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Thursday, August 12, 2010


30,000 queue for housing assistance in Atlanta
Some 30,000 people lined up outside a local shopping centre in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday in the hope of receiving public housing assistance.

The authorities were unprepared for the throng, which was unruly at times. Amid sweltering conditions, 62 people were hurt and 20 needed hospital care.

Only 455 rent assistance vouchers and 200 public housing spaces were on offer - while 13,000 applications were taken.

Some had lined up since Sunday for the possibility of discounted rent
Order at Ga. housing agency, a day after chaos
Thursday's calm was in stark contrast to the scene Wednesday, when approximately 30,000 people mobbed the agency’s offices, triggering a near riot on the blazing hot day. Riot police were called out to control the crowd, and 62 people were injured in the chaos, none of them seriously.
Apparently most of the other authorities had closed their lists, but since Section 8 vouchers are portable, they could have been used outside the area of application. The second story said that some could be on the waiting list for 10 years. I sure hope the oeconomy won't be so bad that they still need it then.

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