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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Home at last

Today Brenda couldn't make it to the Call of Cthulhu game because her husband surprised her with Valentine's plans. So the rest of us watched the movie Push (excellent depiction of psionic abilities) and then played anyway. One of Margaret's characters has been kidnapped from gaol in England to become a psychic slave to a despicable uppercrust family. My character's status is uncertain. Most of the characters are stuck in America due to some legal issues, so we're sending a one-eyed Vietnamese character (we're kind of like ninjas against Cthulhoids, with big swords and martial arts training), a revved up biokinetic who can look like anybody and grows claws and thinks she's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and another psychic on the run from the Men in Black who nevertheless agreed to go look for our people. Yes, it's just this sort of thing I call fun, and I've played the game mostly every week for almost nineteen years. And this is downtime, meaning we're not fighting strange cults or things with tentacles. Welcome to horror/science fiction roleplaying of the paper and dice variety, where you really do play out the role, and it's not just about hack and slash. Video games are lame compared to them, especially when a talented gamemaster and the interaction of the players has made for a rich and textured world with complex relationships.

I just checked the weather and they're calling for 5-8 inches of snow overnight for our area. I'm supposed to go to my friends' house again tomorrow, the one where I got stranded last Monday. I definitely need to leave while the buses are still running, therefore. But 'Heroes' is over for the season, so there's no reason to stay really late.

I think I'll check the news and see if there's anything blogworthy. If not, have a great night.

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