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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I just finished watching 'The Lovely Bones'

and rather liked it, although I know it got mixed reviews. Saoirse Ronan was very good. Actually, I thought most of the acting was very good. Now I can return it to the library. Somewhere I have the book. I know there's some differences (the mother's affair, for example), and I'd like to see how different the film is from the book and see how it's written. So, I should probably find it. When you have as many books as I do, especially since their not in order at the moment (and some are still in boxes), it can be hard to locate one easily. Must finish putting my library into LibraryThing. I've only got 233 books in, and I have quite a bit more than that. :)

PS Well, that took two minutes. It was actually in my mystery section, but there are two stacks lined up on the shelf, one behind the other, and it was in the back one. I'll go ahead and put it into the catalogue as well. :D

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