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Monday, August 16, 2010

Interested in learning Latin?

Evan der Milner has been podcasting Latin lessons for quite some time, but now he has a channel on YouTube that includes videos which start out slowly and provide viewers with oral Latin lessons. Check it out at:


The course is provided for free, but you can also support Evan's work with donations, as well as tap into his other resources at his website.

Here's his description of the course:
Suitable for beginners, this unique course teaches Latin slowly from the ground up, using spoken Latin, while keeping a firm grip on grammar. The first 2 lessons have some English. The rest are only in Latin. You will need to study the course in sequence, as each lesson follows the preceding one in a progressive order.
As the course is taught totally in Latin, you need no other language.
The course will teach you to read and write and speak Latin.
Dictation and writing exercises will be introduced later on in the course.

Please visit latinum.mypodcast.com, for the audio only version of this course (with English.)

This course largely follows Adler's "Practical Grammar of the Latin Language" (1856), and various Renaissance grammar texts, such as Comenius (1656). These may profitably be consulted by the student (see Latinum for links).

Here's the first lesson, where he goes over questions involving a pen, a ribbon, and a hat, and whether he or the viewer has each item:

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