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Thursday, February 04, 2010

A resolution

I assiduously avoided making resolutions this year, because, well, I normally fail them terribly. But I've really gotten to the point with blogging that I either talk a lot about myself (which is fine--it's my blog, after all, and it's a personal one) or I include news stories I find interesting (also okay), but in the latter I rarely add commentary anymore. Sometimes, I'm so pressed in terms of getting some blogging done that I just put up a few links. That's not really creating content, something I think is important when writing online. So I'm going to work at more commentary on news, observations of my day, etc. and not focus quite so much on things like my foot pain, etc. I suspect that's getting old (trust me, having it certainly is). If you're enjoying the blog as is and don't care for changes, let me know. If you have suggestions for topics or just the blog in general, again, let me know. (There's an e-mail link on the sidebar or of course commenting links under each post.) This is my *ninth* year blogging continuously here. I'd like to keep it up. I have to admit that it has become a habit and it makes me antsy to not write at least a little every day (and being offline at times is maddening). Anyway, that's my resolution. Just one. Think I can do it?

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