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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I did something I never do today

I bought shoes online. I need new shoes because my others, which are just 4-5 months old, are already showing the wear pattern pre-orthotics that encourages my feet to still bow out some. So I went to New Balance and found a black shoe in my size that is also good for walking and for diabetes. Unfortunately, although the style is carried by the folks at John's Run/Walk Shop (who own the former New Balance store in Woodhill), they didn't carry it in anything other than beige and not in my size (a 6 1/2 double wide--yes, I have a square foot, just about). These look like my old New Balance shoes, which my podiatrist approved of (but which had been worn out of shape with my ankles turning like they were), with a fairly high ankle support.

Now shoe shopping for me is always tricky, because of the size. A lot of times I have to go up to a 7 or even and 8 normal width. My current shoes are 7 boys'. But I measure as 6 1/2 length and double width--so, we're going to try it. They have a good return policy. The shoes are $120 with shipping, and I'm having them sent to the hospital to be sure I get them, and it should take 2-7 days, shipping today. So, wish me luck.

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