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Friday, December 26, 2003

Ah...the cycle is complete

I went to see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King today. As a story, I liked it. Okay, so it's really not Tolkien's story, but I think if you divorce it from the books it works well. And I have to admit some of my favourite parts aren't in the books. So Gandalf really couldn't practically beat the snot out of a head of state. So they ignored main points to the battle and played up minor ones. So, those prehistoric hyena things in the second movie should have been wolves. So most of the ending was a complete tangent. I still loved the series. I haven't seen any of the movies on DVD yet--I'm waiting until the last one is out so I can watch them together in context. And no, I still haven't given up on the books even though I don't care for Tolkien's writing style or character handling...the fact of the matter is that his work is a classic, regardless. And, I can finally tackle my friend Brenda's fifty-three chapters' worth magnum opus and get some idea of what's going on, especially as I helped inspire a small ficlet of hers based on one of the movie scenes from The Two Towers that wasn't part of the book and was ludicrous in it's handling. Hers was a much more satisfying ending, even if it would have left them an entire movie short. :)

Today's sing-along: On the second day of Christmas, the universe gave to me the Return of the King...and a trip to grandma's house.

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