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Friday, December 12, 2003

17 hrs' sleep + Friday = Quiztime!

This is Spock (aka 'Laid-back and Stupid but Sweet' Kitty)...

Your cat may be Angel...the little white demon kitten. He may enjoy such things as climbing
your Xmas Palm tree...eating the lights and be so hyper you think he ate your missing stash of speed. He also likes meowing louder than a blow horn.

...and Buns (aka 'I'll growl at you from the vet scale but don't you dare move me' Kitty)
Your cat..if you so desire to call it that is Cuddles...the angry bipolar kitty from hell. Your cat may enjoy tormenting other cats..dogs..or alligators...he is moody and bitchy. What a nice cat.

...and Darius (aka 'I don't really live here' Kitty who hides when anyone comes over)
Your cat is Buttons..cute cuddly...and oh so evil..your cat may enjoy such activities as killing bugs...and plotting your death. :) He may also like chattering at birds until he falls out of the window.

How deranged is your cat?
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