have had very little pain, yay, and I only took two Percocet out of the whole prescription. I've finished the Z-pack of antibiotics and don't seem to have had any ill effects. (There was concern on the part of the doctor and pharmacist because this drug (azithromycin) is related to clindomycin, which I'm allergic to. But I can take erythromycin, which is also related.) I'm also allergic to penicillin, Lortab, and latex, so I'm a problem child when it comes to going to the doctor or dentist. (Please don't plan my demise from bread mould, okay?)

Happy Groundhog Day. If one came out today here it might have seen its shadow during a brief sunlit period, but it was mostly cloudy. More importantly for me, I suppose, is that it's Imbolc, the beginning of the Celtic spring, and which is sacred to the Goddess Brigid. I meant to get some mead the other day as a libation, but couldn't swing the logistics of getting to the liquor store during other errands, so I'll probably lighting a candle as a means of acknowledging Her. She is often associated with a sacred flame, and the Saint Bridget, which took over her dominion in the new faith, was worshipped at Kildare where there was a sacred flame devoted to her. The Goddess is associated with poetry, smithwork, and healing as well. Clooties, small bits of cloth, are tied upon trees near holy wells as a means of praying to Her or asking for healing, even now, although they are these days they are mostly directed to the saint.

That's all for now. Hope your week got off to a good start.

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