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Saturday, June 25, 2016

You know

wireless mice work ever so much better when you put the little USB transmitter into the computer first. :) Guess I'm still a bit sleepy, and I've been using the laptop back in the bedroom or outside the house, and so I haven't been using the mouse for the last couple of weeks. Anyway, it's plugged in now, as is the laptop, as are the speakers, back in the place where the desktop (which is currently over at YKWIA's) usually sits.

I nearly fell asleep in the middle of blogging last night, I was so tired. Actually, I may have for a moment or two, so I need to go back and proofread the post to make sure it makes some sense and was correct in terms of spelling, typographical and grammar errors, and I need to look up the spelling of a name I used. This was all impossible last night, as I was that sleepy. Thank goodness it didn't hit me till I about a half hour after I got home, since I was driving everyone around last night.

I've been getting up very early and going to bed very late, and not sleeping all that well for two or three days, so I decided it screw it, I don't have anywhere to be on a time schedule this morning, I'm going to sleep in past my original 8 am alarm, and I got up at 9:49 instead. The first thing I did once I went to the bathroom and washed my face was find my ledger book and update it with a debit from yesterday (where I found the salmon and blackberries on sale), and then calculated how much I have after the next two bills I have to pay before I get paid again. (It's not a lot, but it is enough for the soy lecithin, which is the only thing on my list left, plus some gas, and I'm going to get gas money from my friend, whom I'm taking and picking up from work today and will most likely pick up from work tomorrow (he gets off a 1 am, and he thought he had a place to stay that was closer, but the other tenant isn't moving out for another week, so he can't just walk to where he's staying temporarily, and the buses don't run that late)).

Beyond that, I have a free day, so I'm going to cook and work on the house. The second thing I did this morning was take all my medicine, including the one I need to wait for fifteen minutes before I eat, and so I'll get breakfast, take a shower, go to Good Foods Co-op and get the soy lecithin, get some soda from Kroger so I have some caffeine to work with (yes, the plan is to eventually wean myself off them, but not yet), and then come back here and work. The salmon I'll probably not cook until this afternoon, after I drop him off, but I'd like to put away dishes, do a few, take out the recyclables (the trash is minimal, which is good, as I'll probably produce a lot when I cook), and get the kitchen ready for working in. I also need to organise the things I bought that are not perishable and weren't put away yet, since I did my shopping right before work Thursday and really haven't been home much since. I may go ahead and bake some bread this morning, though, depending on how long those errands take.

So I have the ingredients for six main things:
  1. Oatmeal bread
  2. Honey wheat bread
  3. Roasted potatoes with onion and garlic
  4. Salmon with blackberry-ginger sauce
  5. Mexican quinoa salad with orange-avocado dressing, and
  6. Eggplant pasta
The pasta's pretty much an entree, as is the salmon. I'm going to share the latter with YKWIA, as I have enough fish for four servings, so I'll make it, have some for him and me, and then I'll have some for tonight and maybe lunch Monday. Since I have time today, I think I'll make the salad to go with the fish, as I think they'll work together. I'll bake some bread today, and alternate bread over the next couple of weeks. I can make the eggplant about mid-week, and the potatoes near the end of the week. I've gotten things that will work with the bread for lunch at work (mainly tuna, cheese, and peanut butter/spreadable fruit). Next week I won't have much in the way of fresh vegetables or fruit, but I'll try to eat my normal stuff, like tortillas and cheese, I have some burritos, that sort of thing. I also have plenty of yoghurt and berries, plus some eggs.

Okay, time to get some breakfast (I think it'll be Greek yoghurt and blueberries), then the shower, then the errands. But while I'm eating I can double-check the last post for errors. Sorry if there were; I couldn't have done worse if I'd been drunk, I was so sleepy.

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