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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Here's a bit of movie trivia...

I was watching tonight's 'Saturday Night Live' with Elijah Wood, which has just been excellent (especially with Chris Kattan returning for a cameo as Gollum in the opening monologue). I wondered a little about Elijah Wood's background. I mean, I remember watching him in The Good Son--he was excellent, in a generally disturbing film that really showed MacCauley Caulkin at his best as a sociopath, although the movie didn't receive the acclaim it disturbed. I remember at the time thinking that when he grew up he would have the type of face women would fall over, especially with those wide blue eyes. Well, I was right. But I was looking into his biography (he's from Iowa, which may explain why he seems so down to earth) and discovered this little item: he played the kid at the video game in the future in Back to the Future who asks what a quarter is. :) Hee hee. That's one of my all-time favourites--sort of a secret passion of mine, but particularly that part of the series. Nice to see he got in on that one. And certainly getting the role of Frodo is a coup that will affect the rest of his career. Oh, and here's a special bonus--his sister Hannah was in Two Towers as one of the women in the cave during the battle.

I'm not so much a reading-Tolkien fan (I've majored in ancient and mediaeval history, so thank you, I get enough of that writing style) but I do like the stories and have been watching the movies. I suspect that once filming ended one of the first things anyone who wasn't playing an elf did was wash their hair. I'm glad they actually showed people travelling overland and falling into muck and swamps, etc. with realistic unwashed-ness, but I'd hate to spend so much time so artfully grungy. They have my sympathy. I can't imagine having to look that bedraggled for months on end. I saw a magazine cover of Aragorn the other day holding his sword with nicely shampooed hair. I guess once you become king they either have to let you take a bath or hold you down until you're clean. :) Anyway, I'm eager to see the third movie, and I'm glad they had Elijah Wood on SNL tonight, because it's been absolutely hilarious.

I think I'll head on to bed, though. The weather has changed from freezing rain to fairly heavy snow...the big wet kind that just seems to fall like a stone. We had about a half inch earlier today--I wouldn't be surprised to get 2 or 3 inches by tomorrow night. Fortunately the salt should be able to take care of the roads at this temperature. If it gets very bad I'll just take the bus into town but really, the car seems to handle pretty well in slick conditions. It doesn't have anti-lock brakes but does have good brakes, new tyres, heated mirrors, and front-wheel drive, and it's a heavy enough car that it's not all over the place on slick roads. Another thing I like is that it's pretty long--that was a drawback at first, since I'd never owned a non-compact car, but it has lots of crash space both fore and aft, so I feel safer (knock on wood). I really need to thank my mom and stepdad again for giving me the car, and for giving it to me before the weather got bad. :) It's like the gift of freedom. Obviously being mobile means I'm running around doing more (and not getting enough sleep) but that's okay. I'm just glad that I can do all that running without relying on a troubled bus service.

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