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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I came home and just crashed

I got home around 8 pm, put my purse down, and went straight to bed--do not pass Go, do not collect $200. The good news is the blower is out of the apartment. The bad news is that the smell of wet carpet and clothes still hits you the moment you walk through the door, despite an Airwick plug-in air freshener.

So this morning I went to the bank before work and picked up $30 in quarters for laundry, in case I can salvage anything in the closet. Only one box was soaked; the rest are dry but were in proximity in a closed space. So the idea was to wait until the laundry room was relatively deserted and do a lot at once. Hence the fact that I am now up. I took out the recyclables that were in the hamper that fits in my granny cart. Now I'm eating a couple of peanut butter and spreadable fruit sandwiches and drinking a Diet Coke to fuel my activity. I'm also about to work on game notes, since I'll be up for awhile. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow I'm actually off from the store, eating with friends at an Indian buffet. Of course, that means I can't wait until the last minute to do notes. So, here I am, awake, feeling a little overwhelmed by all I have to do.

Most importantly, I have to get the soaked clothes out of the house without having an asthma attack. I think a garbage bag and the granny cart are going to be pressed into service.

Okay, time to go get active.

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