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Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm up very late

but I just finished watching an excellent movie, The Gathering, starring Christina Ricci and Ioan Gruffudd. It's definitely one to obtain on DVD.

*Warning: the following contains Too Much Information. Ignore if you're squeamish about women's anatomy and related issues*

Today was pretty nice weatherwise. After work, I had a gynaecological appointment, my first in awhile. I came out with prescriptions for Diflucan for a minor yeast infection and Flagyl for a bacterial one, so hopefully that will make me right as rain. Earlier I was having waves of abdominal pain, which can be linked to the Diflucan. I hope it doesn't continue--it's not like you can discontinue the medication, as one dose lasts for seven days. I've never taken either drug before, so I don't really know what to expect. I do know someone who's allergic to Flagyl and apparently the reactions to it can be kind of scary. Here's hoping I have no similar experience. As far as I know, the only drugs I can't take are Penicillin, Cleocin, and Lortab. I almost forgot to tell them at the doctor's office (it was my first visit) about my latex allergy, but remembered before she began the exam. Dr Saunders was very nice and good about distracting you throughout the exam so you don't get embarrassed or feel silly (something that's easy when you have your feet in stirrups and your privates out in the open).

I did weigh 291 lbs at their office. 291! I think that proves Dr Nesbitt's is WAY off, since the work one is within the range of the GYN's scale. I don't think I gained 26 lbs in a week. My blood pressure was good at both visits, though. I'll find out the results of my blood work from Dr Nesbitt's office on Monday (they called today, but right before they closed, so when I returned the call I just got the answering service). I guess the GYN office will send me a card about the Pap smear--that's what offices usually do. I was also given an order for a mammogramme, since I hit 40. Fortunately, I've had one before so I know what to expect (it's certainly an interesting experience).

I didn't go see Bob and Sheri like I'd considered, and I wish I had, but I didn't feel so great after the appointment and went home and laid down for a little while instead. I hope they enjoy Lexington. They were in for a Pure Romance party (a Lexingtonian won a contest) and stopped by Barnes and Noble for about an hour. It sounds like it would have been fun.

Well, that's all for now. I have to be up for work in 5 1/2 hours. I'll write later.

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