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Friday, June 05, 2015

I am up exceedingly early

I'm going to break Internet protocol, and post things ahead of time about a short trip I am taking. I hope that does not mean bad things will happen, but this is really basically my diary, and given my driving anxiety, I need to write a bit here before I go.

First, the things I have to do before I go to work (and for once I won't use strikethrough on the list; suffice to say it all has to be accomplished:
  1. Get some water in me; I'm very dry.
  2. Switch from my backpack to my Chicago tote bag in terms of 'purses'.
  3. Take a portfolio with various information on the training I'm doing related to the class I'm teaching.
  4. Make sure I have the Kindle charger with me.
  5. Fill up my medicine box, replenish my pen needles, get extra insulin together, and put in an extra phial of test strips.
  6. Make sure I have my highlighter and plenty of pens, as well as the sticky notes for the training notebook they'll give me.
  7. Get my clothes together for the weekend.
  8. Bring three books, Pete Earley's Crazy, the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, and a book on mobile technologies in libraries that I have to review by month's end.
  9. Take apart my CPAP and get it into its bag.
  10. Charge my phone (I fell asleep without doing it.)
  11. Charge my laptop.
  12. Transfer the game recording over to the laptop so I can work on that if I have time this weekend.
  13. Get ready.
  14. Feed the fish.
  15. Water the plants.
  16. Put the toiletries into a bag.
  17. Put the bags all together.
  18. Make sure I have distilled water jug with me for the CPAP.
  19. Program my destination into my phone
  20. Return an interlibrary loan to the public library.
All in all, with my 'purse/tote', I have five bags, plus a water jug, but they're all small and portable. Fortunately there will be no plane rides with this, so I can take whatever I want.

The training is pretty intense: 7:15 am Saturday to 7 pm plus dinner; 8 am Sunday to 5 pm, with breaks about every two hours and meals provided.

I'm a little nervous about the drive, but not in full-blown panic, which is good. We'll see if that changes once I'm on the Interstate. But people have assured me that I-64 is much easier to handle than I-75, I should avoid most construction, and the plan is to leave work early enough to get a good start before rush hour traffic happens. Of course, once I get to Louisville, I'll be in rush hour traffic there, most likely, so I guess you pick your poison there. It's only about an hour and a half drive, straight up the Interstate to the hotel. The college where the training is a little further away from the hotel than I thought it would be, but it's a short jump on the Watterson Expressway from I-64, and while I could go the back roads, I've never actually driven in Louisville and it would probably be easier to keep to the major ones. In a way, I'm looking forward to the actual trip up there. I have a roommate at the hotel; I hope she's okay with my (very quiet) CPAP.

Okay, I have reached the point where I get ready for work. I haven'd decided whether to get my allergy shot before I leave town or not. I'm afraid I'll get bogged down with things if I try to run any errands or do anything before I go. I think I'll skip this time; I can double up next week. In fact, I may just pack up everything into the car before leaving for work and then drive straight from there to the Interstate. I think my CPAP would be okay in the car trunk. We'll see.

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