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Thursday, May 29, 2008

An ordinary day

Listening to: Leona Lewis, 'Bleeding Love'

Not a lot happened of any consequence today. I worked my normal shift at the hospital, then worked at another store for an hour and a half so they could have a meeting (the idea being that they'll reciprocate). I took a friend to work, dropped by our store for my schedule, did notes, and watched great episodes thanks to YKWIA of 'Reaper' ('me Devil, you minion') and 'Frasier' on YouTube and 'American Dad' on Hulu. (You have to love an episode which deals with sci-fi geeks with Patrick Stewart on the show, the Star Wars Kid so popular on YouTube and kids who save the country's infrastructure from a cyberterrorist by decoding the Elvish script. Viva la geeks!)

I think the two guys who are training to be assistant managers made out the schedule, and it's a little different than normal. I'm working at 8 am Saturday until 6 pm, which is way earlier than I normally work. I think they forgot that the truck will be here on Friday night instead of Thursday due to the holiday. I'm going to call tomorrow morning to see if my boss wants me to switch nights. But I'm off Monday, which is good. I was originally going to go to Danville to visit my grandmother on Thursday (her birthday), but found out that my aunts and uncles and at least some of the cousins are coming up for a visit at the beginning of next week, so I'm going on Monday instead.

Along with all of this I will be painting more shelves, so there will be a lot of work to do between my jobs, the painting, etc. It looks like I'll be working Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday, with Monday spent visiting. But we're going to call the game for painting, so I should be able to sleep in on Sunday before going over to finish up the paint job.

Well, that's all, I guess. Good night.

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