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Saturday, August 28, 2010

So weird to be off today

I took today off from the store to celebrate a friend's birthday, the first Saturday off I've had in, well, maybe a year. I got the game notes finished early this morning and then headed out to the restaurant by bus, but the other people got delayed and there I was, knowing that they weren't going to be there for an hour and very, very hungry. Since it was a buffet, I decided to go on in anyway, and it was wonderful. I eventually met up with my friends. I'd eaten very slowly and was absolutely stuffed. I usually eat until I'm comfortably full, but this time I was very uncomfortable and really could not eat another bite. We decided to come home by cab since the buses were being somewhat tricky, and then I think we all crashed at our respective homes in the bliss of Indian food goodness.

Now I'm up and I've caught up on the news and am considering doing some laundry, since I never managed to last night, and I'll probably get home too late tomorrow and be too tired to do so tomorrow (I have to get the early bus, so I'll be up at 5 am, at the latest.)

I have to admit, it was bliss to have a Saturday off. Granted, I slept a good deal of it, but this is how other people relax and renew. Sundays are normally my only day off, and I get things ready for the game by cleaning for 5-6 hours, so it's kind of like working a shift, although granted I get to spend the next 5-6 hours gaming. If I could just count on the data entry job being full-time and permanent, I would quit at the store just to have my Saturdays. But I can't, so for now, I'll keep schlepping along.

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