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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Feeling a little better today

YKWIA cheered me up some,  for one. I am still feeling a little blah,  but it is nowhere as bad as it was Monday.  Today I worked and then took him to two appointments.  A co-worker who was concerned about how little I was eating yesterday brought me some tomatoes,  three apples,  spaghetti,  a jar of pasta sauce,  and some bread and bagels. And even though my gas light came on sometime this afternoon,  I managed to make it home tonight.  I will have to go by the gas station tomorrow. I still have $4 I can spend on gas. Good thing I get paid tomorrow night!  It looks like I can pay my bills out of this cheque,  thankfully,  though there won't be much extra.  But that,  at least,  is a blessing.  And at least I have new brakes and the car is safe,  even if fixing it put me in a bind. Okay,  time for bed.  Good night!

Monday, September 15, 2014

I was feeling pretty down today

And I still am, somewhat, but a co-worker helped boost my mood earlier, thankfully, as I was in the would-anyone-care-if-I-were-gone sort of funk. I've been in some amount of funk for awhile, though. Of course, I know (as proven by my near-miss with the ankle injury when I was hit by a car) that the answer regarding other people caring is yes, but sometimes it's hard to remember that. There are several reasons for my mood, all of which I know in my heart will get better, but yeah, today was not a great day. Despite that I was very productive and helped several people who needed it. I didn't let my mood interfere with work. But inside my head was not so fun today. But I won't focus on the problems with my life in this post, but try to just weather them and do what I can to improve the situation. It's true I've been stressed of late, and I had some particularly disappointing news today, but it will get better. I have to believe that. But now I'm home, and one of the things I can do is try to work out some of the stuff at the apartment that's bugging me. Having a cluttered space tends to make me more stressed, which is bad in someone who tends to collect clutter. So a little purging is in order, I think.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

On Saturday

I really felt like I wasted much of my day. I just couldn't get going. I ached everywhere, even in my hands. I don't know if it was the weather (it's much cooler than it has been of late, and it was very cloudy until about 3 pm, which is when I finally ventured out and stopped hurting, once the sun came out) or what. I really needed to work on the house. Instead I stayed in bed most of the morning and early afternoon. I finally got up and took a shower, printed out some things for a friend, and then went to down to the Central Library to pick up a couple of books for him as well. I went on over there and we watched some 'Haven' and eventually 'Doctor Who'. I was prepared for Doctor Who day--I had a shirt on that has a Dalek version of the 'Soft Kitty' song from 'The Big Bang Theory', my licence plate holder on the car says 'My other car is a TARDIS', and my phone case at the moment has a picture of the TARDIS on it. I am such a geek. (I also have a hat and scarf with the 'police call box' design from the TARDIS on it.)

Today was a little more productive. I got up early and finished the game notes, went over to my friends' house and did laundry and worked on their house, and then, since Brenda was at a Society for Creative Anachronism event, we watched several episodes of 'Haven'. I'm finally up to season 3 with the next episode. I did some scanning for YKWIA and then we watched a very good episode of 'Witches of East End'. Now I'm home. Tomorrow I don't have any official plans for after work yet, and I'm hoping to work on the house then. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I'm taking someone to various appointments. So it'll be a busy week. But at least I don't have to worry about the game notes--I'm caught up with them. :)

For now, though, I'm listening to some music and winding down for the night. I think I'm going to have some hot cocoa with marshmallows and then head on to bed. I'd like to get a good night's sleep tonight, as I didn't sleep particularly well today and it's taken a lot of soda to get the caffeine I needed to keep going. I really need to learn to like coffee or tea. Good night.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ready for bed

I don't feel like breaking out the laptop or even sitting in front of the desktop,  so I am writing this on my phone.  I am in bed,  listening to Bastille's 'Oblivion',  with my feet propped up and my CPAP on.

I am very glad it is Friday and the end of the work week. Today was spent catching up at work,  which I barely did despite my best efforts.  Tonight YKWIA and I watched an episode of 'Haven'  and I helped him with something.  Now I am home and really hoping to shed some tension and relax.  I am a little stressed this week.

The plan tomorrow is to get up by 7:30 am and work on the house,  work on the game notes,  and catch up on 'Doctor Who',  in that order.  Then it is off to the library to search for a couple of books for YKWIA. Then I will go take A to the grocery,  and from there my plans will depend on what YKWIA and A want/need. But the idea is to spend part of the day doing some things here.

Okay,  I am going to go on to bed.  Good night.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Well, yeah

"Fat shaming" may make people gain more
Discrimination against overweight or obese people, commonly known as "fat shaming," does not help them lose weight and may do more harm than good, according to research from London.

Being harassed or treated with disrespect, receiving poor service while shopping or being thought of as stupid may actually lead to more weight gain, the researchers found.

"Our study clearly shows that weight discrimination is part of the obesity problem and not the solution," said the study's senior author, Jane Wardle, director of the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Centre at University College London (UCL).

"Weight bias has been documented not only among the general public but also among health professionals, and many obese patients report being treated disrespectfully by doctors because of their weight. Everyone, including doctors, should stop blaming and shaming people for their weight and offer support, and where appropriate, treatment," Wardle added in a university news release.

I watched three episodes

of 'Haven' tonight, including one that was excellent that had a Groundhog Day premiss. I'm in season 2. YKWIA is on season 4. Hopefully I'll catch up before long. But I'm enjoying watching it with him. It has plenty of quirkiness, mystery, likable characters, and it keeps my interest with every episode. But now I'm home. I can't say I got a huge amount done around the house today, although I did get some things accomplished. But what I did get was a nice break from work and life and I feel better as a result. Tomorrow it's back to work, etc. Maybe I can continue to work on the house some on Saturday. I think this is a more-than-one-day-job for sure. :)

A rare daytime weekday post

because I'm off today! [I don't blog at work, after all.] I couldn't remember the last time I'd just come straight home from work (I think it was the Monday before last, or maybe the one before that), and I got to do that last night, although then there was the whole picture thing, but I had also decided to ask for today off to deal with all the stuff at home of which I haven't been able to take care. I had a doctor's appointment this morning at 8 am with my ankle surgeon/podiatrist, and with all the heavy rain and traffic I was running late, but so was he, so it all worked out. My feet are doing well, I'm having no problems, and I got to pick out a pair of shoes good for diabetics that should be available in 2-4 weeks for me to pick up. So I came back through the driving rain, went to the new Richmond Road McDonald's (much easier to get in and out of than the old one, but a little odd, as you enter on one side and drive all around the building to get to the drive through. I got a couple of egg and cheese biscuits, came home, took my medicine and ate, listened to the radio, and now I've got to work out a plan for dealing with the house, as I have about six hours before I have to go over to a friend's to take him to an appointment. In the meantime, it's a rainy, cool day, and I think I'm going to open the windows, turn on all the lights (because it is rather dark in here without the sun out), and get going.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How odd

So someone commented on a post I made some time ago alerting me to the fact that a person was using my likeness on YouTube to make comments that were upsetting people, aka, trolling on the comments system, with my face. The person included a link, which I followed, and lo and behold, my face was, indeed staring back at me. Apparently the person who alerted me had done a reverse image search. I put a comment on the channel to the effect that the channel owner was using my image without my permission, and she (yes, she does say she's female--although really it could have been anyone, male, female, whatever) responded saying that she does occasionally read my blog, that she apologised for using the image without permission, and had been using it for satire, and had acquired a following, but would leave it up to me. I responded that in the interest of avoiding a case of mistaken identity, I would appreciate it if she would remove the image and any others on YouTube or other sites she had been using them on. That's up to her, of course, but I had already contacted Google and explained that someone was using my image without my permission, not only impersonating me that way but also it was a copyrighted image, and that I had asked them to take it down and was waiting on a reply. The form required a scan of a photo ID, so yes, Google now has a copy of my driver's licence. So it's really in Google's hands at this point.

Now I'm not going to get into whether she was using it for satire or trolling--people often don't get satire, both those who read it and at times those who write it, and I didn't see her actual comments on other channels. The thing I don't get is how anyone could see no trouble in taking another person's image and using it as if it were a picture of herself, and not see why anyone might object. I mean, I know a lot of people use celebrity photos in their profile pictures and the like, but I'm not a celebrity. People know such-and-such isn't the real celebrity, or at least realise that it's highly unlikely, especially on sites that verify such things. But if you steal some unknown person's image and use that as your own, no one knows. I did read some of the comments on the channel where the people, annoyed with her comments, were making very crass comments about her appearance and more, based on my image. Even though I know they were aimed at her, I know people often make judgements based on appearance and frankly, even though they should take nothing online as gospel, believe what they see. So they were in part responding to my picture, and it was a little disheartening.

So maybe the moral of the story is to keep a weather-eye out for such things, not just 'Googling' your name, for example, but doing a search to find similar images based on one you have. Don't use other people's likenesses as your own, and please, for God's sake, don't believe everything you see and read online. I must say, it has been an educating experience.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Still feeling a bit blah

So maybe it is my hormones. But I did enjoy watching 'The Awesomes' and 'Haven' with YKWIA tonight, and I fixed a summer squash and couscous dish that was pretty decent (I think that's the first time I've really cooked in their kitchen without supervision, beyond tuna gruel or rice with microwaved fish. YKWIA and I are already working on ways to improve the recipe.) I enjoyed doing that. It just seems a little muted compared to normal, though, so maybe I'm just a little depressed. I get that way sometimes, although normally not for protracted periods, thankfully, or at least anymore. I'm not having mood swings or anything like that. I just feel a bit like I'm going through the motions or I'm on autopilot, that's all. So now I am home, and oddly tired, and I think I'm going to listen to some Loreena McKennitt and head on to bed, even though it's just about 10:30 pm. I have a fairly busy week ahead of me. Good night.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

I think I understand

While all of the factors mentioned in the preceding post are, in fact, true and probably relevant, it's not my hormones, my need to some 'me' time, stress over finances and jobs, or anything like that. It's very simple. I am afraid of losing someone in my life who is dealing with issues that are very serious. I'm trying to make things better, to no avail, and I've got to accept that I can't. I can be there. I can listen. I can love. But in the end, I have no control over the situation. I only can hope it improves, and provide supportive care where I can. From there, I can only hope for the best.

I feel sad and weary

Not tired. It's not that. It's more like an emotional weariness and sadness combined. I'm not sure why. I just feel that way. It could be hormonal, I suppose. But I actually had a pretty decent weekend. Today I got over to my friends' house not just on time but early, with everything I'm supposed to have with me, properly fed and medicated ahead of time. It was a good visit. I cleaned the house with a little help from A. I was going to fix some squash and couscous, but YKWIA wasn't in the mood; we'll try for tomorrow. Instead, YKWIA and I watched an episode of 'Haven'. We played the game once Brenda arrived, for about five-and-a-half hours, and then YKWIA and I watched 'Witches of East End'. But I feel kind of like I was just going through the motions. My heart wasn't really in it. I did enjoy myself, but not fully. So tonight I'm home, it's late (of course), and while I normally don't write on game nights, I have to admit, I'm a little troubled. I've got some Loreena McKennitt on and I think I'm going to do some introspection to see where the unhappy mood is coming from. It may just be that I haven't had a night to myself in almost two weeks. Or a little stress where money and job hunting are concerned. It may be completely hormonal. I'm just not sure. So I'm going to sit and think for a bit, something I do far too rarely when it comes to figuring out my psyche. Usually YKWIA is a good sounding board/therapist, but this one I think I need to work on myself.

Here's something to brighten your day...

A now-departed dog in my life (a beloved Rottweiler) who was otherwise very quiet and mostly just bounced when excited, often howled when ambulances went by. I would have loved to have seen her as a fluffy puppy when she first learned to howl. These are adorable. Thank you Julia Anne Pope for sharing on Facebook. It made me happy.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

I'm over at my friends' house

and while it is raining cats and dogs down at the stadium, but it doesn't seem to be raining here. We're all in the living room watching the dogs play. There's a few minutes left in the game with UK leading. We're going to the store soon and then there's 'Doctor Who'. Having a nice visit so far. Okay, A wants me to check something on the queue for Netflix. I'll write later, probably.

Well, today has been mostly devoted to

getting the car fixed, with getting very little else done. I spent a couple of hours at the garage, then came home and decided since I'd gotten up so early and because they were supposed to finish by noon that I'd rest a bit, and then at 12:30 they said the car was ready and they'd come get me in a little while. So I waited. An hour passed. I called and offered to walk over, but they said, no we'll come get you in just a bit, just relax. Well, I'm one of those people who doesn't wait well. I want to either be doing something or knowing I won't be doing something--I would hate to be in the middle of something when they did call, so I just waited. After another hour, I put my good walking shoes on and started walking. I got there about 3 pm. The guy was, oh, we were just about to come get you. I pointed out to him that I didn't mind coming over if they were swamped, I just wanted to get some things done this afternoon. Basically they were going to wait to go get me by the end of their shift (they close at 4 pm). Anyway, I'm now poorer to the tune of $530, but that's actually with a break he gave me, for a complete new set of back brakes and an oil change. The car is handling much better. I'll have to see if the battery can be changed soon, though.

The University of Kentucky is about to start their second football game of the season, and A is watching it on TV, so we aren't going to the store until later. I'm going to go over there in about an hour and a half. At this point, I should at least start working on the house. But the annoyance that got me through the walk down and across two major highways has kind of dissipated and now I just want to cool down. I'm not tired--I'm just hot, as it was 86 degrees out there with 55% humidity. So I'm going to chill out for about 20 minutes and then get up and work. That's the plan, anyway. On the other hand, I'm at 3,015 steps on a Saturday, which is usually what I get all day on the lightest walking day of my week. :)

I got up very early this morning

and took my car over to Tire Discounters at 8 am to get an oil change and the brakes looked at. I waited there while they did the oil change and the inspection. Unfortunately, I need pretty much all new rear brakes (the front ones had the shoes and rotors replaced in February, so they're fine--but the back even the drums are terribly rusty (they showed them to me), and even if they machined them, it would be outside specifications). So I'm getting those replaced after we haggled a bit on price. They found that my battery is at 50% and needs replacing, but I can't do that today--I'll try to before cold weather sets in. I love having a car, but maintenance, gas, and insurance make it much more expensive than the $30 I paid a month for a bus pass. On the other hand, I do a lot of running around that wouldn't be possible on the bus, and take friends who don't drive pretty much all over Lexington, too. So, it's worth it.

They brought me on home and are working on the car, which should take a couple of hours. They're going to come pick me up when it's ready. So I've finally eaten breakfast (veggie burger, let's call it brunch), and I'm contemplating working on the house. I haven't been home much, which tends to mean I destroy any sense of tidiness in the house, and I come in, put things down on the kitchen table or the loveseat and they just sit there. I really need to clean the bathroom, wash dishes, take out the trash--and more importantly, the recyclables, which are threatening to escape their container, straighten up in general, put some things away, sweep, vacuum, and mop. I can't do all that in two hours. Hopefully I can get started on it, though.

Sorry I didn't blog last night. I'd taken a friend to an appointment after work, watched an episode of 'Haven', and then headed home, where I ate something and kind of putzed around for a bit, listened to some music, and went on to bed early since I knew I couldn't sleep in today. On the other hand, I don't have game notes to do today, as they are already finished, woo-hoo! So there's the grocery run, 'Doctor Who', and as far as I know, that's about it, unless YKWIA and A have something else planned. Tomorrow is the game, and 'Witches of East End'. Then we'll go back into the work week, and start everything over again. This week was particularly busy because there was a lot going on at work, no less than four appointments I had to be at, and bills to pay. Also, it seems to me that whenever we have a 'short week' after a holiday, we try to scrunch everything from a normal week into less days. Next week there's not quite as much going on, thankfully. I think the last time I came directly home from work was Monday before last, and then I just pretty much crashed. I'll try to take this Monday and work on anything I don't get finished today, until I'm happy living in my apartment again. :)

Thursday, September 04, 2014

I have no idea what this means

I'm a blue magic drafter!

Take the quiz at Brent Weeks.com

Blue Luxin is hard, strong, and smooth. It can be used in anything from the creation of large structures to armor or bladed weapons or projectiles. Blues are orderly, inquisitive, and unfailingly rational. Structure, rules, and hierarchy are important to blues.

The results from your color matching test have also shown that you are one of the elite, a superchromat. The magic you do will almost never fail. Satrapies will compete to recruit you, and you will have a wide latitude in what work you choose to do once you finish your studies. You can expect your patron to lavish praise and honors on you. As a monochrome, you will master your color, and only have to defer to bichromes and polychromes and, of course, the nobility and the satraps who support us all.
A friend is reading Black Prism by Brent Weeks and this quiz was on the author's website. We apparently came out the same, which surprised my friend. I may have to check out the book for myself. It sounds like an interesting magic system.

Today I got my permanent partial dentures. I had a little trouble getting them in before the dentist adjusted them, but he was able to put them in with no trouble afterwards. I was able to eat a sandwich from Subway by cutting it into smaller bites, and did okay. I talk with a very slight lisp on 's' and similar sounds, but it is very slight--not nearly as bad as with the temporaries. I was also able to get them out and soaking tonight, although the lower ones for some reason really wanted to stay in my mouth. The trick will be to see if I can get them in tomorrow morning without trouble. I'm going to try to get up early to have plenty of time to deal with them if needed. Of course, you want them to be tight and well-fitting. Unless I have trouble, I don't have to go back to the dentist till March, when it will be time for my teeth cleaning. Yay!!! Here's hoping for a trouble-free six months.