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Saturday, July 31, 2010

That was quick

I got my $25 Amazon gift card today, and so I went ahead and got the next Sookie Stackhouse novel. I'm up to book 8, From Dead to Worse. I'm still reading Dead Beat by Jim Butcher, but I should be finished soon. I seem to read a little faster on the Kindle, or at least its convenience means I've been getting through books quicker. Prior to getting it, I'd probably read 3-4 books this year; I've already done that in the two weeks I've had the device, plus several short stories to boot.

I thought about getting a book light that is by the same company as my cover, but it would have taken the whole amount plus I'd owe tax and shipping, and I don't really read in the dark, either. Sometimes the bus is a little dim at night or I'm at the bus stop in the predawn hours, but I can live without it for now. I have a booklight that came with my Snuggie if all else fails; it just doesn't slide as nicely onto the cover, and I don't want to mess the cover up or scratch the Kindle's back.

Anyway, I'm happy. I have a new book for when I finish the other, and it didn't cost me anything. :)

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