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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm really not trying to be depressing

In fact I've twittered several small, happy things from my mundane life. So what's going on with me? Today was a good day, full of productive work and then I got some medicine, voted, got my new library card (with the keychain card, too), went to the gym (and got a new card for that, too, since it's changed from Gold's Gym to Urban Active), came home, and I've had a relaxing time, taking a nap, blogging, etc.

Tomorrow should be even better. We have a birthday breakfast at work where the directors serve and the administrator cooks omelets. It's something they do every six months or so, so even though I had a birthday in April, I go to this one. I'll need to get up early, as it finishes at 9 am and I'm usually at work at 10. Then there's a plenary session on Web 2.0 provided by webcast from MLA for those of us not in Chicago at the annual meeting. I have decided that I'm celebrating getting paid on Wednesday and Thursday with pizza (I have a coupon all ready, so it won't be very expensive) for lunch tomorrow. Then Thursday I'm going to pay my bills and get some gas and groceries.

Well, that's what's going on in my life, which is significantly better than last week. Hoping you're having a decent day/week, too.

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