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Saturday, December 27, 2003

On the third day of Christmas, the universe gave to me a chance to sleep till 1:30

listening to: 'Zoe Jane' by Staind; 'Other Side' by Red Hot Chili Peppers; 'Radio Ga-Ga' by Queen
feeling: Nesting

I've spent this, my first totally free day of my vacation doing simple things like sleeping till 1:30 in the afternoon, taking a unrushed hot shower, doing dishes, taking a nap in the afternoon sunshine on the couch, straightening up the living room, re-organising kitchen shelves, watching martial art moves on TV (great moves for the game), playing Sims listening to music, and now blogging. I've actually done a lot but it doesn't seem like it, really.

Now I'm thinking about reading up on the Salem witch trials, since I suspect our gamemaster is going to make us re-do the mission in our game where we accidentally changed time. Brenda's feeling better (she and her family have been sick with some bug for a couple of weeks), so we should be playing.

My allergies have really kicked in today. At least, I hope it's allergies. You know how you go and go, and the moment you stop you get sick? I was a little achy earlier and my eyes and nose have just been streaming. Mostly it became an issue whilst burning a spruce-scented candle. Now that I've blown it out, I'm back just to bad sinus headache and pressure. I suppose it's not that surprising, given the fact that I am cleaning house and I'm allergic to my animals, dust, well, virtually the house, and moving stuff around only makes it worse (the main reason I don't dust enough...if I ever get a job where I can make ends meet, I think I'll get someone to come in once a week and dust.) Generally I feel okay...but it was enough that I decided to put off the gym until Monday. Also, annoyingly, I have a fever blister. Of course, I guess I shouldn't complain, since I was up to about 6 a year until I went on the Paxil, and oddly enough that might have helped. I guess if they're triggered by stress, that makes sense, anyway.

I'm thinking about (not now, but sometime before March) getting Sims Online because they have a special rebate that will make it only $9 and the first month of play is free, with subsequent months available either through regular payment or a pay-as-you-go card system so you don't have to commit to every month. Since I spend more time on the computer than watching TV, I'm thinking about cutting down to very basic cable, and the savings would more than pay for playing. Haven't decided, yet, though. Do you any of you play Sims Online? It's really a sort of glorified chat environment, but that's not really so bad for an introvert like me. :) Well, I guess that's enough for now. 'Layla' is playing and I want to give my full attention to Clapton.

Today's sing-along: On the third day of Christmas, the universe gave to me a chance to sleep till 1:30...Return of the King...and a trip to grandma's house.

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