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Monday, August 09, 2010

Crazy news story of the day

Woman starts fight over chicken nuggets (video included)

In Toledo, Ohio a woman got very irate when she went to a drive-through window and ordered chicken nuggets only to be told they were still serving breakfast. She started screaming and hitting the clerk, coming out of her car and nearly into the store through the window. Someone had the great idea to shut the window, and she fought them tooth and nail but finally the window shut and she tried to smash it with her hand, then her elbow, then she got in her car and picked up something she used to smash a great big hole in the glass (it wasn't like automobile glass, either...it was a gaping big hole the size of a large head. She's been arrested and charged with vandalism. In my opinion, they need to charge her with assault and battery, and maybe do a drug check and psych evaluation at the same time, because that was a lot of crazy in that video.

It's people like this that make me sometimes feel uneasy about working in retail.

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