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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A future library I'd probably love to visit

Via Jenny--The Shifted Librarian's Ou Est La Doctor Who Bibliotheque?

The next Doctor Who episode is called 'Silence in the Library' and is set, predictably, in said establishment. According to Wikipedia:
As shown on the BBC Doctor Who website, there are a number of books in the library that reference previous episodes. Those seen are the operating manual for the TARDIS (a document which the Doctor has long since lost), Origins of the Universe (Destiny of the Daleks), The French Revolution (An Unearthly Child) the Journal of Impossible Things ("Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood"), The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (written by Douglas Adams, former Doctor Who writer and script editor), and Black Orchid (a book first seen in the Fifth Doctor serial of the same name).

Also from Jenny at the Shifted Librarian:

Citricon: Library Defender, a game from the Orange County Library System (in Florida).

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