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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm supposed to be at on the bus right now

But I didn't quite get up in time to get there. Once I got ready, I had 9 minutes to get to the bus stop, and it takes about 15 to get there on a good day. I wasn't going to go there and then wait outside in the mugginess for an hour at the stop, so I'm on the computer. So I'm up, having taken my medicine, gotten everything packed up and ready to go, and I'll have to catch the 6:30 bus instead. I have a half an hour before I need to leave.

So although I'll be 'on time' for a normal Sunday, I'm late for when I was supposed to be there today (there is apparently a lot to do to get ready for the game this time, so I was coming over an hour early.) Ah, the story of my life.

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