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Tuesday, December 09, 2003


I was going to make up some cute rhyme about being sleepy, but my brain isn't up to it.

I put in about nine hours at two different jobs today. I may have back into the second job tomorrow; the person who actually publishes the pages is leaving for holiday soon and I want to get them up and going. One plus--because I'm a state employee, I get paid for a half-day's shift tomorrow (even if I don't work) holiday pay because a new governor is being inaugurated. I'm not a big fan of Ernie Fletcher, but he's got to be better than Paul Patton, who ended his term in a scandal involving adultery and possible misuse of postions.

I stopped by the library between jobs and picked up the next two Harry Kemelman books (Rabbi Small mysteries), The Devil in the White City (about serial murders during the Chicago World's Fair), a book on the Mary Phagan/Leo Frank Case (a young girl murdered in Atlanta where a Jewish man was lynched but latter pardoned posthumously; I've read bits and pieces about the case but I wanted to know more and happened to see it), and a book on job-hunting and resume-writing.

After work I stopped by and got some fish and chips, which I'm hoping will be okay on my stomach. Sometimes fried foods really don't agree with my system. I also went over to Wal-Mart and looked around, although I'm happy to report I didn't buy a thing. I've got a Secret Santa present to get for one of the girls at work and it was the only thing I knew would be open for awhile.

So, now I'm home, sleepy but I need to pick a friend up in about a little while, so no nap for me. I guess, I'll just have to blog. :)

Sorry I sort of dropped off the face of the earth after my little weekend breakdown. I'm feeling much better, really. And I checked my e-mail and eHarmony spit back eight matches from around the country. It's an interesting mix; the closest is in Ashland and the most distant is in California. I have to admit, I'm intrigued. I haven't decided whether I'm ready to actually pay to get a conversation going yet or not. Does that make me a tease? I really don't mean it that way. I'm just on a budget. :)

PS Short rant of the day: Why is Kerry's use of an expletive that big of a deal? The language is pretty normal for Rolling Stone. And in the context where he used it (describing the Bush administration's handling of Iraq)...well, I'm not sure any other non-profane English word captures the meaning as well as that. Come on, everyone who votes is an adult; we're not on the playground, boys. For that matter, I don't suppose Kerry's choice of words had anything to do with lagging public opinion and the fact that he instantly sky-rocketed to the top of the headlines (although that was short-lived). Right? ;) Meanwhile you've got opposing camps proclaiming Kerry a hero for telling it like it is and others saying he just shot himself in the foot. You know what? Come election day, I don't think anyone's going to give a f*** what he said back in December. :)

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