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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

That was absolutely, incredibly fun

And I'm not being facetious. First, you must understand that the heat index was in the triple digits today. When I went out to the bus stop after work it was beautiful, sunny, scorching, but with a breeze that built up a bit that had a cooling edge to it, so even though I was standing there perspiring like crazy, it could have been worse. Second, you must understand that I was listening to happy, upbeat music on my phone. Thirdly, you must understand that I was carrying a pizza box with me.

I got on the bus, and halfway through the Idle Hour loop these giant, absolutely huge, raindrops started hitting the bus' windshield, first one or two, then quickly it went to a downpour of large raindrops, all the while with the sun shining through them, shining through the water.

Then we turned onto Richmond Road, and knowing that it was sunny, I looked opposite to the sun to see if there might be a rainbow. There was, a gorgeous one that is even now still hanging in the sky, I believe. It certainly stayed there the entire time that I was on the bus and walked home. I was watching the rainbow as we travelled down the road, and it just made me very happy. I kept a smile on my face the rest of the trip. I pulled my umbrella out to be ready for my stop, but when we reached it, I stood up, accidentally triggering it. So I had an open rainbow umbrella to put back down quickly and make my exit. Is it bad luck to open an umbrella in a vehicle, I wonder?

So I got off the bus and quickly got soaked, but that was okay with me. My sandals were so wet it was hard to cross the street. All the while I'm balancing an umbrella in one hand and a pizza box in the other, mind you, listening to happy music, and getting quite soaked despite the umbrella, with a giant rainbow hanging behind me.

I cut through the car lot and didn't even twitch despite the start of thunder (phobia be damned, I was enjoying myself). I finally got home and peeled the wet clothes off. The pizza survived, I am not quite as soaked and will eventually dry, and I have a wonderful purse that zips up tight as a drum, so the Kindle should be fine. It's just now starting to lighten up. There is still blue sky and white fluffy clouds, although the sun has abated somewhat.

Anyway, it was the most fun I've had in a rainstorm, and frankly, the nicest I've felt in awhile. Sometimes it's the little things in life you appreciate. :)

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