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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Sometimes you just have to 'reset'

There seems to be something wrong with Blogger, so I'm writing in Notebook until I can actually post.

As you know, I had apparently built up such a sleep deficit that I slept 17 hours on Thursday. Well, yesterday I added another fifteen hours. I finally feel human again, so I must have needed it. I don't even have a sore back like I sometimes get when I crash. I did at some point last night wake myself up because I was having a minor nightmare about work and in the midst got attacked by something coming at me and tried to kick it in my dream and apparently really did kick my closet door, which is metal, to a resounding ring that woke me up. So much for paralysis during REM sleep.

So, having caught up in terms of rest I find that I feel sooooooooo much better. I had been puffy and sore and even a little warm, not to mention cranky. The first thing I did once I woke up (well, besides pee) was take a long, warm bath with my citrus gel and soft scrubby mitt/back scrubber and just soaked up warmth and exfoliated some of the itchy dry skin from my back, and let's just say I felt like those fire lizards from Anne McCaffrey's books after a good bath and oiling. :) I was afraid I'd be dehydrated, since I had been sleeping so much and not drinking as a result, but I feel fine. I think I was retaining water, so I just absorbed it back. Yay!

In a little while I'm going to pick up some friends and drop them off for a visit with relatives, then head to the gym and work out for awhile. For now, I'm listening to soothing New Age music and I've fed the animals. I'm happy that it's warm in here (it's 29 degrees outside and very blustery, so I'm sure the wind chill is worse...it's supposed to snow a bit tonight and maybe up to 2-3 inches tomorrow).

I was, of course, up and doing stuff during the day yesterday. I worked and then went downtown to take care of some things and then the credit union, and then over to Eagle Creek library, where I was hunting specifically for a couple books on irritable bowel syndrome. Funny, my insides are doing a lot better since I got so much sleep and I've been eating just a little here and there. I was afraid my blood sugar would go up (it does that if I don't eat...no eating means no insulin being triggered and it just creeps up), but I'm fine. I guess it makes a difference if you're sleeping because of depression and if you're sleeping out of exhaustion. :) Anyway, one of the books is an 'all you need to know about IBS' intro and one is a cookbook. Since I have no less than four people in my life with IBS besides me, I thought it would be good to learn more. The medicine the doctor gave me is helping, but dealing with stress and diet changes go further in the long run. Besides, I feel a little weird taking something related to belladonna to reduce the spasms. :)

Anyway, here's hoping for a good start to the weekend...I'm so glad the holidays (and time off) are on the horizon!

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