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Saturday, June 06, 2015

What an absolutely long day, but a good one

So my day started about 5:50 am. The seminar started at 7:15, and I was fortunate to ride over with my roommate and another attendee to the college campus where it is being held. Tomorrow, though, I'll have to go over on my own, as I'll have to check out of the hotel before I go to the meeting. Today we met till about 6:30 pm and then went to a restaurant, Buckhead Mountain Grill, on Bardstown Road, where I had a portabella mushroom sandwich and a sweet potato, plus rolls with cinnamon butter. It was excellent, and it was nice that the organisation was paying for our meals. One of the ladies even went and got me a fish sandwich from McDonald's when we were going to break for lunch this afternoon, because they'd ordered smoked turkey and ham sandwiches/boxed lunches from Panera, and there were no vegetarian or pescetarian options. But she called them and tomorrow there's a veggie sandwich that she's ordered for me. We had muffins and giant, yet sweet, oranges for breakfast. Tomorrow they're having muffins and bananas, but it'll be running from 8 am to 5 pm, so technically I should be able to eat at the breakfast bar at the hotel before leaving. We're going to get up early and get packed, then eat (the breakfast bar starts at 7 am), and then head over to the class. Then I'll go home from there after all is said and done.

It's been a day packed with all sorts of useful information. I've learned a lot. We went through various materials and several of the lessons. Tomorrow there's about eight lessons to go over, so it'll be pretty intense as well.

I really have enjoyed this experience so far. My classmates and teachers are all very pleasant and have a lot of experience that's proving useful.

Oh, and it was great that we got to the restaurant right before the Belmont Stakes started, and we got to watch American Pharoah win the Triple Crown. Yay!!!

Okay, I've got a bit of a headache, so I think I'll take some ibuprofen, drink some caffeine, and get some rest. I may write some more in a little while, but for now I just want to catch my breath. I'm in my sleep shirt and shorts, and got all comfy at least, as soon as I got in, and checked on my friends as well. So I'm ready for some quiet time.

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