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Thursday, May 15, 2008


I made my rent, with one cent left in my bank account. I was at the bank in the drive-through lane when they opened. I got the money orders and then dropped them off before the leasing office opened, then called to ask them to let me know they got them alright (since timing is everything, I thought this might be better than coming in once they had begun their business day and getting an actual receipt; I wasn't sure exactly when they would go to court that day). Then I went back to the apartment, got into bed, and worried. When the lady called to say everything was okay, I actually fell out of bed getting to the phone (those pillow-top mattresses like the one my mom gave me can be a little slippery, especially when you're a klutz anyway).

Then it was off to the agency to see if I could get assistance with my electric bill. The woman took my information, explained they'd need copies of my last two pay stubs (I don't get one from the gas station--although I can apparently request that I get one, I found out later), so I was thinking, great, I'm not going to be able to do this. But then she asked me how much the bill was. It was only $73. Apparently this is much smaller than they're used to (it's a big bill for me, the last of the winter bills--mine are usually around $40). She said she'd check with another agency to see if they would be willing to pay, and they were. So I have the Black Church Coalition here in Lexington to thank for being able to write this now (and more importantly, use my CPAP and take a nice warm shower, both of which I did this evening once all was said and done). Thank you so much, especially as I am neither black nor Christian. However, if I can donate at some point to your cause, I will. Maybe it will help someone else in a similar bind.

After that I went to work and then over to the station to help out for just an hour so my boss, who'd mostly worked alone all day, could go home and get some rest. I went over to a friend's house after that, but he sent me home to sleep, realising how tired I was as a result of another late night (I helped him with a project till 3 am) and the anxiety. I was going to get up a couple of hours later, get a shower, and blog. It turns out I woke up four and a half hours after I'd gone to bed, far more than I'd planned. Then I went back to my friend's house for awhile.

Even with the nap earlier, I just fell asleep whilst writing this so it's time to go back to bed and get some more rest. (I had dreams and everything.) Thank you again so much to the Black Church Coalition. Good night.

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