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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm a little bummed, even though I know it's going to get better

I'm home by five, meaning there wasn't enough work to keep me there the whole time again. Monday was the first time in awhile. I figure I'll have to use 10-12 hours of vacation time just to get the 70 hours for the pay period (it's supposed to be 80). The good news is I talk to the director of another department about helping them out to make up my time tomorrow, so I might be working on that come Monday, or at least training for it.

Our payroll clerk called me today to let me know that there was a mistake entering my vacation time last pay period, so that I was paid at the library rate rather than the data entry one. That means $30 will come out of my cheque. I'm not really annoyed with it or anything, I'm just trying to make my rent. I think I'll enough for that and some left over, if I use the vacation time, but I had hoped to make a payment on my taxes, and that may need to wait until the middle of September instead. I just hope I'm working the full 40 hours a week by then.

I came home and channeled some of my frustration into gathering up some recyclables to take out. I have enough for my old laundry hamper and a copy paper box, easily. I need to go through some of it to see what needs to be shredded. I'm just happy we have recycling containers at my apartment now. I'll take them out later tonight.

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