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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sounds fun (although I don't have an iPhone and don't plan on having one)

'Choose Your Own Adventure' Gets An iMakeover
The classic children's book series, Choose Your Own Adventure, puts you, the reader, in charge of your own fate: Will you emerge king of the dominion? Or meet your end in a duel with a sea monster?

Now, a new iPhone application aims to revive the series for a digital generation of readers.

Edward Packard, one of the authors of the interactive Choose Your Own Adventure series, has helped create U-Ventures, an application for the iPhone and iPad. It incorporates sounds, lights and special effects into the traditional Choose Your Own Adventure format.

The first U-Venture is a sort of a sequel to a classic title, The Cave of Time. In "Return to the Cave of Time," the U-Venture, "you go back in the cave — you don't have a choice on that," Packard tells NPR's Neal Conan. But from that point on, the reader chooses her own course.

But beware — "you can't always be sure of everything coming out all right, even if you make the right choice," warns Packard. "The idea in writing one of these is to try to mirror a daring adventure," one that would be too dangerous to undertake in real life.

Ultimately, the goal is escape, says Packard. Lost in worlds too treacherous for your typical day, "you can really let yourself go."
I enjoyed these books, which were a sort of solo adventure game (not roleplaying, as they didn't involve that, nor dice-based, but similar in some ways to the types of adventures the classic roleplaying games got you).

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