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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I very rarely swear

but I let loose quite a few expletives a few minutes ago when someone tried to run me down at a major intersection. Okay, yes, it was 10:30 pm and dark, but I had a light-coloured coat on and was waiting to cross with the light. He waited until it was time for me to cross and then started to zoom into me. Fortunately we both stopped our forward motion at the same time, and he let me pass. But I got scared, and I think I used the 'f' word in imperative, as an adjective, and also as a couple of other parts of speech.

And then, once the danger was passed and I was walking down the other side of the road, I started crying.

I know, it makes no sense. But I cry easily, especially when I'm scared and mad, and both counted this time.

I haven't had such pedestrian rage since a Cadillac tried to run over Liz and me several years ago. The string of various forms of the 'f' word came out even stronger then.

I have a motto as a pedestrian--never trust the drivers. And so I was ready to step back if needed in this case. But for those of you who are driving in your cars, please watch out for pedestrians. Most of us do obey the traffic laws, and for those that don't, well, the fact of the matter is they're going to lose in a battle with your car. So try not to squish anyone.

And please slow down and take your time. I think that may have played a factor in the crash I wrote about--I heard he was late for work and passing a car when it happened. Being late 5 minutes for work is much better than being dead. So take care when you drive, and when you walk.