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Friday, April 29, 2016

I'm off from work today

because it was a light clinic day and I had things to do that required being off 9-5, and while I may regret it in the long run (I don't have much Personal Time Off (PTO) at all, and Memorial Day's around the corner), it's really been nice. I got up at the normal time, though, and so far I have:
  1. Called and arranged for someone to take the paper to the library, since Friday's has the Weekender and is more popular.
  2. Gotten my car tags renewed.
  3. Picked up a book on the Medici family during the Italian Renaissance from the library downtown.
  4. Stopped by McDonald's for breakfast (they gave me regular Coke, ugh, but otherwise it was decent).
  5. Picked up a friend, stopped by a gas station for drinks and his newspaper, and took him to an appointment.
  6. Waited outside in the car with the windows rolled down, reading the Medici book, for about an hour. I also downloaded a couple of phone applications and laid the seat back, enjoying the pleasant breeze and sunlight.
  7. Took my friend home.
  8. Got a call from the allergist that my phials are in, so I can start allergy shots. They were getting ready to close for lunch, so I came on home, got my Epi-Pens transferred to my bag, and now I'm killing some time listening to the Eurythmics and A Flock of Seagulls on an 80s alternative music channel on Pandora. I've got the windows of the apartment open.
Things to do the rest of the day:
  1. Get my allergy shots.
  2. Go grocery shopping.
  3. Pay bills.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Work on the house.
  6. Print out some papers for a friend, whose printer is out of ink.
  7. Take that friend to an appointment mid-afternoon.
  8. Go get the new SD card for my CPAP machine and try the new masque the doctor recommended, see if it fits.
  9. Pick up a friend for an evening appointment.
  10. Take another friend to get his bus pass.
  11. Watch 'Grimm'.
So, yes, busy day, but yay for productivity so far. I think I'll print those pages out before doing anything else. The allergist's office opens back up at 1:30 pm. Then I can deliver the pages when I pick my friend up.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I am

ninety-six posts away from 11,000. (95 now). Whew!

No good deed goes unpunished

So I came home after a day of feeling like I'd been beaten down (usually I love my work; today, it involved lots of problems with the copiers, and that was not fun), talked to a friend on the phone, played on Facebook for awhile, ate eggs, and basically got myself in a better mood, so much, in fact, that I decided to go over to the gym and work out. I put on clean workout shorts and my Angry Dalek shirt (it's a 'Doctor Who' version of my Soft Kitty shirt), and then I walked over there. I didn't bring an umbrella, because it wasn't raining yet, and I decided if it started, I'd just stay and work out longer. A woman was there in the gym, I said hello. She was taking a picture of herself in the mirror, and in trying to stay out of her way, I went to the treadmill that had her glasses and keys on it. She came to move her stuff, I apologised, went to the other treadmill, and as soon as I was about to punch up my workout tracker, I got a phone call.


I knew A was out and about after work, getting a massage, but I thought he'd be on the bus by then. No, he missed the bus, and if I didn't go get him, it would probably be about two hours before he got home, as the buses go to 70 minutes between runs, and if you don't get them right during the changeover, it can mean sitting at the transit centre for a long time. So I went, of course.

Ten feet out the door and the heavens opened up. I walked over to the car, soaked to the skin--my socks, my hair, my bra, everything, pretty much. I got in the car and drove down Alumni in the driving rain. Fortunately, it eased up by the time I got to the double roundabouts. Meanwhile, I was nervously looking at my gas gauge (on empty--I get paid late tonight/early tomorrow), waiting for the gas light to come on. I got A, took him home, and the gas light came on as he was going through the door. Fortunately it just sprinkled from there. I got home (I live 10-15 minutes away), came in, got out of the wet clothes and into my sleep shirt. I don't really feel like working out anymore tonight. I've been trying to do it in the mornings, but while I have been getting up early (as in 7 am), I haven't been getting up by 6 am, which is what I need to do that. So I figured I'd try to work out this evening, because, after all, I didn't have to be at an appointment, I wasn't planning on going over to my friends' house, and I figured A was on the bus. I think I'll go back to trying to do things in the morning; the afternoons just don't ever work for me.

At least it didn't rain into the windows--I didn't stop to come in and put them down. The windowboxes got a good soaking, though, which is good. I went ahead and watered the indoor plants as well.

I just listened to a couple of messages on my home phone. Apparently a hospital from another state is looking for a man who owes on his bill, and he needs to call his insurance and give them information before they'll pay. Mind you, I'm in an area code hundreds of miles away, but with cell phones, that's understandable. On the other hand, my message identifies my number and my name, makes no mention of this person, etc. Bad hospital, leaving personal information on a complete stranger's voicemail. They also did not leave a number to call back, and I can't trust the one that showed up, as those often are wrong, so I can't call to tell them that they are leaving messages at the wrong number. I'd be surprised if they ever get paid at this rate.

I didn't have any mail earlier, but when I came back, there was a mail truck outside the building. Apparently it's a new mail carrier--after he did deliver to our building (I still didn't get anything, but hey, at least there were no bills), he got a new batch of mail and started to come down our stairs, then realised the numbers on the building didn't match. Poor guy; I'm sure he came around with someone else at some point, but things are often hard when you start flying solo on the job. Our mail normally comes at 3:30 pm--I know because of three months laid up with a broken ankle, when our regular guy came like clockwork. It was about 7:30 pm when this guy came, so that's surprisingly late. Oh, well, I wish him well.

For awhile now, cool Indian music has been coming from above me (I have my windows open). It's stopped now. There are a lot of South Asian families and singles here in the complex. For awhile someone was doing home-cooked Indian meals for a very reasonable price, which I never took them up on, and now I regret that.

I also regret never going to the restaurant Coba Cocina, with its jellyfish tanks, because they closed for good yesterday. It's so hard for restaurants to make it, of course, even ones run by experienced restauranteurs (the owner is also the one for the Lexington Cheddars, and a couple of others). Everyone I talked to who went said it was decent, but didn't really wow them. So I guess that was part of it. One of the main reasons I didn't go, even though it was one street over from work, was that it always looked terribly busy when I went by. So I was surprised in a way, even though I've been telling myself since it opened that I should go see the jellyfish before they inevitably close, because restaurants are such a risky business. I wonder what will become of the jellyfish?

Oh, well. It's almost 8 pm. I should do some dishes and some straightening up, as the Terminix people come tomorrow. I'm not on my last legs in terms of being tired, but I must admit, the rain has made me sleepy. It's too late to take a nap, and it's too early to really turn in for the night. So maybe I should just listen to music and work on the house for a bit. Or read. Reading sounds great, even though there are other things that should be done. Good night.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I was pretty tired when I got home last night, around 9:30 pm, so I went on to bed after listening to some relaxation sounds on a phone application. But I didn't realise I hadn't actually written since Saturday. Sorry about that. I'm really trying to be consistent, and with the restored home Internet, there's really no reason why I shouldn't take a few minutes to blog or at least find a news story or video that touched me that day.

Tonight I had a couple of appointments (same building, different floors) and they went well. Then I went and got A and took him to the store for creamer, which Tates Creek Kroger was out of Saturday, because while it's not an emergency, it is a necessity for YKWIA (and one of his main sources of nutrition, and an uncaffeinated YKWIA is a sleepy YKWIA.)

Today I wore a cyan-coloured dress with that has a lot of embroidery, beading, ribbons, and a few cyan sequins--not gaudy, just kind of festive and springy. I received half-a-dozen compliments on it over the course of the day, which was nice. Normally I wouldn't have chosen the colour, it's so bright, and I'm a bit ruddy (you know that British/Irish peaches and cream complexion? I'm more strawberries and cream.) But I always get compliments when I wear it, and I have a slightly lighter skirt I sometimes wear, too, and it apparently works on me as well. (YKWIA does not care for the shirt I wear with that--it's tie-dyed, has fringe, and has silver sequins, so yes, it's a bit tacky, but it gets me in touch with my inner hippie). I have never been a fashionista by any means, anyway, although I do try to go out of the house with matching ensembles (along with matching purses or bags), matching socks, that sort of thing. :)

I boiled some eggs for dinner tonight. They were good, but I probably should have let them go for 12 minutes, not 10, as the yolks were cooked most of the way through but not firm. Sometimes you can get away with 10--it depends on things like the size of eggs, temperature of water, humidity, and elevation. Next time, though, I'll do 12 minutes. Can you tell it's been awhile since I boiled eggs? Obviously I'm not a gourmet cook. I'm pretty good at the prep work that YKWIA has me do when he cooks (and he's a marvelous cook), and I am getting better, can follow a recipe, that sort of thing, but no one's ever going to pay for me to serve them food.

I've got the windows and blinds open so I can hear the rain and thunder properly. Many years ago I couldn't have quietly enjoyed a thunderstorm--I used to have a phobia for thunder and other loud noises. Now I'm more mellow. So I think I've conquered that one. I probably wouldn't like to repeat the horrible storm on my honeymoon where we were trying to save a campsite and manning wooden poles of a tarp so that it wouldn't overflow and collapse, and our campsite was struck by an ancillary bolt of lightning that came down. I don't remember feeling that, although others did. I was too busy lying in a puddle in the foetal position to feel anything at that point. That was outside Atlanta, at midsummer, at a pagan gathering where the Farrars and Isaac Bonewits had given an interview at a store and said the witches had come to Atlanta, and so we had threats from the KKK (this was 1991) and a Georgia state trooper was assigned to guard the gate. I'm not sure what he thought about these people running around in robes, and horns, and who knows what else. It definitely wasn't the normal kind of festival he was probably used to.

1991 was a pivotal year for me. I got married June 15th, started playing the Cthulhu game when it began in early July, and then left my husband (for reasons I won't go into here, but trust me, I needed to) December 5th. We were divorced by my birthday in 1992. It was the best present I ever had. It was like my brain came online--it's amazing the stupid things we do while young. I didn't get married until I was 24 but we'd been together for six years and I was 18 when I met him, and he was the first person I'd dated. Word to the wise, young ones: don't marry your first crush. Live a little, first. A little maturity goes a long way, especially when it comes to marriage. And if you aren't a gay man, don't marry a gay man. Enough said.

It's hard to believe that was almost 25 years ago. And it left a lot of emotional scars that have taken me years to work through, but I think I'm much better off now. Some time ago I joined a site mainly for the quizzes (I think online quizzes are fun), but it is actually a dating site. I've never taken any steps to really use it as such, but I did download the application on my phone the other day and there was a guy, a couple of years older than I am, who really caught my eye. I accidentally 'liked' him because I didn't know what I was doing, and was trying to bookmark his profile to show YKWIA. But that's okay. I am considering sending him a message. I'm pretty shy about such things. I never really got the dating thing down. But maybe we can meet for coffee or something like that. That's not too scary. And if he doesn't like me or doesn't want to meet, that's fine, at least it's good practice on the way to finding someone who does, right?

Okay, I think it's time to get away from the computer and get some things done around here, like refrigerating the eggs and doing some stuff around the house, maybe while I listen to Pandora. Good night.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

This made me laugh today

Mainly everything from 4:11 on, to be honest. I saw that snippet on Facebook and it brightened my day. So I found this link, and I hope it makes you happy, too.

I got a lovely card today

in the post that announces my cousin's graduation next month. Mind you, her father, my youngest first cousin, is the first baby that I held that I remember clearly, when I was 8 or 9, and I remember he screamed his head off because I had no idea what I was doing, being an only child. I think I held that against him much of my childhood, although of course, he's a great guy and I love him anyway.) I was very happy to hear about the occasion, she's beautiful and vivacious, and heading forward to college and a (hopefully) wonderful new stage of life, but after I took it in I was like, gee, where did the years go? I remember when he was graduating from high school like it was yesterday. When did we all get so old??? Anyway, congratulations to her, and here's to a great new life at Clemson!

I do not understand the mindset of trolls and bullies

who would spread vitriol and horribleness just to feel good about their own pathetic lives.

This makes me mad, and sad, and a whole lot of other emotions, wrapped up in a twisted ball of yarn made of sick colours. Thank goodness for people who have good hearts (and a fair amount of technical knowledge), who can create as safe an environment as possible away from this sort of thing:

The day ‘hackers’ told 6 year old autistic children that they should ‘kill yourself’
On April 6th, 2016, two people attempted to hack into the Autcraft server and failed.

What they did succeed in doing, however, was to hijack our IP address, effectively redirecting all the traffic from our server to a server of their own.

The children that signed on to play, some as young as 6 years old, signed on to their server instead of mine. Once there, they were encased in a bedrock box from which they could not leave and were told that they were rejects from society, degenerates and that they should kill themselves.

When I asked these guys why they’d do such a thing, they responded “it’s funny.”
Follow the links at the end of his post if you want to support Autcraft and help keep it safe by becoming a Patron or donating directly. Thanks to Ragen Chastain, of the Dances with Fat blog, for sharing it on Facebook.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Random things

    Yesterday I:
  1. Went to the sleep centre and as he was writing a prescription for a lowering of pressure on my CPAP and a nifty new kind of masque that has the tubing on the top, I discovered that I have, in actuality, been wearing my CPAP masque UPSIDE DOWN for years. All I can say, is you can demonstrate something to someone once, but if they have ADD, good luck on them repeating correctly. The funny thing is that a) it's remarkable I did as well doing so, as I maintain a decent pressure over 90% of the time according to the report, and b) while technically more comfortable (the plastic thingy that looks like a corrugated tie goes on top, not on the back, where it was a little painful if I were on the my back), will be a little hard to get used to.
  2. Took a long purifying bath with lavender oil in the water, lavender incense going, and a lavender candle burning. It's hard to get up and down in the tub these days, but I managed. If I every owned a house, I would so install one of those walk-in tubs. I love baths. Showers feel cleaner, but baths are so much more relaxing.
    Today I:
  1. Wore purple, because well, Prince, and because I love purple and the clothes were comfy for casual day.
  2. Had a bone density scan and mammogramme. I still have markers on my skin tags that I need to pull off. Holly, the tech at the St. Joseph Breast Centre, was stupendous, making sure everything was positioned just right so we didn't have to repeat anything and doing the angled shots in two sets to get good images without crushing my boobies too badly. Plus, their gowns for big girls swallow me up, and I'm a very big girl.
  3. Carried deodorant around in my backpack all day because you can't wear deodorant while having a mammogram, so I brought it to put on afterwards.
  4. Saw a bald eagle flying above Chinoe Road while at a stoplight, with the distinctive white head and brown body. I've never seen one in person.
Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sorry I didn't blog last night

I came home, played on Facebook for awhile, and then went to bed. But I'm home tonight, listening to a mourning dove cry in the distance, with the windows open. I got home about 5 pm (I went in early today), ate, fiddled some more on Facebook and YouTube, and now I'm ready to do some other things:
  1. Look through a book I have on fitness for everyone.
  2. Listen to music.
  3. Read some of The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu
  4. Maybe watch a DVD--I'm leaning towards a 'Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries' episode.
My neck is bothering me today, so I don't want to do much physical stuff. My arm and back have actually been numb at times, and otherwise things hurt. Tomorrow we're supposed to get rain, so that may be part of it.

Two sides of a coin

Monday, April 18, 2016

Here is the orchid

I gave my coworker for her birthday.  I spent less than if I'd gotten cut flowers and a vase,  and these should last longer and (hopefully) come back over and over.


I did a major no-no for someone with diabetes--I walked out onto our porch to water the windowboxes and apparently stepped on something incredibly small, like a sliver of glass or something else sharp. It's on my big toe, and I can't find anything in order to pull it out, so every time I step, it hurts. Not good. At least it's a fairly minor annoyance, and hopefully won't get infected or anything. I need to remember to at the very least wear my sandals (although those aren't ideal either, but I love letting my toes 'breathe'). I'm technically supposed to wear something inside, too. My feet have always gotten hot very easily (I hated footed pyjamas as a child, and wandered to find cooler areas as a result).

Today I'm thinking of a young girl half a world a way, the daughter of a Facebook friend, who has a terrible degenerative genetic illness and is having a lot of trouble the last few days. Here's hoping things get better for her and her family.

I've been on Facebook for at least an hour, catching up on my newsfeed. I was sorry to hear Doris Roberts died. I loved her even back when 'Angie' was on. And I found a Passover parody of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' that I'm a little afraid to watch. :)

It's a little late to start tonight, but I'm thinking that the game notes shouldn't take long at all this week. I'll try to do them before Saturday for a change.

What I think I will do is a little reading, especially a couple of books I have on intuitive eating. I'd put that on hold, and while, granted, I went a couple of days without my Lasix, which may mean I may have some extra water weight on me, I weighed myself this morning and topped out at my highest weight ever, 307.2 lbs. That scares me. I don't feel healthy at this weight, and I want to be healthier, but it'll probably mean some major lifestyle changes--exercising, ditching processed food for the most part, being mindful in my eating, and drinking water as my drink of choice, rather than diet drinks. Dieting itself doesn't work for me. I'm fine during the structured part of my day, then binge later in the day when I'm home, because I feel deprived of the food, which I eat emotionally. I need to make peace with food, finally.

I am at a friend's appointment

Just chilling,  listening to Pandora.  I slept really well for the first time in days last night. The day went well,  I gave a co-worker a pretty orchid for her birthday, and after work I went over to my friend's house and talked with a friend and her friend, who had brought her up to Lexington. We all had a good time.  Then it was time to come over here.

I've been on the Kindle and downloaded some free books,  was on the tablet briefly (I was going to blog on that,  but I like the SwiftKey keyboard I have in the phone better.  I don't think I've ever downloaded it on the tablet) .  I also read an issue of Yoga Journal.  So I've been doing things,  although I didn't really feel like cracking open a Kindle book and reading just now.

I think I'll just listen to the music and relax for awhile.  Hope you had a good day.  I'll probably write later,  once I get home.  My eyes are tired from data entry eyestrain and staring at a small screen is giving me a headache. My fluctuations in blood sugar make it hard to determine which pair of glasses or contacts I should be wearing. Right now it's my next to the last pair of glasses, which seem to be doing better than the most recent pair.

Okay. Time to wrap this up.  :)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

I'm not going to make it to 10 pm

I've moved the fan back to the bedroom,  closed the windows and blinds,  and I'm about to take my Lantus.  I put enzymes down the drain for the second night - - it's working really well on the sink,  but the tub is being resistant,  although it is better.  You usually treat for three days,  on nights,  really,  as you have to go 6 hours without using them afterwards.

I have a headache,  for which I will take some ibuprofen before I lie down. But I hope I can sleep tonight.

Good night.

I got home from the game while it was still light outside

which is almost unheard of. I enjoyed the game--downtime this time, but with getting so little sleep last night, I'm ready to get some rest. I've been researching pregnancy a bit for the game, as I have a character who is pregnant with twins. She's fifteen weeks along (I thought it was thirteen, but gestation is dated from the last period, not from the date of conception, I found out.) One of them is female, the other is male (it's too early to tell by mundane means, but magic is a totally different thing, and after all, this is a horror/sci-fi/fantasy sort of game. And apparently there is active magic going on with the babies already, even though they haven't been born, so it looks like we'll have a couple more special kids in the game, to join the ranks of fairy princesses and shapeshifters.)

Before we played, as I was doing my normal game preparations, I also did my laundry, which had piled up for two weeks rather than the regular one, so that's good. I'd taken the sheers over there to be evaluated, and he liked them. so I washed those, too. I think one rod will work, but the other window will need a different one, as my bigger window rod doesn't collapse down far enough. So today was productive over there. I'd like to do a bit around here--I still need to take out the trash and recyclables, for example, and tomorrow isn't good because I'll probably be there late due to an appointment. But I'm already in my sleep shirt, and I'm pretty comfy and don't want to put regular clothes back on to take that out. But I've got my alarm already set for 6 am, so I might be able to take care of it in the morning.

I've been home almost an hour, listening to Pandora again (this time it's the OneRepublic channel, so stuff like them, Imagine Dragons, The Fray, and Maroon V). I've got the windows up, the fan going in the living room, and I have one small light on. With it getting dark outside, there's not much light in here, and I'm getting pretty sleepy. I really don't want to go to bed yet--I'd like to make it to 10 pm. I also need to go looking for one of my medicines--I accidentally put it in a bag of meds rather than my bookbag, and put another one in there instead. So I didn't have it today. I also need to go ahead and take my Lantus so I can keep on track with my injectible medication schedule as well. I just checked my Habitica tasks--I apparently forgot to mark my dailies off yesterday, even though I did them, which is unfortunate, as I lost hit points for my avatar. But I've marked things off for tonight, anyway. I was also sure to wish a co-worker happy birthday today on Facebook. She and her family went to the Louisville Zoo today. :)

Okay, I think I'm going to go in-between and instead of going to bed, which would necessitate closing the windows, I'll prop myself back on the couch recliner. But I'll sign off for now. Good night.

I so did not sleep well last night

I tossed and turned, and could never get in a comfortable position. My back hurt if I stretched out on my back. If I was on my left side, my shoulder and arm hurt (from the neck issues), and if I was on my right side, my neck itself hurt. Plus I had an awful headache--and that was with a mild muscle relaxant and some Aleve, which hurt my stomach, too. Not good. Also, I had bizarre dreams where I ate my glasses and everything was precise and kind of obsessive-compulsive. Finally, even the sound of the fan, not so much blowing, but settling into place before going to the next breeze cycle, was bothering me, but the breeze itself was helping me to get what sleep I did.

I'm a mess. I can't even manage to sleep right.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

It is, in fact,

73.2 degrees inside even with the fan.  Given that I'm up and moving,  no wonder I'm not.  I got the laundry together.  I'm resting my back now.  Then I'll take the trash out,  get stuff together for tomorrow,  and move the air mattress.  At that point,  I'll call it a night.  But for now,  I'll stretch out for just a bit.  If I do fall asleep,  my alarm is set and I can finish in the morning. I doubt I'll write any more tonight,  barring insomnia. Hope you had a good Saturday.  Mine was certainly productive.

Got to sit down for a bit

I've straightened up some, corralled the dishes (mostly in the kitchen, but a few water glasses here and there), unloaded the dish washer, loaded it, and run it (although I've bumped into it twice and turned it off--I don't know who thought that a front-mounted knob that pulls out to activate the thing would be good). I still need to do the plastic dishes, though. I've also cleaned out the refrigerator (is it a sign that you're a single woman, and diabetic, when there are mostly condiments and insulin in your fridge?) I watered the plants thoroughly and got the poor Norfolk Virginia pine to stand up using stakes, as opposed to leaning on my clock above the computer. I've pulled apart the rods and sheers that came down the other day; I'm going to see if YKWIA can use the sheers--they are ivory with pink roses on them, which would match his library. I also set up a shower caddy in the bathroom to organise my shampoo and other items. It hangs on the shower head. I got it at Gabriel Brothers the other day, and its original price was $12.99 wherever it came from, but theirs was $3.99. I also put some enzymatic drain powder down the drains in the bathroom, which have been emptying rather slowly, no doubt because of the hair that gets down them. I have a brand new hair catcher plastic mesh thing to go over the tub drain.

That leaves the laundry (which could be gathered tomorrow, but I'm always in such a rush on Sunday mornings, as I usually try to make it there by 9 am), a little more straightening up, moving the bin with the air mattress in it, emptying the small receptacle next to my desk of recyclables into the main bin, and taking the trash out. That's all I'm going to try to do tonight. But it should go a long way to making the place better. RIght now, though, my back is hurting just a bit and I'm very hot (I don't have the air conditioning on or anything). It's after 10 pm and 62 degrees outside, but I think it's warmer in here, even with the windows open. I think I'll go into the bedroom for a little while, turn on the fan, and the work on the laundry in there.

I don't know why I was so tired

I slept a couple of hours, waking up around close to 8 pm. I really needed that, apparently. Now I'm up and I've connected my television to the wireless router so I can watch Netflix and also listen to Pandora. I have an Ella Fitzgerald channel playing now ('As Time Goes By' from Casablanca is playing right now, even though that's Dooley Wilson), so it's very mellow in here. I may talk with a friend on the phone later; I'd called and he was just getting out of the shower, so I told him that I didn't have anything pressing but if he'd like to call me that's fine, too. I've still got the windows up, so the blinds are open. I'm looking around the room. So much to do. So not wanting to just now. I think I will water the plants again (I did just a few days ago, but they're already dry). Also, I need to do dishes and then gather laundry and have it ready for tomorrow. I don't know if I'll get the fish tanks taken care of today, but I need to soon. And I think I will straighten up the living room so it doesn't look so cluttered, which is a bit of a challenge. The books are all on shelves, for example, but there are more books than there are really meant to be, for example. And I need to take the air mattress out of the living room (I thought I might have a guest) and back to the bathroom, where it normally stays. So basically, I need to work on some little things that will improve life around here. I think one of the Habitica challenges puts it as 'Personal Management', the daily stuff that you have to do to have a good environment.

It's a challenge to deal with my stuff--not only am I basically a hoarder, although I've de-hoarded a lot periodically throughout the years, but also my apartment is only 750 square feet. But I was recently looking at apartments for someone else and that's bigger (and cheaper) than a lot of places in Lexington. I'm paying $550 a month, and that's on the low-end of a one-bedroom fee, for a larger apartment with a lot of storage, and all utilities except electric. We have a pool, tennis court, fitness centre, basketball area, laundry, and they just opened a fenced-in dog park the other day. They're making a lot of improvements here lately, too. I'm starting my thirteenth year here, soon. And while we don't have balconies or patios, we do have a large porch off our building (ours is a little different than the rest, which makes it great for getting pizza). Plus there's the windowsills for plants. :) I'm on a long lease, which gives me a break on the rent. I think the standard fees are $555 for a one-bedroom and $655 for a two-bedroom. And pets just require a pet deposit and $20/month (not for each pet, but for any dog or cat), and I see some pretty big dogs here, so I don't think there's a poundage limit. It's a quiet neighbourhood in east Lexington and very convenient to a lot of stuff--shopping, hospitals, etc., plus I have a ten-minute drive to work every day. So I'm happy here.

Okay, enough about the apartment. Time to work on it, with Billie Holliday and Natalie Cole in the background--and of course, Ella. :) Good night, if I don't blog anymore tonight.

Heaven help me, I fell asleep doing the notes

at the climax, no less, when one of Brenda's characters had shot an Elder Thing that was opening a time portal to our time from the Jurassic era and when we went to retrieve the tools that were creating the portal, the sight of six shoggoths barrelling down upon us caused her other character (who'd had previous experience with the horrors) to go mad. He was knocked out, thrown over a shoulder, the objects were retrieved, and we ran like mad back to our time machine.

I love the Cthulhu game. But I did fall asleep in my chair for just about three minutes, and had to go back and listen again. Now the notes are finished. I think it took about three hours, and we only played for about four. I'm going to go take a nap, then get up and get some stuff done around here. The late afternoon sun is streaming in the windows and making me sleepy, I think. :)

I just saw the most bizarre men's hairstyle

on a man who walked out of my apartment building. It was shaved on the sides, with long hair in a mohawk-like style but then put in a small man-bun. It looked silly. Kudos to following his own drummer, but still....

A productive day so far

I am now in possession of a new drivers's licence, which will be good until 2020. Kentucky may have to change their licences to meet the Real ID law's requirements, but if I need to fly before, or even after they make the change (I think they'll have a regular licence and one that is more expensive that complies for flying in the works, judging from something I read in the paper), I have my passport and passport card, so that should suffice. This time there was an option to put a Donate Life (organ donation) icon on the front. I always sign mine (and there's still a space for that--I'll try to get my friends to witness that tomorrow), but it's nice that they have the option. The picture, as usual, is atrocious. (Note to the Commonwealth of Kentucky: having cameras where you look down at the bottom of the camera accentuates double chins horribly. We have an obese population here in the state, maybe we could look up a bit instead?) :) The office wasn't busy at all, and operated quite smoothly. Considering they're only open 9-12 on every third Saturday, I was surprised. I had to go to Keithshire Way, which is over between Reynolds Road and Clays Mill, so pretty much across town for me, but still, it was pleasant. It's a gorgeous day, in the 60s and 70s, sunny, wonderful. I saw a guy on a skateboard 'walking' his two dogs (they were running ahead, enjoying the weather).

My 'nieces' (the dogs) were asking to go outside almost immediately after they came in, just pausing long enough for some water. They're basking and rolling. :)

I visited with one friend, took someone on an errand, had a serious discussion, and now I'm basically back home, as I still need to do the notes, which hopefully won't take too long, although we did do an adventure, rather than downtime, so maybe it will. But first I have to find my laptop bag, as the computer has been plugged in like a desktop to various things--speakers, mainly, and I haven't taken it anywhere since Sunday. I thought it was here in the living room but I don't see it. Maybe it's unders some stuff on the couch. I also need to do some more spring cleaning if I can get the notes finished in a timely fashion. But the laptop bag has the voice recorder in it, and it has the session recorded. Hmm....

But first, I'm getting something to eat and drink. I've opened the windows, and I have the radio on. I may take a walk later--it really is wonderful outside. I saw one of my-coworkers, who is also a neighbour, out walking his pug. It makes me wish I had a dog of my own to take on walkies, but hey, it's probably just as well. Besides, I'm an auntie to the dogs, and that's enough.

PS The laptop bag, and recorder, was in the living room, at the base of the couch, under a tote bag. I really have to straighten things up. But first, I really need to work on those notes. :)

So much for going to bed early

I've been playing on Facebook. Hey, I missed the Internet. I've been going on just as much as necessary, not really doing the surfing I enjoy. But now I am really going to head on to bed. Good night!