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Saturday, June 25, 2016

What a day!

I left for work at 7 am this morning and got home just a little before 1 am tonight. I"m pooped. Here's what I've been up to, today, in somewhat correct order:
  • Worked on a project in the library, did my data entry, referrals, and did the OR reconciliation.
  • Had a phone interview for a job in the deli at Kroger, which would help getting some extra money coming in, and they're going to get back at me for an in-store interview once they check the hiring manager's available hours.
  • Printed off a possible job at a nearby county public library that is an actual librarian position, not assistant, also part-time, and while it pays less than my data entry position (really), it pays more than Kroger's would.
  • Went by the Kroger I'd applied at and discovered that blackberries were still 3 for $5 for some reason, and salmon was on sale, too, so the salmon with blackberry-ginger sauce is back on--yay!
  • Bought a newspaper to read about Lexington history.
  • Went over to YKWIA's, and took him to and from an evening appointment.
  • Did a lot of dishes.
  • Helped him bake four old-fashioned Derby pies (I'm better at using a hand mixer than he is, as it's not really made well for left-handed folks.) The pies are for A's annual picnic/fundraiser for a group he's in.
  • Watched an episode of 'Cybill' while we were waiting for pies to bake. I love the dog, which is some sort of giant mastiff.
  • Did more dishes.
  • Took the cooled pies to A and took him to get some soft drinks for tomorrow.
  • Dropped YKWIA off and came home.
Tomorrow the only thing I have to do is pick up A from the picnic and take him to work, about mid-afternoon. So I'm thinking cooking may be in the plan for tomorrow. I also will probably make a run to the Good Foods Co-op, as they have lecithin, which is part of the dough conditioner for honey wheat bread I have a recipe for, and it should work nicely in the bread machine, as the author has the same brand and type of machine. I also need to know whether I bought mushrooms the other day. I can't remember if I got the ingredients for the rice pilaf.

I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm heading to bed; good night!

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