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Friday, May 16, 2008

News I'm keeping up with

Missouri Woman Accused of Driving Girl to Suicide Is Indicted in California (You may need to register for free to read the New York Times.)

Gay couples 'ecstatic' over ruling (by the California Supreme Court upholding the state's gay marriage law (which may be short-lived, as an amendment to the constitution to ban it is on the ballot this autumn.))

Bush Assails ‘Appeasement,’ Touching Off Storm (another New York Times article) (More utterly stupid and divisive speech on the part of our soon-to-be-ex-leader. I am counting the days until the general election, and more importantly, to Inauguration Day. No matter who wins the contest, at least George W Bush will be out of office.)

Jockey chases Triple Crown while son can still see it (Kent Desormeaux hopes his younger son, Jacob--who has Usher syndrome and has conchlear implants to treat deafness but who is expected to be legally blind by young adulthood--will have a Triple Crown to remember as the jockey gears up for the Preakness riding Big Brown.)

Parents' losses compounded by China's one-child policy (The earthquake that hit the other day happened during the school day. Rescuers have found hundreds of bodies at some school sites, where children were killed when their schools crumbled atop them. For parents, the death of any child is horrific. For those in China, it is compounded by the fact that they have lost the one state-sanctioned child they were allotted, the child who represented their dreams, the child who would care for them in their old age.)

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