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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The week in review

I've really been remiss in my blogging this week, mainly because I keep coming home and crashing straight into the recliner or the bed.

So here's a recap:

Last Saturday

Pretty much what I do most Saturdays, work 10 hours and did some notes for the game.


It was just the game master, Margaret, and I. We played until 11 pm (we start around 1 pm). It was mostly introducing Margaret's new character into play but we're also starting a new case. There were copious notes that took several days to actually transcribe.


Cerys startled a couple of snakes near the back of the apartment building, but she didn't notice. I don't think her eyesight is what it once was. It was a very productive day at work (and I got to learn how to unjam the colour copier), and I only had to work 3-5 at the gas station, leaving me some time to do things like go to the gym (the first time since June). Then I stopped by Subway and turned in my points from my card to get a free combo meal. Yay, free food! Then I napped for about an hour and then worked on notes. That night I checked my e-mail and someone from the Bob and Sheri show had noticed my mention in regards to the Al Yankovic song, so they're sending me some free CDs. Yay, I love their show! So it was the day of free stuff.


Again, productive and only a two hour shift at the gas station. I didn't go to the gym again, but I did do a little at the house and took a nap. Then it was off to do notes. My friend whom I get most nights from work surprised me by getting a ride home either Monday or Tuesday, so I didn't have to go back out. That was nice.


Again, productive and a two hour shift. I wound up visiting for hours with someone I knew from the comic store (several of us worked at a really great comic store until the owner sold the store to an evil get, at which point all but one employee walked out). I worked there nearly a year, doing all sorts of librarian-like things (dealing with vendors, doing databases, dealing with serials, checking in orders, etc.) It (and the former owner's glowing recommendation) was a large part in getting my current job. Anyway, this person is doing well. He's recently remarried to a woman who seems to be wonderful. He has two small kids, works at a pharmacy, and makes leather masques on his off hours and takes them to Renaissance faires to sell. It was nice to catch up with him. I still regret missing his wedding (I had to work) because everyone dressed up in garb.


Was very sloooow in the library. It was payday, so that was nice. Then I worked from 3-9 on truck night at the gas station, which flew by pretty quickly. Then it was off to do notes.


Was wonderful--and the weather was beautiful, if a little cool--except for dealing with the traffic school saga. I took off work from both jobs ostensibly to do my taxes, do a little around the house, deal with traffic school and student loans, and take my dog to the vet. Well, I did solve (hopefully) the traffic school issues. I did get to sleep in till about 11 am, which was nice. I could have done more at the house and I still need to do the final submission of my taxes, although the taxes themselves have been calculated, so it won't take long to finish. I should have gone to the gym again. Instead I set aside some time for errands and then took Cerys to the vet. Her heart is good for her age; her stomach felt good. She did nip the vet when he tried to draw blood, although she didn't get him; he just had a little saliva on his hand. Dr Vice was very patient and good with her. He agreed that she doesn't see that well and it sounds like she's gotten a little senile, with some of her personality changes, the fact that she doesn't recognise my friends, and she wanders in unfamiliar areas (she kept pacing the exam room in circles, for instance). Her heartworm was negative. He clipped her claws, which desperately needed it (she won't let me near her feet). We muzzled her for that, and that distracted her pretty well. He only quicked her once, which was good since they'd gotten so long. Her main issues were tapeworms (he gave me a de-wormer) and itchiness/dermatitis left over from when she had fleas (she doesn't have any now, but she reacts horribly to them and loses quite a bit of hair off her butt). He gave her a cortisone shot and an antibiotic to take for two weeks to take care of any secondary infection there may be. Plus, she got her annual shots and licence taken care of. It all cost $187, less than I thought it would (my former vet, the one who held my cats cremains hostage until my bill was paid, would have probably charged $300, running lots of bloodwork, etc.) Dr Vice agreed that with her being 16 I probably have a year or two at most, but that's what I think, too (for that matter, it's what I thought last year). But she's holding up pretty well for her age. Still, I have to admit every time I come into the house and go find her on the bed I check to make sure she's breathing. It's a sad thing, but inevitable, I suppose. She's been such a good dog, a wonderful companion. I hope the medicine makes her more comfortable. Next month I'll get flea and heartworm medicine.


I worked my 10 hours and did notes, since I didn't do them Wednesday (I try to do them six days a week in an attempt to progress with the project. It's usually an hour or two a day). It was rainy and nasty all day. Hooters next door to the gas station had a bikini contest; I felt sorry for the girls--they were outside in a tent, but we were also a bit snarky, since none of us would be seen dead in a bikini. We were pretty busy. My mother left a message on my voicemail on my cell phone to check the one at home. I misunderstood that it was my e-mail I was suppposed to check, and worried that something might be wrong. But when I checked for messages on my home phone she had left one telling me about a job in the Danville paper, 25 hours per week at a local business college (they actually have one here in Lexington, too, so it may be in Danville or may be at another campus).

I've also been listening to (and watching on YouTube the musical episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' this week. I love that episode, and I have the CD. If you haven't listened to or seen it, you should.

Which brings us to now, when it's nearly 1 am and it's definitely time for me to go to bed. Hope your week went well.

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