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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I had a nice surprise in the post today

I have been placed on the Scroll of Exemplary Service by the Hospital Libraries Section of the Medical Library Association for this year. Here is a description from their awards page:
Scroll of Exemplary Service

Exemplary means serving as an example to others. This award recognizes members who have made a difference in advancing the cause of hospital librarianship over the past year (June - May). Activities such as leadership, publishing, service, and/or management of special projects/events. It is not the quantity of services, but the quality of at least one service that obtains a person a place on the scroll.

The scroll is cumulative from its inception in 2002-once a person has been awarded a place on the scroll it is permament for as long as they are a member of HLS. The names of those who are no longer members of HLS are removed annually.

This is the second time I have won the award (the first being being in 2003). Thank you to the Hospital Libraries section and to the person who nominated me. It is indeed an honour! [and it doesn't look too bad on a résumé, either. :)]

To be honest, I think of myself as a fairly ordinary librarian (I'm not really a mover and shaker, I don't have a lot of knowledge of some aspect of the field that others don't, I don't think I stand out from other people practicing librarianship.) But I guess someone thought I did something worthwhile. I appreciate it.

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