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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Starting my day with rajma masala

which is a kidney bean curry. Because the pre-packaged rice pilaf I'd been using had nuts in it (verboten after my surgery), I bought a container of basmati rice. I cooked it like normal rice, which was totally contrary to the instructions, which called for much soaking (I only thought to read it after the fact, since I'm used to making rice, although it isn't a type of rice I've cooked before.) But cooking it Western style was fine. Of course, I was only doing a cup at a time; they were calling for three. I pride myself on my ability to keep rice from sticking to the pan (apparently every Southern woman's dream), but I usually make rice on a gas stove. Electric's a little harder, and a little stuck. But still, it tastes wonderful. The masala is from India, in one of the pre-packaged foil packs. It could be a tad spicier, but I'm assuming they're making it for the lowest common denominator. Anyway, it's healthy and tasty, and within my cooking skills, which are not great. If I ever marry again I'll have to find someone who can cook. But I think it's better that I learn to on my own, as that imaginary person may not even exist.

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