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Monday, December 22, 2003

British concern over CJD may change transfusion protocols

British concern over CJD may change transfusion protocols

I'd be interested in how British and American agencies compare in terms of blood collection. I give blood regularly, and I've had to answer questions about Creutzfeld-Jakob, any human- or bovine-derived products I've taken, etc., for about three years now. Is it substantially different in Britain? You would think, with the concerns over Mad Cow Disease and its possible link to CJD ,this would have come up a long time ago. I'm not criticising, I'm just wondering if this is really a surprising development, or if the media's just grabbing onto it.

Personally I think they should add a question in our region regarding eating any brain tissue, especially of squirrels. Many people still squirrel-hunt and I've heard of cases of an encephalopathy in humans related to eating squirrel brains--both from people I've known who have cared for patients, and in the medical literature. And yes, I have eaten squirrel (it's actually quite tasty, albeit gamey), although just the meat. My mom, though has grossed me out by eating the brain (even when I ate meat I was never into internal organs).

I have to admit, it's not the reason I'm vegetarian, but it's a happy side effect...I just hope they never find that prions can be found in dairy products.

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