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Sunday, September 17, 2017

It's been a relaxing weekend so far

Yesterday YKWIA and I did our own things, for the most part. He watched 'The Flash' and 'Arrow' on Netflix, and then listened to BBC radio plays with Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. He also took care of the empty boxed we'd saved from the move he needed for something and did some other things about the house. I got some medicine at the pharmacy, did a grocery run, did most of the laundry and some dishes, re-potted two African violets, gardened some outside, and then relaxed, listened to music, and did some reading. I am re-reading Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson on the Kindle. I haven't read the third (and last) trilogy, so I thought I'd re-read the first two trilogies and then go forward with those. I'd already finished the game notes Friday night, so I had plenty of time on Saturday to do whatever I liked.

Today I got up early, took a shower (something I never got around to yesterday, which is rare), washed my bedding and then made the bed. I also took my medicine, ate, etc. I was cleaning the cat box when YKWIA got up (he'd gone to bed later than I did). He fed the animals and let the dogs out (we agreed that if I do it in the morning, it'll set a precedent where they'll bark, etc., and since I get up around 5:30 or 6 am on weekdays, that's too early for that. So far it's worked well. I find they'll come out, hopeful, but if I just ignore or maybe just pet them, they'll go back to bed. Well, the cat will stay and get loved on and follow me about, but he's mostly quieter and doesn't keep begging for food much.

We did get some very bad news last night. An acquaintance I hadn't seen in about 20 years tracked me down via Messenger and let me know that a mutual friend (the owner of the comic shop I'd worked for) now has stage IV colon and liver cancer. We'd fallen out of touch over the years. I told YKWIA (he'd known him better and for far longer) and got the address of someone who can let me know if we can help him in any way or see him, as this person is not on Facebook.

Brenda called today to cancel the game due to either a stomach bug or bad barbeque from yesterday. So we're not playing, and I have pretty much the rest of my day to do anything I want. She knows the person with cancer as well, so YKWIA told her what was going on and she was going to tell her husband, who also knows him. A little later, YKWIA called me into the other room. His Internet and phone were both out. I put the modem through a cycle, and it worked for a moment, then lost the connexion again. I called Spectrum and apparently, there is an outage in our area. Fortunately I can get on through the hotspot on my phone, but it's not good for videos, etc., due to a monthly cap of 5 GB.

There are only a couple of things I have to do today. One is to go get pen needles from the Kroger pharmacy, as I forgot to ask at mine yesterday, where I have the prescription. I also told YKWIA I would wash his popcorn bowl (and by that, I mean the top of a plastic cake safe, so it's pretty big). I'll do the few dishes that are left after I put away the ones I did yesterday.

I have to admit, I feel more relaxed here. I always used to feel rushed on the weekends, and when I was home, with all the stuff I hoarded, my apartment seemed oppressive. My room is cosy. My friend and I are getting along well, giving each other space, and have had no major problems as of yet. It's actually been pretty companionable. I really do feel like I'm home now.

Okay, I should go and do something. I think I'll do a little reading. I'm going to go to Kroger after the church rush. Hope you are having a pleasant weekend.

Monday, September 11, 2017

It was a pretty decent day

I was back at check-out at work because the woman who had been in that position is no longer employed there. So I'm doing the phones and check-out, in a very busy week, and I did pretty well. I handled check-out fine, even when it was really busy, although I got behind with the voicemails and barely answered any calls. But I did ask for help, and got it, instead of trying to do everything by myself and getting stressed out. So I consider that a win. My OCD sometimes interferes with my work in the fact that I have to get everything checked off my current list before I do things like take a break or leave. I'm learning to let that slide a bit.

When I got home, YKWIA was making a salad, cream of corn soup, and a lovely baked carrot dish. I'm going to be very spoilt soon with the home cooking. Additionally, my blood sugar has been running extremely normal of late, after I got over the actual move when it was running high because I was nowhere near a routine on my medicine and eating.

Now I'm sitting on the bed with the fans on, considering going to bed, even though it's pretty early. I have to get up rather early (about 6 am) to get to work on time. I just got off the phone with my friend whose lost dog I shared awhile back. It's been 9 weeks since Elvis disappeared, and she's having a hard time. I just wish she could find him, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. In this case, I wish he'd just come trotting home unharmed.

So I just wanted to update. I noticed my name is inside the mailbox courtesy of the US Postal Service, written in red. I guess this really is home, now. I'm comfortable, was fed a very nice meal, and have some companionship beyond what I had before. Life is pretty okay right now, at least for today.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Surprise, surprise!

We found a way to save both my character and Brenda's in the Call of Cthulhu game from a nasty engineered virus that was going to kill them dead, dead, dead. My character will basically be an indentured servant of a bunch of Mages, but at least she and the other person will live, so well, okay. Of course, the true horror has arrived because her mother, who has never appeared in the game before has shown up and is having none of her 'paranormal investigating' as a...horrors...job. Celeste comes from a very aristocratic family and her mother is an opera singer, who in her very carrying voice, attended by several minions, made it very clear in the hospital that she would no longer be associating with our group and was coming home to be married off to someone of quality. I think she'll find that Celeste (when she is better; her heart was damaged by a cultist's spell) will not go so gently into that good night, and the Mages have a claim over her, anyway. But it's been a good run as an investigator. Her most memorable line was when she discovered footprints and declared them to be giant floppy clown shoes. Hey, she knows her shoes. And she was right, as the adventure, if I remember right, was called 'Killer Cannibal Clowns'.

Anyway, it was a good game. It's so weird to not be going home after it ended. I'm not used to the fact that I'm home already. I started doing a computer backup but a friend of YKWIA's called, so I put the last of the laundry away, took my things to my room, put the fans on, turned on some music, plumped up the pillows, burned a lavender soy candle for awhile, and went through some random shells and stones that I put out around the room, although there is an entire bag left. But I found a space for that, too. I've gotten ready for bed and set my alarm. I'm working from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm tomorrow and Wednesday, our busiest days, but the whole week is supposed to be busy, I think. I didn't see the numbers, as they hadn't come out yet and I was off on Friday. That extra day really helped. I'm much more rested, feel better, and my knee and ankles are doing much better. I really was hobbling around on my right knee. But I should go to bed soon; I have to get up about 5:45 or 6:00 am to get to work with time for the traffic and the shuttle. Good night.

So I

finally got everything put away and it turned out to be very cosy. And I think I've finally gotten rest and my ankles are not swollen to the size of softballs. :) It is a bit of a cross between a little girl's room and an old lady's, I think, but I'm sort of in the middle, so I guess that works out.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Checking in

I know it's been awhile. I finally have recovered from the move. Everything is either in storage or put away in my new place, or at least the stuff I was able to get out of the apartment. I called to apologise again, and to see how much I owed them. The final bill hasn't been tallied, but it looks like they are going to charge me a lot for the stuff they had to carry out, which I didn't really consider when I left it, I was so tired, and really, there was no way to get it out in time. So it is what it is. She's thinking it may be upwards of $2000, which I'm still shocked at, but I don't think I have a defence as to why I shouldn't pay it. I didn't think there was quite that much left. So this has been a pretty expensive move.

But at least it's over. I took a few last things to storage today. YKWIA and I finally had our lunch buffet at Masala for his birthday. We've been working on finding places for the food and other items I brought with me. I found a place for my wine and accessories for libations (in a cubby hole in my bed) rather than out in his very Jewish home. We've been getting used to living with someone else, and it's gone pretty well. And I finally got some rest. My boss let me off on Friday due to a low census (although the coming week will be high numbers), and I got a lot done yesterday and today.

I finally finished the notes, just now, for the Call of Cthulhu game. We're going to play tomorrow. I'm doing a little laundry. I just have to put my clothes away and I think I'm done for the night. Hope you're having a pleasant weekend. Sorry I haven't blogged.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

I really tried, but

I give up. There is still too much to do and not enough time to finish it. It is almost 1 am. I have to be at work in 7 hours. It was a valiant effort, and today I had some help. But it's not enough. I have all the stuff I wanted to keep. But there are things I'd wanted to take out and things I wanted to donate, and they're still there. I'll turn the keys in early tomorrow before they open with a note of apology. It was just too much, and even though I've been working on this for what seems like forever, that couldn't be changed. But I downsized a lot. I feel like I purged a lot of stuff. I'm just sorry I couldn't present the apartment in the condition I wanted. It means I won't get my deposit back, but really, at this point, I am so tired I feel sick, and I don't care anymore. I do care about the fact that they've been very good to me in general and gave me an extension. I wanted to do things right for that reason. But it was illogical to keep going when it was still going to lead to failure. I'm headed to bed, assuming my legs, which are terribly swollen despite a diuretic and in pain, will let me sleep. Good night.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Do I look as tired as I feel?

I am so over this move. Only a few hours left.

So tired

Most of my earthly possessions now reside in a 10'x15' storage unit, which is now completely full. The bread machine is my friend's, as we switched out machines since mine is superior. A few items are in a closet, a cedar chest, the bed, and lying in a pile at the foot of my bed to be put away tomorrow. Still have to take things to Goodwill and books to the library--and clean, all tonight. Not sure I can do all that. It's 9 pm now, and I have to work tomorrow. We'll see. But I'm drinking water and resting for a few minutes before going back over there.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

I was exhausted last night

I wound up, after coming home, taking a shower, and blogging just a bit, going to bed about 11 pm. So even though I meant to get up at my usual 6 am, I slept in till 8, whereupon I was awakened by a hungry cat. We had agreed that I wouldn't feed them in the morning so it wouldn't set a precedent of barking, etc. Now YKWIA has woken up and is doing it instead. The plan is to put some clothes on, go get some caffeine, and start working again. We both had bizarre dreams, apparently.

Okay, I'll sign off here for now. Have a good morning.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

I am STILL moving

I got an extension from my leasing agent because there was just so much to go through. The big stuff all got moved on Tuesday, along with about 50 boxes of books. The guys took my dresser, chest of drawers, and love seat out to the approved Dumpster area. They were competent and speedy. It took a little less than four hours. I tipped each one enough to get some lunch. They were carrying boxes of books out two at a time. Ah, to be young again. I highly recommend Wildcat Moving. They were very professional and everything worked well. They stacked things very well, using as much space as possible in my storage unit. There were other things I'll need to take out. I'm almost finished. I need to take my comics, the Rosemoon Guild files, a couple of cherry tables, the dining room table, and a few other things to storage, along with several boxes of kitchen things, one of which (the dishes) hasn't been packed yet. Then the fun begins. There's approximately 12 boxes' worth of books to go to the library as a donation. There is easily an entire carload of things for charity. There is a lot of trash and recyclables, too. Then I have to clean. I'm going to work all tomorrow, starting early. I was going to try to work last night, but after working all day at the medical centre, I only got about four hours in before becoming pooped. It's just as well that I didn't because 1) apparently there are special characters in the code for the gate at the storage area that I'd forgotten, and I wouldn't have been able to get in, 2) I decided that moving stuff into a storage unit at 3:30 in the morning, when you're a woman and alone, might not be the best plan, even though they have security, and 3) it was raining cats and dogs, and I'm moving cardboard boxes and things like acrylic paintings. It was cloudy today, but the rain left over from Hurricane Harvey has passed, and it just spit a little rain here and there.

Today I worked for over twelve hours. I am tired. We were supposed to go out to the Indian restaurant (Masala, in Beaumont) today for YKWIA's birthday, but we postponed it for the move. I didn't take a shower this morning and I was sweaty and let's say, fragrant. So I just took a shower and I feel much better. I'm just waiting for my hair to dry to go to bed. Tomorrow's agenda, beyond the apartment, is to put away a couple of boxes' worth of things I brought to the house, set up the printer, take my battery backup/surge protector and put it on the computer YKWIA is using, go over some financial stuff, and do some laundry. That's enough. Maybe we'll be able to go to Masala on Monday since I'm off.

I am getting very sleepy. I'm tired. I think my hair is dry enough, anyway, to not hurt the pillow. I think it's time to turn in for the night.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Taking a break on the last day of packing (the movers come tomorrow at 9 am). Have a carload of books ready to go to the library, but only half loaded in the car, as it is raining. Total books to go = two carloads. So much still to do.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I thought that I was finished with the books I'm keeping

as far as packing goes, but I forgot the cookbooks in the kitchen. There are two partial shelves, so there aren't a lot of books left. I think that they'll fit in a copy box. I wound up finishing up everything else book-wise and came about two boxes short of the small U-Haul boxes, but I'd put some VHS tapes in a couple, so it's just about 52 boxes of books to go. Now I have to turn to the other stuff that's going into storage, like the curio cabinet contents, electronics I won't be using, etc. I have to empty the chest of drawers that's left, which is mostly photos and audio tapes (yes, I still have a tape recorder on my player) and the steamer trunk (which is full of art supplies, many of which are old and need to just be thrown out, although I gave Brenda some Renaissance and Elizabethan patterns, a Hobbit graphic novel, and my fish. She came yesterday and got those, and so the tank is now empty save for gravel and some water, and I have to get the rest of that out today so it can dry).

Today I'm going to go get a few more totes for things that shouldn't go into cardboard, do some packing, take some things over to YKWIA's, including my laundry, do that, work on a project for him, take him to my apartment so that he can look through the discarded books (there's a lot of good stuff, I just didn't keep things that I would not reasonably read or use). I have to get things ready for a Goodwill drop off. And then I have to pack up the books that are left to take to the library so I can drop them off tomorrow. I think I reduced the books by about a third; I went from fourteen shelves to about five or six with books on them.

So most things will be taken by the movers to storage on Tuesday. Between now and then I need to take the following to YKWIA's:
  1. Three small boxes of books
  2. My library books (mustn't get them mixed up with the others)
  3. My summer clothes (winter ones are going into storage in totes)
  4. CDs and DVDs
  5. My laptop, accessories, and a portable DVD drive, since I don't have one built-in
  6. Some purses and bags with their holder that hangs in the closet
  7. My fan
  8. The CPAP and accessories
  9. My jewelry box
  10. The remaining plants
  11. Food and a few glasses
  12. Towels, washcloths, and hand towels
  13. Toiletries
  14. Shoes and hanging shoe rack
That's just about it. I have two long drawers in my bed, an entryway closet for clothes and a few other things, and YKWIA is going to let me use the cedar chest for some clothes, too, and I don't usually have many clothes at any given time, just enough for a week, so that should work. The books can go on the bed's bookcase; the CDs and DVDs can go in the sliding door compartments on the foot of the bed and if needed, the drawers. I was going to try to bring one of the folding bookcases, but there isn't room.

Okay, I should get started. I wanted to get breakfast in me and take my medicine; I've done so. Also, I really need to get a shower before I go to Kroger for the containers, as I didn't yesterday and worked pretty hard. By the time I get those and get them packed, I should be able to go over to YKWIAs.