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Monday, July 17, 2017

This is a long shot...

But I'm sharing for a friend who had lost her dog in Mercer County, Kentucky:

REWARD!  Large tri-colored male beagle from Bruner's Chapel Road, Harrodsburg, KY.   Missing since 07/09/17, answers to "Elvis" when he feels like it.  Last seen wearing a gray Seresto flea collar.  He's a house dog, not a hunting dog.  Please comment or email me (eilir.rowan@gmail.com) if you see him, and I will get you in touch with my friend.  Thank you!

Saturday, July 15, 2017


If you're annoyed, like me, with the fact that Facebook videos are playing with sound again as you scroll past them, check out your settings and you can change it to off for starting videos in your newsfeed with sound. I personally get annoyed with the autoplay. If I want to watch a video with sound, I'll turn it on myself, Facebook. Don't push it on me.

Another loss due to breast cancer

Maryam Mirzakhani, First Woman to Win the Fields Medal, Is Dead at 40/

That's not good

I was doing a final edit on the previous post and had some sudden enteric issues. I hope it's a matter of I ate too many cashews (it happens sometimes, so maybe I'm mildly allergic) at one time, rather than me coming down with a stomach bug. :( I don't want to be sick again, and while I rarely get them, I often get them spectacularly. I once snapped a pair of glasses in two while throwing up, for example. But I don't feel nauseous at all, so I'm going to blame it on the cashews.

I'm not sure

that I've ever gone this long without blogging, except maybe when I first started this blog. I'm sorry. I've mostly been working. The other night I was at the emergency room for hours with a friend (who is okay, but it was important to go), and I tried to write there since I had my computer with me and they supposedly had free WiFi, but it wouldn't save my post, let me listen to Pandora, or was in any way helpful in helping me pass the time, and my phone was dying, and neither using their charging station nor plugging directly into a wall outlet using the stock charger seemed to work, as at the most it would go up 1% after several minutes. It was rather frustrating. The next day I was a little late to work, but my boss understood, as she'd been in the ER with her father the other day and had come in late herself. Despite being very tired I worked very hard and maintained a level of perkiness suitable for dealing with the public, although it was hard, and then went and got my friend some groceries. I was so tired that I could barely drive, and came home and went straight to bed. Yesterday was slower at work, and I was still pretty tired, but I managed to get through it, go home, and I went to bed early again, sleeping till almost eleven this morning. I got up, got a shower, and went to the library to work on the game notes for about three hours, then went and got my hair cut (it really needed it; I hadn't had it cut since the end of March), and then came home and relaxed for a bit before returning to the notes for another three hours or so. But they're finished. We are, as far as I know, playing tomorrow, now that we've recovered (mostly--coughing is still bad for both of us) from the plague, so I wanted to get those done. I did want to work on the house some, as well, especially the books, but it's 9 pm now. It's taken so long because there was a lot of investigation. Anyway, that's ready for tomorrow. I need to desperately do my laundry tomorrow over there as well, as I didn't do so last weekend, and I'm down to almost nothing (or at least comfy underwear, which I consider essential). I'm looking forward to playing, though. We are currently playing an adventure that is set in Glasgow, Scotland, so I'm learning a lot about its history, including that of Saint Mungo, the patron saint (whose Celtic name was Kentigern). I know a little bit about Kentigern, or at least the name, from The Battlefield Band's song 'The Dear Green Place'

Mungo is known for four miracles which are portrayed on the city of Glasgow's heraldic shield. From Wikipedia:
  • The Bird — Mungo restored life to a robin, that had been killed by some of his classmates.
  • The Tree — Mungo had been left in charge of a fire in Saint Serf's monastery. He fell asleep and the fire went out. Taking a hazel branch, he restarted the fire.
  • The Bell — the bell is thought to have been brought by Mungo from Rome. It was said to have been used in services and to mourn the deceased. The original bell no longer exists, and a replacement, created in the 1640s, is now on display in Glasgow.
  • The Fish — refers to the story about Queen Languoreth of Strathclyde who was suspected of infidelity by her husband. King Riderch demanded to see her ring, which he claimed she had given to her lover. In reality, the King had thrown it into the River Clyde. Faced with execution she appealed for help to Mungo, who ordered a messenger to catch a fish in the river. On opening the fish, the ring was miraculously found inside, which allowed the Queen to clear her name. (This story may be confused with an almost identical one concerning King Maelgwn of Gwynedd and Saint Asaph.)
I'll give you resurrection and the spontaneous creation of fire, and the fish, of course, but we're still trying to figure out how bringing a bell from Rome constitutes a miracle. There must be more to the story, surely. Anyone with information, feel free to comment with that.

Okay, I think I'll get up and stretch a bit, as I've been typing at the computer for far too long. I will try to blog more. In the meantime, if I don't write again tonight, have a good evening, and a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

After a fairly stressful day

(and holding my bladder for something like three hours, as I was in check-out at work most of the day by myself), I relaxed and visited, first with my stepfather, and then with my best friend. So I feel recharged to some degree. But I really need to learn to just walk away from my desk at times and not take everything so seriously. I feel a little like I'm on an assembly line, with a lot more juggling and concentration. I know part of my occasional frustration is my OCD--I have trouble leaving something unfinished. On the other hand, at 5:15, when I was 15 minutes over and had to leave to meet my stepfather, I just had to close my door and tell the next person bringing a family up that we would call them with an appointment. I can't stay until the last patient is gone every time, and today was a very busy day, so there were still patients in clinic, of course. Anyway, the good thing is that despite that, I kept up pretty well in terms of the queue running smoothly. Now let's hope I can do so tomorrow without being so tense.

After work, my stepfather John came up and we visited for about an hour. He's having a hard time with my mom's death, and Sassy, their dog, died not long after. Then YKWIA and I visited while he cooked. He gave me a taste of the avocado soup and the salad, which had rice, curry, olives, and a bunch of other good things in it, although he was going to chill it to enhance the flavour.

Okay, one of my tasks for today was to get to bed by midnight. Morning comes early. I don't want a repeat of today, where I overslept and it put me off all day. Good night.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I'm home

I mostly just relaxed with YKWIA, we watched three episodes of 'American Housewife', went through some experimental game mechanics, and I went to the store for him. But I had a good time. I did get in a little later than I planned, so I'm going to call it a night soon, and put some things off until tomorrow. I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow and take the trash out, as I think it finally cleared up and my stepfather is coming by tomorrow. I'll try to get the book review in before the end of the day tomorrow. I did check the job list, and apparently, the job that I thought closed tomorrow is already closed. It was with the state, although it would have been a lot of wear and tear on the car, as it required a fair bit of travelling. So maybe it's not so bad that I missed out on it. I definitely have to watch things more closely, though, even if I do seem to have a job lined up now, as I would eventually like to be in a library.

So anyway, it was a good day. I'm basically online to check out an adapter that I got that allows me to link up to an Ethernet cable (my laptop just has USB ports, so this allows me to connect directly, plus has a 3-USB-port hub built in as well. When I move, I'll have to either use my phone hotspot or connect via the Ethernet cable to his modem. He nixed the powerline adapter idea. I think he's afraid it will somehow harm his home's wiring, although I did explain that it wouldn't. Oh, well. This will work. Anyway, the adapter seems to be working pretty well. I also have to go online and look up a manual that I managed to lose within a day of getting. It was in my backpack pocket and I guess it fell out. It was one of those tiny manuals which fold out, so it was really easy to lose. But it may be online. I thin I'll go look for that now. Have a good night, and I hope your Fourth was great if you celebrate.

It's been a very wet Fourth so far

so I don't know if there will be fireworks tonight. I got up by 8:15 (but it was lovely to sleep in that much), and while I've been moving slowly, I have paid my bills through the first third of this month, except for two that come out automatically, and I've added that in my cheque register. I'm still coughing and snotty, but I feel better. I'm going to go over to YKWIA's in a couple of hours and we'll do something together. I haven't taken the trash out because the rain has been pouring, although I think it has eased up a little. So I think my next thing to do is work on the book review that's due tomorrow. It's a text on managing electronic resources, so hopefully, it will be a good read. I also need to check the Kentucky library job list--I think there's a job closing tomorrow with the state. I'm going to try to work on the books after spending some time with my friend.

Hope you're having a great and happy Fourth of July.

Monday, July 03, 2017

You know you're really tired

When you fall asleep before nightfall fully dressed, including bra, because you are too tired to change.

I thought I was doing better about staying up after a long workday, but I guess the summer cold sapped my stamina. I also went the whole day without caffeine, and had a raging headache. I couldn't even bear to listen to music.

That was three hours ago. I woke up, got dressed in some shorts and a tank top, and had a fruit pop to ease my throat. It's mostly left my head and has settled in my chest, but that means less nose-blowing, at least.

But I think I'm just going to rest tonight and start doing some things here tomorrow. Specifically, I need to:

1. Take out the trash.
2. Pay some bills, online and paper.
3. Work on a book review.
4. Go through and weed books. I have between 2,500 and 3,000 books, and need to reduce them by 2/3, and at 20 or so books a box, and about 50 days, that's two boxes a day to remove from the collection, if I did the math right in my head.
5. Go to YKWIA's and do something fun.
6. Watch the Idle Hour fireworks, weather permitting, as per usual, including being able to park at the old hospital to watch. :)

Have a safe and lovely holiday. Good night.

Saturday, July 01, 2017


Have any of you used a set of 'powerline adapters' as an Ethernet connexion in a house? These are inexpensive adapters that use the existing home wiring to transmit data, can be encrypted, and as far as I can tell, the signal would be unable to be read from outside due to the transformer scrambling it between the home and street. I am going to be moving in with a friend who refuses to have WiFi in his house, mainly over security concerns. I have a 5GB Hotspot through my phone I can use to connect my laptop to the Internet, but an Ethernet connexion would be better and it would be nice if I could do so on my end of the house rather than in his library, nor do I want to run a lot of wires. This seems to be an option. Any ideas or suggestions?

Friday, June 30, 2017

Something men just won't ever understand

So it's 11:15 at night. You suddenly realise that your period is about to start. Yes, calendars can help, but are not perfect, especially when you are in the throes of perimenopause. (My app, which analyses my periods as I put them in, says I start in six days, and it's usually pretty close). Do I have any feminine products in the house? I do a quick search and find three pads. Enough so I don't have to rush out to the store and buy them tonight. This is also why women squirrel tampons and pads in their purses, their work desks, etc. Whew!

Or we could be like Sheldon.

With much effort

after being in bed almost all day except for occasional foraging for food, I got up and showered, got on some comfortable yet clean clothes, and went over to YKWIA's for a small shopping list and went to the store so we'd both have food while we fight off this cold. He is not happy I brought a plague into the house. Also, we called Brenda and told her about the plague. She's having some sinus issues, but we're actually contagious, I think and feel crappy, so he called off the game. Brenda has a possible conflict next week so we won't play for two. We've generally been consistent, with just a few hiatuses. This week actually marks the 26th anniversary of the weekly Call of Cthulhu game that we've been playing continuously. It's an interactive story that just has kept going on. We've been raising kids, fighting Cthulhoid monsters, surviving attacks from warlocks and witch hunters, occasionally going mad, that sort of thing. The kids are actually the toughest part. I do love the game. I am, however, not going to do the game notes tonight. I'm going back to bed for awhile. I'm so tired.

That's weird

Although I was initially creeped out by the Windows 'Hello' face-recognition software on my new laptop, I've gotten used to the much quicker sign in. So I was surprised that it wasn't coming up after the last update, meaning I had to not just turn it on, but actually set it back up again, including training it to recognise me with and without glasses. I found that a little odd. But at least it only took a few moments, and it still recognised my PIN and password.

How is it

that I am 50 years old, spent 12 years in school from kindergarten through high school (yeah, I know, it should be 13, but I skipped first grade) in nine different schools and five different states, five years as an undergraduate in college--including matriculating through a 'Great Works' programme--and eleven years in graduate school studying library science and European history (albeit prior to 1789), and until yesterday I had no idea that Alexandre Dumas, the author of numerous beloved novels and other writings, including The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Christo, was the grandson of a Haitian African slave? Granted, I read The Three Musketeers, which I adored--and one day I should read the sequels--on my own, not as part of my schooling. When I was a kid I loved anything which involved swordplay. I was also a great fan of Zorro, and I also loved The Scarlet Pimpernel. But you would think that detail would have been gleaned sometime in all those years of education. Of course, our system, particularly when I was young, was biased towards European white authors, but still.... Anyway, I know it now, at least.

I'm home from work today due to a bad cold. I spent yesterday at work, using copious amounts of hand sanitizer, but I blew a lot of snot out of my nose constantly, coughed, sneezed, felt like my head was ten times its size, and just generally felt miserable, and when I woke up this morning, after a fitful night, I felt worse. I texted my boss to see if I could stay home and then went back to sleep. I woke up again at 8:30 am, called YKWIA to see if he wanted to go to the doctor if I could get an appointment for both of us, but he is trying to keep the medical bills down, so he declined. I then called our doctor's office to see if I could get in, but they are already usually closed by 1 pm on Fridays, and they were going to leave early due to the impending holiday, too, so I couldn't. I could go the Little Clinic at Kroger, but it usually takes forever, according to people who've gone, and frankly, I don't feel like sitting or walking around Kroger that long. So instead I went back to bed and slept for about two-and-a-half hours, and then woke up, took my medicine, and got some food in me. I feel a little better. I still have a headache and I am stuffy with a sore throat (those frozen fruit bars help with that) and earache, but the pressure in my head isn't quite so bad, and while I'm still blowing stuff out of my nose, it isn't quite as constant. On the other hand, I've only been up less than an hour and I'm already tired so I may go back to bed for awhile--I just wanted to that stuff and feed the fish. But despite the rest I've gotten, I'm still pretty pooped. But then, that is a defining symptom of a viral infection, that feeling of being hit by a truck and having no energy. I really couldn't have worked today, even though it was a lighter day. My brain feels like mush, and it's just too much mental juggling to do when you're not at your best. Plus, the woman I sit next to is five months' pregnant, and while it's possible that I've passed my cold to her already, I did at least try to keep away from her as much as possible, use lots of sanitizer, etc., and it wasn't as bad yesterday, to the point where at first I still thought it was allergies. I also made sure I didn't infect anything as far as anything I handed the families. Some of our kids are medically fragile and certainly don't need a cold. But all in all, for my sake and theirs, it seemed better to stay home today.

I hate to say it, but I'm going to have to go back to bed. I almost wrote 'good night', even though it's sunny outside (or was when I started this, as it now looks like it's clouding up). Have a good day, and stay healthy, because being sick, even a fairly icky cold, sucks. I know, it could be far worse, of course.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

I was quietly, slightly, just-a-little-bit miserable yesterday evening

because of what I had originally thought to be allergies which bloomed quickly into a full-blown crud, causing me to fall asleep within a half an hour after getting back from visiting with YKWIA and helping him with some things. I felt warm, my head had a lot of pressure, and my throat and ears ached. I was more tired than usual, too. But today it's been a raging cold, even with some Stahist, which is the only cold medicine I had (but I went to the store after work and got some 12-hour maximum strength Mucinex). I have been blowing my nose and consequently using hand sanitizer all day. The sheer amount of mucous coming out of my nose astounds me. It's a little yellow, so I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection, too, and there's so much pressure built up in my sinuses that I feel like my head is about 10 times the size it should be. Unfortunately, YKWIA now has it as well--and he'd just about gotten over bronchitis that we each got right before I started working at the hospital again. Now that I'm working with the public again I am more likely to get sick and consequently spread it to him. I could go to the doctor, who would put me on steroids and give me some doxycycline, but most likely it's viral anyway, although the steroids could help. But it's not down in my chest, so I'm thinking the Stahist (an antihistamine) and the Mucinex (an expectorant) are enough with which to start, and save the steroids for helping with breathing should it travel down to my lungs.

Just before work ended yesterday, my boss asked me to come into her office. She wanted to talk to me because the job I applied for, a full-time position, which has not been officially approved by corporate as of yet, was one in which she would prefer to have someone with years of scheduling experience instead of the months I have, who can do the breadth of what is needed for the department. However, there was a PRN position which basically is the same as what I'm doing, and she offered it to me although I'd originally been sceptical of that one. But it is fully approved, would pay about the same as the full-time position, and while she couldn't guarantee a certain number of hours, we are so busy and most likely will continue to be, especially during trauma season, so I'd probably be able to get about 30-35 hours in a week, with a minimum of maybe 24. That would work with my appointments and job search, and she realises that I would, indeed, leave for a full-time library position. I ran the numbers last night, based on the salary range for the other job, which I knew, and it would be very tight, but depending on how many hours, the rate, and the deductions, it was worth taking, and it would certainly be better than another four-and-half limited months of unemployment. The main drawback to it, versus the other position, was that I figured there would be no benefits, so I'd have to pay about $750 a month from savings for medical and dental.

However, today I asked about the salary range (it was pretty much the same as the other) and how it would affect COBRA. Turns out, I would be benefit eligible. I could get medical, dental, and vision at the somewhat higher part-time rate, but it would be much cheaper than COBRA. I would be a new employee again, so I'd have to start over as far as the deductible and out-of-pocket maximum goes, but the insurance at the hospital is very good. Our deductible is only $150 and our out-of-pocket max is only $1500. This is why some people work there for years part-time solely for the benefits. Given this information, I decided to accept the offer. The main hurdle is that they will have to write a justification for hiring me after laying me off, but they don't anticipate that being a problem since the job is desperately needed and I've been filling in as a contractor.

Anyway, she was going to notify human resources and start the ball rolling. It does mean less money, but might be a good bridge while I'm looking for full-time work as a librarian. Of course, that's what I thought of my old job to some degree, and it lasted 20 years. :)

I feel good about the decision. I think as long as I am very careful with my money, I can live on the wages. Also, I do have some of my severance left, enough to take care of those medical expenses and still have enough to supplement for awhile. So we'll see.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I have been pretty busy lately

as I'm sure you can tell from my lack of posting. I've been staying up later but my evenings and the weekend have been pretty full of various errands, being with friends, or just trying to get some things accomplished, but I never got around to actually talking about them, I'm afraid. I actually missed a deadline for a job application with the Lexington Public Library the other day for a children's librarian at Northside yesterday because I was really tired late Sunday night when I got home, and I couldn't get myself out of bed early enough to work on it before work. So tonight, I got off work a little early (well, the original time I was supposed to work till, 4:30 pm), went to an appointment, and got out pretty quickly, by 5:35 (it was a 5:15 appointment, and I barely got to the car and there with just about three minutes to spare, so it worked out well). I was over in Beaumont for the appointment, and I needed to go to the credit union, and then I realised there is one in the area, so I didn't have to drive over to the university. Instead, I deposited a pay cheque at the credit union and then headed over to the Beaumont Branch of the Lexington Public Library to see what they may have. But I am a bit confused, as I see no new books at all, and I'm not sure where they keep them. I've found the regular books, the CDs, the 'Top Shelf' books, and the Holds, but no new books. I'll have to ask before I go. I'm sure it's glaringly obvious and I'm just not seeing it.

I am resisting the urge to go to another place down the street--Masala, the Indian restaurant I like very much. It's evening so I could order Peshwari naan (my favourite) and vegetable korma, which goes very well with it. But I have to admit, I do need to eat soon, and I am in the neighbourhood...perhaps I will at least check their dinner hours.

I think I'll download the recording from the game and maybe start on the notes--there was a lot of investigation this time, as we started a new adventure, this time a series of murders in Glasgow, Scotland. So I thought I should get an early start on the game notes.

Okay, I'll try to write later, but just in case, have a great evening.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


One of my favourite medical books from my former library...

(YKWIA showed me several of the University of Chicago's medical students' parodies tonight.) Check them out. And Netter's is a beautifully drawn (old school illustration) text. Netter was extremely knowledgeable and talented, being both a surgeon and illustrator. If you have an interest in anatomy, you simply must take a look at his work, which has been a standard in medical education for years.