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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's very quiet in the house

Which I'm enjoying for the moment. The only sounds are occasional steps upstairs where my neighbour lives. I came home directly from work and laid down for awhile and recharged. Now I'm up and contemplating doing some work on the house. I also have a movie out from the library to watch, Oculus. But I have to admit, what I'd really like to do is some reading. I realised today that it's nearly October and I can't tell you a fiction book I've actually read completely this year. I simply never seem to have time to read anymore, which is very sad for a bibliophile and librarian. I will have to make time. When I was on the bus I read more, since I'd wait at the bus stops and then there's the bus itself. But now that I have a car, I'm running, running, running, without having that cushion of time. I have several books checked out, I just haven't really had a chance to get to them. So here's the plan: work on the house for awhile and then sit down and do some reading as a reward. Okay, off to start. :)

Too tired

I just got home a bit ago,  after midnight. I have a headache,  I am tired and achy,  my feet are swollen,  and I am going to take some ibuprofen,  put my feet up,  and go on to bed. I will blog properly tomorrow.  Good night.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A good day

spent watching 'Haven' (several episodes--I think we're at the last episode of season 3 next) and playing the game, which was fun because we started a new mission set in Montana that's threatening to send us to our doom in the Pliocene Era. :) We stopped playing at 8 and I got home around 9 pm. After Brenda went on home, YKWIA and I decided we were too tired to watch 'Witches of East End' tonight. And he just isn't enjoying the new Doctor on 'Doctor Who/, so I'll probably start recording those and watch them on my own. He doesn't care for him and has a hard time understanding him. Meanwhile, A got back from his convention. Somewhere with all I did today, I never got around to doing my laundry, so I left it over there and will do it tomorrow. I must admit, though, for now I'm pretty tired--it was a very full weekend. Even though it's not even 10 pm yet, I think it's time to go to bed. I'm going to try to get up around 6 am. So I'm going to sign off for now. Hope you had a nice weekend. Good night.

3 am

Still awake.  I have been downloading free applications from Amazon. Time to stop and set my clock(s) to wake up in five hours.  Ouch!

So it's nearly 2 am

I've been going strong since about 7 am, which means I'm going to keep this short. Today I kept a friend company whose husband is away from the house at a convention. All told I have:
  1. Taken out the trash so far that I collected last night from the apartment.
  2. Stopped by McDonald's for breakfast, bringing some to my friend as well.
  3. Fed his dogs and cats and let the dogs out (twice).
  4. Watched an episode of 'Fringe', two episodes of 'Warehouse 13', one of 'Haven', and two of 'The Awesomes'.
  5. Rubbed my friend's feet and put him to bed for a couple of hours, since he hadn't had a full night of sleep.
  6. Ate a sandwich, foraging there for food.
  7. Finished the game notes while he was sleeping.
  8. Brought in the dogs and watered everyone.
  9. Gone to the store to get groceries for them (without my normal helper) and for me.
  10. Fixed my friend dinner.
  11. Filled up various containers with new sweetener, popcorn, and salt (obviously different containers).
  12. Sent the dogs back out.
  13. Brushed a dog.
  14. Convinced another dog that the muzzle could be used if she failed to come in.
  15. Played 'name that TV theme show from the 60s' and failed miserably.
  16. Watched some YouTube videos.
  17. Got caught up on the drama at the convention.
  18. Visited with my friend.
  19. Left the laptop there so I wouldn't have to lug it back tomorrow and packed up and came home.
  20. Explained to my friend that turning the porch light off before I actually get in the car and drive away leaves me looking for the ignition key. He didn't realise the button fob on my car, while it does unlock the doors, does not turn the car on or anything. I explained a little better how it works.
  21. Ate a bit of food.
And now I'm headed to bed. I have to be there by 9 am for the game preparations tomorrow. That's 7 hours away. Good night.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


I worked very intensely for what, granted, was a short time, and got most of the trash and recyclables together, cleaned out the fridge, and that was enough for now. (I am ashamed to admit just how much stuff was built up. Let's just say it's a good thing that I have a small granny cart; the one from the fridge is very heavy, for example. My kitchen bags are pretty small, and I don't have them full to bursting, but I've got six of them in the kitchen full of trash and another four of recyclables. That's unusual--usually there's more of the latter. Some of that trash is packaging from the speaker, which is bulky, as well freezer and refrigerated containers, which can't be recycled at our centre (if they're coated for cold, basically)). I still have some mail to go through in the dining room and a little in the bedroom (mostly receipts from my pockets), but that is something for later when I work on those rooms. I have to be over at a friend's house at 8 or 8:30 in the morning to help him with something important, so I may turn in for now, take the trash and recyclables out at first light, and maybe work a bit more then. I got quite a bit finished in a short time, so if I really work for say, an hour, there may be some better progress in the morning. I'll try to get up at 5 am with the hope of getting up at 6. :) Ah, de-hoarding is a good thing. I'm usually pretty decent for awhile if I'm spending much time at home, but when I go for days on end coming home late, I tend to just throw stuff on the loveseat or dining room table, or wherever, in bags, etc.

And I need to get some stuff out of here, because I have a couple of boxes in the trunk of my car full of my friends' old audio tapes. We cleaned out their shed last weekend, and it's been cool enough here that I haven't really had to worry about them in the car, but it's warmer this weekend and I need the room for grocery shopping. Since the point of my having the tapes is to check them for damage and see if they play (I have a couple of boom boxes with tape players, and they don't).

So close!

I was madly walking up and down my hallway right before midnight to try to make it to 10,000 steps.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Somewhat refreshed

Okay, so I did fall asleep for awhile. But I'm up now, and feel better, and I went for a walk down to the laundry room for a Diet Coke to clear the sleep from my head and have peppy music playing. 689 more steps and I could break 10,000 for the day. Of course, I have a little less than half an hour to do that. I have formulated a plan of attack concerning the house. Here is how it breaks down:
  1. Gather recyclables in the kitchen into bags.
  2. Put together the trash.
  3. Fill the ice cube trays with water.
  4. Wash the things that can't be put in the dishwasher.
  5. Put away dishes from the dishwasher.
  6. Put new dishes into the dishwasher (there aren't many, thankfully).
  7. Clean out the refrigerator.
  8. Take out the trash and recyclables.
  9. Wipe down the counters and stove.
  10. Clean the sink.
  11. Sweep and mop the floor.
  1. Take out the trash.
  2. Put recyclables in the container in the kitchen.
  3. Clean the toilet and sink.
  4. Straighten the sink area.
  5. Sweep and mop the floor.
    Living Area
  1. Collect trash and recyclables.
  2. Straighten up the place.
  3. Dust.
  4. Water plants.
    Dining Area
  1. Collect trash and recyclables.
  2. Straighten up the place.
  3. Dust.
  4. Wipe down table.
  5. Fill the fish tank with water.
  1. Put away laundry.
  2. Gather the laundry.
  3. Collect trash and recyclables.
  4. Fill the betta tank with water.
  5. Make the bed.
  6. Dust.
  7. Take out the last of the recyclables and trash.
I'll have to vacuum tomorrow when it's not so late. I seriously doubt I'll get all this finished tonight--this will actually probably take the next few days, but hey, it's something to aspire to.

Looking for ideas on personal growth?

42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself
Are you someone who likes to grow? Do you constantly seek to improve yourself and become better?

If you do, then we have something in common. I’m very passionate about personal growth. It was just 4 years ago when I discovered my passion for growing and helping others grow. At that time, I was 22 and in my final year of university. As I thought about the meaning of life, I realized there was nothing more meaningful than to pursue a life of development and betterment. It is through improving ourselves that we get the most out of life.
YKWIA has taught me a lot about personal growth--he practically raised me in my 20s and 30s, as in his words, I was 'raised by wolves'. But this is a pretty nice article that puts a lot of things together for how to improve your mind, body, and spirit. Number one on the list? Read a book every day. :) Okay, I have blogged enough to make up for not posting much this week. I think that's all I had on the back burner to post. Time to step away from the computer. :)

Stan Lee on the importance of comics and graphic novels during Banned Books Week and beyond

Cool (and resourceful)

This Converted Cave in France Cost $1.35
Faced with steep rents, young couples are renovating abandoned troglodyte homes in the French countryside, like this 11th-century structure nestled into the side of a mountain in the Loire Valley

Alexis Lamoureux was 23 when he returned to Amboise, an idyllic town once home to Leonardo da Vinci that sits on the banks of France’s Loire River. Forced to leave another village after the bar he was working in closed down, he began looking for a job and a place for him and his girlfriend, Lotte van Riel, to live.

Lamoureux heard about a troglodyte home that had once belonged to his great aunt and went to check it out. The abandoned space, left in ruin for the past 25 years, was a crude network of unstable rooms carved out of a large rock face. Littered with trash and having no electricity, running water or sewage system, it was a dream come true. Lamoureux headed straight to the government agency that handles abandoned dwellings and was excited to discover it was up for auction the very next week. He offered the princely sum of 1 euro, which the agency accepted.
No bank would loan the money to fix the place up, so he and his girlfriend worked their butts off for three years to make the money necessary. There's a nice gallery on the article's webpage of some of the rooms and the exterior.

Found on Facebook

They have a very good point. Thanks to George Takei for sharing.

I thought this was a great introduction to 'Doctor Who' from the magazine

Rolling Stone: Call the Doctor: The Many Faces of 'Doctor Who'

Thanks to Brandon for sending me the link.

Oh, there's this for Banned Books Week

If you're on social media and have a profile picture you can make something along the lines of this:

By using Twibbon for Twitter, then taking the picture and putting it on Facebook, etc. :)


I opened up some salad I'd gotten a couple of days ago, and the lettuce is icky and soggy. I managed to save the cranberries, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette, and feta cheese that was in a separate compartment, Oh well, tortillas and cheese for dinner it is.

This morning I went to work, then over to my podiatrist to pick up my new shoes and inserts. I had quite some trouble getting them on, and at first we thought they were too narrow, but they do actually fit. I just have trouble bending my right knee fully in a chair (I put my shoes on by putting my feet up on the bed). I took them back off at the doctor's office, and then put them back on after I got back to work, as it's carpeted, and I can't return them if I wear them outside at all. They're kind of boots, or hightop athletic shoes, with an athletic-style shoe in black that comes up on the ankles for full support. I thought they'd be better then my lower New Balances this winter for walking on uneven snow. They're are the brand Answer2, which I hadn't heard of before, style 442-1. They're made by Apis. They also gave me several Sure-Fit inserts, which I'm supposed to change ever four months or so, and there were a couple of thin ones that go under the regular inserts to help raise the foot if needed to keep it from slipping up and down. I have a slight discrepancy between my left and right leg in terms of length, so I have that secondary insert under the right one but not one on the left, and they were doing pretty well this afternoon. The inserts are a little different than the diabetic orthotics I have in my regular shoes, though. They were much easier to get on the second and third times I tried. I'll have to keep a weather eye on my feet, though, and look for any rubbing, etc. But I think they'll be a decent fit after all. I do need longer laces for them. Even my New Balances that I got last year have boot laces in them. I have such a wide foot (I wear a 7 2E in the New Balances, XW in these shoes), that I need longer laces than they ever include. I really do appreciate that my health insurance will pay for these as part of my diabetes care. I had the same type of New Balances several years ago that were $115 when I paid for them myself. These go for about $135 online. They look like this:

The nice thing is that they work under my pants for work pretty well, and I noticed they seem to be This afternoon, after work, I:
  1. Went to the bank to dispute a couple of ATM charges. Yesterday I tried to get money from the ATM at work twice, but got a 'database error' and no money. Turns out the money came out of my account, along with the fee they charge for giving me my own money and the one the bank charges for not using their machine. All told, it came out to $49. I got one returned, the fees from the bank taken off, and the second one should be taken care of soon (it needed 'more investigation', beyond what they could do right there).
  2. Got some gas for the car and washed the windows. I really need to take the car to be washed.
  3. Checked out a book I had on hold from the library, called House of Stone, by the late journalist Anthony Shadid, as well as the DVD for the movie Oculus.
Now I'm home, listening to 'Somebody That I Used to Know' by Gotye (featuring Kimbra) on the radio, have the windows open and the fan in the living room blowing on me, and I'm finishing up dinner. The plan for tonight is:
  1. Work on the game notes.
  2. Work on the house.
  3. Do some reading.
  4. Water the plants inside and out (although I'm down to only two window boxes--one fell and pretty much what was in it disintegrated).
I'm hoping by having the fan out here in the living area rather than the bedroom, I won't just go in there and lie down.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tired and hurting

A loveable but clueless 75 lb dog decided to greet me this afternoon by coming up to me not on the side with nearly three feet of clearance,  but rather by pushing her way into the five inches between my leg and a table,  thus pushing my knee backwards.  Yes,  the same knee that was operated on a few weeks ago.  Owww!!! So I am going to put my feet up for a bit and then write later,  assuming I don't fall completely asleep,  anyway. I'm sorry I have been AWOL the last couple of days,  though.  Okay,  here's to blogging later,  after the ibuprofen has a chance to kick in.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Watching 'The Big Bang Theory'

in my 'Soft Kitty'shirt. Sheldon's in fine form, especially in the second new episode. :) And I actually already knew that the Fig Newton was named after Newton, Massachusetts, not Isaac Newton. :)

I've got the windows up in the apartment and had a bit of quiet time earlier, but I'm going to work on the house now. I just really don't know where to start, though, and the mess makes me somewhat angsty, which only makes it worse. But, it's not going to be any better if I just sit and write, so I'll figure out where to begin and get going at it. I might write later, I'm not sure. But if not, good night.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A happy thing

So, I'm looking at my calendar on my phone and am struck by the fact that for the first time in weeks--perhaps months--neither I nor a friend of mind whom I drive to commitments have any sort of appointments at all this week. Yay!

Today was good; A and I cleaned house in preparation for the game, then Brenda came over and we played Call of Cthulhu and visited. I normally stay for 'Witches of East End', but I didn't really sleep that well last night and I was pretty tired, so I came on home. YKWIA is recording it on his DVR, so hopefully I can watch it later. So now I'm comfy and listening to some music (Bastille's 'Icarus') and thinking about going on to bed even though it's not yet 10 pm.

Tomorrow I plan on:
  1. Getting some things accomplished at work
  2. Paying some bills
  3. Calling several doctor's offices that owe me co-pays because I met my out-of-pocket max months ago
  4. Working on the house
  5. Watching the season 8 premiere of 'The Big Bang Theory'
  6. Celebrating the autumnal equinox (10:29 PM local time (EDT))
I'm not sure yet if I'll go over to my friends' house or not tomorrow. I really need to work on the house some more. I'd like to get it in order before dark of the moon, which is in a couple of days. I didn't do my monthly libation last time, and I'd like to do so at dark of the moon (which is traditional) and purify the house, which should be clean first.

If I do go over there, I have the ingredients for more squash and couscous, and I'm going to alter the original recipe by adding garlic (it was a little bland as it was written--YKWIA, an excellent cook, suggested the garlic). Also, I managed to find some fresh basil, so I can use that instead of dried, which should help the flavour. But if not, I think everything will still be okay Tuesday, which may be better because A has a meeting on Monday nights, so we'd be eating fairly late if I do it then.

I really pigged out at the game today, eating quite a bit of cheese and some fruit, and a few crackers, plus a sandwich. But as of this morning I was 18 lbs down from my maximum weight, so that's good. Hopefully today won't reverse that trend. I tend to graze on Sundays rather than eating meals.

Okay, I really think I'm going to go on to bed. Good night.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

It has been a busy, busy day

And I am quite glad to be able to prop my feet up and relax to Bastille's album, Bad Blood. Today I have:
  1. Brushed a very fluffy dog who's throwing her coat.
  2. Taken a friend to the pharmacy.
  3. Taken a friend to the grocery.
  4. Helped a couple of friends clean out and organise their shed.
  5. Got bitten by mosquitoes and short of breath from dust and mildew.
  6. Gone to get a take-out dinner with a friend.
  7. Watched an episode of 'Haven' with a friend.
  8. Watched an episode of 'Warehouse 13' with a friend.
  9. Choked on a bit of ice and soda that went down the wrong way.
  10. Watched the newest 'Doctor Who' episode with a friend.
  11. Charged my laptop for tomorrow (but the notes are finished!)
Tomorrow there's:
  1. Going to get stuff to gnosh on during the game.
  2. Game prep/housework
  3. Call of Cthulhu game.
  4. Dose the dogs with flea medicine.
  5. Change some indoor floodlights.
  6. Watch 'Witches of East End'.
So yeah, I'm a bit pooped. It's nearly midnight; I think I'll head on to bed. Goodnight.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Have I mentioned

that somewhere along the way, while I wasn't particularly paying attention, I've lost 16 lbs? Three more pounds and I'll be back to where I was briefly after my ankle was broken nearly two years ago. Fourteen more pounds and I'll reach the goal my endocrinologist set for trying to increase my insulin sensitivity, which would allow me to ease off the insulin some. I wore a blouse today that had been a little tight/uncomfortable on me ever since I got it and it fit much better and I got a lot of compliments on it. It's a soft mossy green and beige with a pinkish flower on the front. It made me feel good about myself. I also wore a pearl bracelet and strand that were my grandmother's, and a pair of faux pearl earrings I have. So even though it was jeans day at work, and I did wear jeans, I was kind of dressy from the waist up.

In the hour or so that I've been home, I've loaded and run the dishwasher, moved the speaker tower out to the living room, and straightened up the living room some. (I think playing the music has been interfering with my sleep, which usually actually lulls me to sleep, but for whatever reason the same music is keeping me awake. Last night I slept about two hours total, even with gentle Celtic music, and the night before I didn't sleep well. Apparently the richer sound is somehow an issue compared to my phone connected to a little boom box.) Now I'm trying out the charging option and I'm playing some Natalie Merchant and I'm eating a little dinner. I opened the windows to let the almost-autumn air in. But I needed to get some food in me--I'd taken my Byetta about an hour before and it can cause nausea if you wait too long to eat, although at least I haven't had that trouble. My main thing is trying to take it with enough time (at least 15 minutes) prior to eating. :)

So I've finished eating. It would be nice to take a nap, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't wake up easily, and there's so much to do here. Tomorrow I need to take a friend to the pharmacy, which closes by 1 pm, so I need to go over there fairly early. Okay, maybe it's time for a bit more caffeine. :) Maybe I'll watch a bit of 'The Big Bang Theory' while I work on the living room. I got season 7 on DVD today from Amazon with my cashback bonus from my credit card, so it was kind of free. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A much better day today

Yesterday was somewhat stressful, as I was trying to get two friends home and then me home while running the car with my gas light on the whole time. I also hit a squirrel on Ashland Avenue while going to pick up A, and it was terrible, but I had no time to brake (and had someone right behind me, so I couldn't) or swerve, and the only blessing is it was a very quick death. And I didn't cry. I once hit a cat (a black one, at midnight on Friday the 13th, after a couple of idiots in our group were playing with a Ouija board, if you believe it). Thinking it was a friend's, I stopped and took it to their house. It died in my arms on the way. I then proceeded to cry hysterically for about 45 minutes. I am very much an animal lover, as you know if you read this blog, and it was the first animal I'd ever killed. Since then there was the robin who tried to land in front of my car on US 27 as I was going 60 mph, and I think there was probably another squirrel at some point. That's four in nearly 30 years of driving--I guess that's not bad. But each one made me sad.

Today was better. For one, it was payday, so the first thing I did was go get a half of a tank of gas and some money for the cafeteria at work. Later, I ran by Kroger and got a few things, as things were kind of tight the last few days. Then YKWIA and I watched an episode of 'Haven'. He's watched each of the first four seasons. The fifth is on SyFy right now, but he won't watch it because the way they spell the channel name. So it'll probably be awhile before the fifth season is on Netflix. I'm on season three, almost halfway, I think. I love the show. I'm just concerned he's going to take some of the stuff from it and put it into our Call of Cthulhu game.

I'm home now, listening to music through a bluetooth speaker tower that's paired to my phone, namely Loreena McKennitt. I find her very relaxing to listen to in the evening. It's not quite the same as my old dock and boom box setup, but it works well. The tower can also plug into the phone and charge it, or play the FM radio, or play music from a USB drive or SD card. Not too bad. It's got a nice sound. Right now I've got it in the bedroom, but I'm thinking of putting it in the living room. I wish I could play the TV sound through it.

Okay, sleep is the next thing on my agenda. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some work done on the house, which is getting unbearable, and I'm not a neat freak by any means. Saturday I know we have to go to the pharmacy and grocery. Sunday should be the game. But for now, I'm just glad tomorrow is Friday. :)