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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Today was a lazy day...

I tried to sleep in a little, since I was up so late last night. Then I went to see my mom, who was doing better. It was pouring rain, and I really appreciate the University of Kentucky shuttle drivers who took me over to the emergency department, so I remained dry. There are so many rooms over in that department, at least about 70 that I saw signs for. This evening my stepfather called and told me she was home, so she was able to be discharged and is hopefully on the mend.

After visiting there I went to my friends' house. A had a picnic fundraiser that the pies were for, so he was gone. YKWIA was chair sleeping with the rain coming down outside, and we wound up both napping a bit for awhile. Then we watched videos, that sort of thing, and just had a good visit. Now I'm home, and eating a bit. Tomorrow's the game, but I have the notes finished; I'm not 100% sure we'll play, as Brenda sometimes misses Father's Day if her husband wants to go catch a movie or something like that. We'll see. But for now, I'm headed to bed. Good night.

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