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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two bits of good news today, one minor, one more important

  1. Because DOCLINE 4.5 (the National Network of Libraries of Medicine's interlibrary loan system) was released today, I was able to get an upgrade from Internet Explorer 6 to IE 8 at work, as DOCLINE (along with a slew of other things) won't support the old browser. As a result, the page loads that were limping along when I was trying to order interlibrary loans sped up to normal. Yay! Of course, at home, I'm a Firefox girl, but that's another story...)
  2. More importantly, one of my bosses (the one for the data entry) came to me today and asked if I were interested in rounding out my hours by helping out another department with some additional duties. I said yes, definitely, so soon I should be able to stay until 7 pm (I got off work at 5:30 pm today). My other boss enquired about it; she'd suggested me, too. I really appreciate all the support that they and others are giving me. I'm also finding that as I wear other hats in the hospital, I'm getting to know more people, and several people whose names I don't know, know mine. I think in the long run this will also help my library work; one, I'm getting to know more people and make connexions, and two, I feel more productive and as a result I have been more productive in the library as well. :)

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