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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My, what an interesting day

First of all, there was the fact I had Indian goodness to bring for lunch. This was followed by pie, with which a group of us at work celebrate each other's birthdays. So it was like a birthday extension. I had coconut cream, and it was yummy. Plus, I still have plenty of aloo ghabi and peshwari naan for tomorrow.

This afternoon I took back the blouse I bought last night, because sadly it was too small. I got two others for the same amount of money, which was cool. It is, however, truly frightening what my shirt size has become. The gym and a food diary are calling. Plus, I definitely need to weigh myself tomorrow. At least my stomach wasn't the problem; it was my chest. But still...it would be nice to get into fairly normal clothes.

I finished Rutland Place by Anne Perry. I love the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt novels, but I'm going through them slowly since I was getting them from the library and there are gaps--and I think I bought Resurrection Row at least twice plus checked it out because I kept forgetting which one I'd read. Yes, I can be a scatterbrain sometimes.

I also got my hair cut short with some layers in it so it's not so weighed down. Of course, it got rained on shortly after that, so it's hard to see how well it will come out on a daily basis. The lady at the shop really wanted to colour my hair auburn with soft highlights. I put her off for now, although I've always wanted to have auburn or red hair. And after all, I'm forty and turning grey a little at a time. It's time to have fun, right? But like I said, not right now.

I went home for a couple of hours and the sunny day quickly turned to thunderstorms complete with hail. I went to do the notes and instead wound up calling the fire department because there was a tree on fire and spreading to others and I didn't want it spreading to anyone's house. They were there for a couple of hours taking care of that, so instead of doing the game notes, I wound up watching The Devil Wears Prada, which was quite excellent. I really enjoyed it. Of course I loved Glenn Close and Anne Hathaway, but there was a guy I just thought was adorable, Adrian Grenier, too.

So now I'm home. My mom called and left messages. I think she may have forgotten my birthday yesterday. But she wished me a happy fortieth today instead.

I have to get up early for our semi-annual birthday breakfast tomorrow. Our administrator makes omelets and the various directors serve breakfast. And I love breakfast, especially when it's free. That's three days of birthday. :)

Good night.

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