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Monday, November 20, 2017

And the saga continues...

Today my car would not start. I took the bus to and from work. It appears to be the battery, which is less than 2 years old and under warranty. The problem is getting it to the place that sold it to me around my work schedule (8:30-5) and their open hours (8-7) , while riding the bus and, possibly having the car jumped, before Thanksgiving so I'm not bringing a bunch of pumpkins and other ingredients home on the bus. #ModernProblems

Sunday, November 19, 2017

So I'm trying to caffeinate

So I can do various things around the house, but having just returned from the cold, gloomy outside I just want to crawl into bed and sleep--and I've only been up for three hours. YKWIA has been watching 'The Vampire Diaries' (he's codifying the various people into charts, it's what he does, he's a Virgo, and for all I know it will somehow make it into the game). But now he's off in his bedroom either reading or considering a nap as well. I'm betting on reading, although I just heard a big yawn. I'm in the library, trying to wake up fully. Things I should (not need, but should) do today:
  1. Water the plants.
  2. Do laundry, mainly bed linens, dog blankets, and a small load of my clothes.
  3. Clean the toilet and bathroom.
  4. Do the cat boxes.
  5. Sweep.
  6. Take the recyclables out.
  7. Clean plastic bottles out of the car, recycle them, and put the lids in a bag to take to a co-worker who is collecting them for charity.
  8. Take a book back to the library.
It's not onerous, or awful, I just don't feel like doing any of it at the moment. Must. Wake. Up. (Drinks more caffeine.)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

It is a dark and stormy night

The wind is hypnotic. I'm certainly not going to see any meteors tonight (the Leonid shower peaks, and it's dark of the moon, which means normally it would be great viewing). It's been quiet and restful today. We did a few errands this morning but I napped for a bit this afternoon. Tomorrow we're not having the game, as Brenda is under the weather with some sort of crud, so I'm going to put off the notes. But tomorrow I plan to be active, doing some laundry and other things around here. I'm looking forward to a busy but short week ahead. And then there's Thanksgiving and getting Friday off as well. Yay!

I haven't been on the computer much at all lately, so I need to at least blog on my phone. Or get on the laptop and actually write rather than just going on Facebook. It's so easy to share things there, I don't have to even write about it, and that's a pitfall. I want to write. I should write. I will write.

I've been having some trouble with my hip lately. It's very painful to get up from a sitting position, probably because I'm sitting too much at work. It seems to be muscular, as it improves with walking and stretching. I'm hoping I can stretch enough to get it to settle down, as I feel like a little old lady. Hell, worse than a little old lady.

It's just 9 pm. I'm resisting going to be early. Maybe I should read. If I listen to music I'll most likely just fall asleep. Besides, there is a black cat perched up on top of two pillows and two blankets on my bed right now who will be most wroth with me should I disturb him. :) The dogs are in the kitchen, having been out in the driving rain briefly after being fed. The kitchen floor is very muddy as a result.

I think I'm going to do some job searching. I like my job, and my workplace, but I'm not giving up being a librarian, either. UK has a government docs position open, and there may be some others. Good night.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


So the other day my friend's phone (landline) went out and despite being only vaguely ept at tech, he unplugged and plugged in many things, including the Ethernet cable I use to plug my laptop in with for internet access. Of course, that cable was already plugged into the modem, so he made it so both ends of the same cable were plugged into ports going out of the modem. This apparently shorted out the cable completely. I'm surprised that the modem still works. I have another, somewhat shorter spare cable I'm using now. He is under strict orders not to mess with the yellow cable. And before you ask why I don't just use Wifi, let me just stop you there. He won't have Wifi in the house, or even run the signal over the house wiring. I have to use my phone's Hotspot to connect if I want to use the laptop in another room. He's not a Luddite, really, but there are times....

Tuesday, November 07, 2017


So this morning I weighed myself not once but three times just to make sure it was right. I've lost  20 lbs since the move (at the end of August).

So, the car

is still in the shop but I have an estimate $600 less than the first place to thoroughly fix what's wrong. The 'safety issues' were bollocks, of course. May have it tomorrow,  Thursday at the latest,  as we played phone tag a lot today. Today's gaffe regarding the rental was that I accidentally knocked the wipers to intermittent,  and while it was damp today,  it took me awhile to figure out how to get them back to 'off'.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Sigh, again

The car saga continues.  Suffice to say the car is now being towed to my regular mechanic's garage. He'll look at it tomorrow and see if it really requires all the work the other place insisted had to be done per policy before fixing what I asked them to, with an estimated price tag of $1700. Not happy with them at all.  At least Enterprise was great about extending the rental over the phone.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

This morning

YKWIA came into my room (which is actually the living room, so you need to if you're going to come into the house or go to the kitchen to let the dogs out, which is what he was doing). He came over, noticed my always on display on my phone, and commented on it. I asked him what time it is. Eight, he said.

Now, my always on display is set to be on from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am, and it was still on. I look at my phone. It's seven. We only have one clock, not counting my thermometer/humidity gauge and my glucometer, that doesn't automatically set from Daylight Savings to Standard Time, and that's the stove. I told him it was seven. The stove says eight, he says. I explain that it has not been set back yet. But, he said, you said we gained an hour, and so it should be 9, right? I just shook my head. The concept of time, beyond light and dark and seasons, eludes him. He never knows what time it is, unless he has a digital clock somewhere that says it. Analogue clocks are difficult. I think it's part of his dyslexia. Anyway, I explained that it was really early and that yesterday it would have been 8, but now it's 7. I don't think it made much of a difference to him, and by that time, I figured I might as well get up.

I had a leisurely breakfast, took a nice shower, got dressed, read for a bit, visited with him for awhile, and I have:
  1. Gotten my stuff off the kitchen table.
  2. Cleaned the cat box.
  3. Taken out the trash from all cans.
  4. Run my summer clothes to the storage unit.
  5. Gotten some bananas at Kroger.
  6. Cleaned the toilet.
Now I need to water the plants, and since I did the notes last night, I'm pretty much ready for the game. I've caffeinated and taken my meds. I do need to do some laundry; he's in the shower right now, so I'll start after that. I think it'll be a difficult game. We're in ancient Rome with slightly under 24 hours to dismantle a cult of He Who Shall Not Be Named (not Voldemort, rather, Hastur) before the gates open up and all sorts of alien Cthulhoid entities cross over to the world and subjugate mankind. Wish us luck. Brenda has two characters, I have two characters, and YKWIA has two NPCs (non-player characters) on this one.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

So on Thursday night

I went to the grocery, dropped off a book at the library, and noticed halfway home that my temperature gauge was on 'H', all the way. So I got home, and I took the bus Friday, barely getting to work on time even though I built in a 30-minute cushion because the Nicholasville Road bus had been in a small accident and was running behind. The Tates Creek bus was also running behind in the evening, and the bus driver wouldn't let us board before he took his break.

I called my mechanic on Friday, but he couldn't see it that day and is closed on weekends. He thought it sounded like a coolant leak. With the new job, I really can't take off during the day (although I probably could have Friday, as it was a low census day, with our semi-annual lecture keeping clinic numbers down to almost nothing--I checked one person out the whole day, and didn't have to do the whole process at that. Anyway, back to the car. I put water in it and took it to another place that is open and got there bright and early at 8 am.. It has good ratings and isn't a chain, but they couldn't work me in today due to two guys being out with new babies and a guy who bounced off a truck and tools with his back the day before. Still, they were willing to do it Monday, and are reasonably close to work that I could get there before they closed, by car. I didn't want to drive to another shop to try to get it fixed today. One of them also got me a soda before taking me to rent a car for the meantime. I have never rented a car before. He took me back to get my insurance card, then back the rental shop. I'm now driving a 2016 Hyundai Veloster which totally freaked me out because the radio stays on once the car ignition is off. I tried to figure it out, it finally went off. Turns out it goes off when you open the door. So I read the owner's manual to get up to speed on the car before going out again. Keep in mind, I drive a 2001 Taurus, so I'm not used to the new-fangled things. And I keep hitting the wipers instead of shifting because my gear shift is on the steering wheel. :)

Thursday, November 02, 2017


So,  tomorrow's adventure is taking the bus to and from work. My car heater is blowing cold air, but the engine is running all the way hot. Noticed the latter on the way home from the grocery store tonight,  and prayed I'd get through the half-mile or so. I'm not 100%, but I think that might mean getting a new thermostat. I have a regular mechanic I trust,  but they're only open weekdays. Any recommendations for a good weekend mechanic?  I think I may call mine (Kenny at Mitch's Auto, excellent folks) to see if he knows anyone. With the new job,  I accrue vacation and holiday time,  but can only use it for holidays at first. So weekends would be preferable.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The full effect

I had a blast for Halloween at work. Thanks to Morgan Hall, who took the picture. The costume was a hit, not only with staff,  but with kids and parents. It was great being able to celebrate Halloween at Shriners again. There is,  however,  glitter everywhere. :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I got up early, ready to put the makeup on, etc., and still managed to be ready two and a half hours early. So I went to McDonald's and spread glitter there, drove into work, rode the shuttle (and was a great hit!) and showed up an hour early, touched up the makeup, and now I'm waiting to clock in. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2017

I haven't fallen off the face of the planet

but I never seem to make time for writing lately, something I'm going to try to do more towards correcting. Weekends are better than weekdays, of course, as I'm working and often having hectic 8-hour days of staring at a computer screen and hitting drop-down menus and dragging things into coloured boxes. Today was no exception, but even though it was busy, at times five to eight charts deep (and continuously for over two hours that way), lately I've been better at taking things like that which would usually feel me with lots of anxiety and just breaking it down, taking it one step at a time, and going forward. It's all you can really do, really, and keep your sanity. And if you just keep up your spirit and interact with each person in a friendly, yet business-like manner, it seems that most people are pretty understanding when you're piled deep in charts, trying to check people out as quickly as you can humanly do.

After I finally caught up and everyone had gone home, I called one last person about an appointment first thing in the morning to reschedule, as requested by my boss before she left, then closed up shop. I earned my own key to the bay doors today. This is my second week as a regular employee. I also got my last cheque as a contract worker today, and I put it into savings before coming home. My roommate was out meeting someone for dinner, and so I ate (fish cakes, an avocado-cucumber salad, and escarole soup, all cooked by him, and very tasty), fed the animals, and laid down and listened to some music on the speaker rather than my headphones, but I didn't really relax until he came home, tired and needing some alone time. He's in his room reading and drinking tea. I'm in the library with Pandora playing on the computer in my headphones, catching up on some things. I have barely seen any news or for that matter, done much with social media over the last few days. I have been working around the house after work and on the weekends, doing errands, etc. This weekend, on Saturday, I made a special trip to my storage unit to retrieve most of my winter clothes. I then spent Sunday (Brenda was ill, so we didn't play, much to the game master's dismay, as he has a really evil adventure to run next time) taking the old clothes out of the closet, bed drawers, and cedar chest and switching out for warmer ones, while keeping shorts, capris, and tank tops out to sleep in. But the light blouses, skirts, and the like all went back into the two totes I'd pulled out, along with some other things that made it here but should be in storage. Not only was it cold yesterday, YKWIA actually saw some snow and sleet, although of course, it didn't stick. But it's definitely time to break out the winter clothes.

I also opened up my Halloween costume and tried it on (well, I didn't pull the tights on, as I was afraid they'd run, but I checked the sizing, anyway, because I was afraid they'd pair a 4X costume with regular-size tights. It's a dress that has a full puffy black skirt, but it is otherwise covered with bones, with bones across the chest as a sternum/rib cage, and bones down the sleeves. There are gloves with the hand (but not on the thumb, which is a bit disturbing), and then the tights have all the leg and foot bones. I'm going to wear my Mary Janes so that the top of the foot bones show through. I am going to use makeup that I've bought for a skull face and neck, too. I considered spraying my hair white or silver, but the bottle specifically says not to do it on very fine hair, so instead, I found a witch's hat at Kroger that has the same sort of crinoline as the skirt but is tattered on the cone like it's been in the grave. So I'm going to be a skeletal, undead witch. There were only two issues. One, if you look at the picture on the package, the skirt on the model (who is in high heels) goes to mid-calf, whereas for me, it goes to my ankles, but that's a common thing I have with skirts, as I am only 5'4". Also, while the costume itself has lots of silver thread throughout it, rather than glitter, whoever packaged the thing threw approximately a handful of very fine glitter inside for fun, so when I took it out, there was glitter on the inner lining of the skirt. My roommate, who recognises that glitter never truly is removed from the house once it finds its way in, specifically said, there'd better not be glitter. Of course, there was, and without thinking, I twirled in the skirt, and well, glitter went everywhere. I swept up most of it (thank goodness there are no carpets in this house), and I took up the dog blanket that was at the foot of my bed because it was covered before the dogs could roll on it. I then shook the costume outdoors, but there's still LOTS of glitter. Which means I'm going to leave a trail in the car, on the UK shuttles, and all over work, much to the consternation of housekeeping. But hey, it's all in Halloween fun, right?

So the plan is to wake up early, shower, create the skull face and neck with the makeup, put on the tights and dress, then the gloves and shoes, and go to work dressed that way. I'm really excited about Halloween, and I'm glad we're still dressing up and having the kids at work trick-or-treat. To that end, though, I should go to bed pretty soon. I normally get up about 6:15 am to get to work by 8:30. I think I'll have to try for 5 or 5:30 am just to be sure. Hope your Halloween is wonderful and safe.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Place the vessel on the mat...

Went twice today to get my address on my drivers' licence changed (got there and you had to have a piece of mail in its original envelope with your address on it to prove residence, so I had to go back for one, and I was lucky, as I had one with an envelope I'd not discarded, so that worked, when I went back). We don't have a centralised DMV per se in Kentucky (I think that's one reason we still don't comply with the RealID law), but it is still a bureaucracy. Still, they were nice about it and weren't too far away. I also appreciate that the satellite office on Keithshire Way is open in the morning on the third Saturday of the month, as I work till 5 on weekdays and cannot easily get away for something like this.

By the way, 50 points to anyone who got the reference in the title. It's from the show 'Reaper'.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I've been doing laundry and chores

to get ready for the Cthulhu game. We didn't play last week, and I'd already finished the notes, so I've had time to relax this weekend. YKWIA is making a soup that smells divine; it should be ready in less than an hour, and we have those little soup bowl loaves given to us by someone. I am properly caffeinated and have been up and moving quite a bit. I just cleaned the car out and corralled the little drink lids one of my co-workers is collecting for school into a gallon bag, ready to go. I've also put away the folded laundry (my laundry). Right now I'm drying the dog blankets and doing a load of YKWIA's (it's a long story, but he isn't allowed to use his own washer and dryer due to an agreement with someone who helped get them the washer and dryer quite a while ago. That person is now dead several years, but he keeps his word.)

Yesterday we went out and celebrated my having officially been hired, as I start on payroll Wednesday. I'm excited. I'm basically still going to work at checkout, but with some added responsibilities, probably, and a different schedule, as I've been working 8.5-9 hours a day on most days, and now overtime will enter in if I continued to do that. We'd discussed changing my schedule from 8-5:30 to 9-5:30, which would mean having someone to check out the people getting out of clinic late AND it would be nice for me because I wouldn't have to get up at 6 am anymore. And at 9 there's still ample parking--if my trips in from the doctor in the morning have been any indication. Meanwhile, they've hired a PRN person who will be assisting with check out (I've been the only one in there for weeks) and with the phones (hallelujah!) I really like her, and I'm hoping we'll make a good team. She is catching on very quickly. This week we've both got hiring-related things on Wednesday--I have to do my paperwork, and I think she's in the official orientation. I'm not sure if I am. I got an abbreviated orientation when I started as a contract worker, but they may need to let me know of other things that have changed with the move. So only two more days of the higher rate, and seven days' total pay coming at that rate, but on the other hand, my health insurance kicks in from day one. That's amazing. It used to be a wait of a month or so. I have to call UnitedHealthcare and see if there are any considerations regarding moving from COBRA back to the same plan (like are my out-of-pocket expenses still maxed out) and also if there's any chance of a partial refund of this month. I'm not banking on it, but if you don't ask, you don't get, right?

Friday, October 13, 2017


So on Wednesday the 11th, I discovered that the only thing holding up my background check/drug test/final hurdle to get a hire date and start the new job was the fact that they couldn't verify my high school graduation (as the job requires a high school diploma or equivalent). Apparently, Danville High School is on autumn break this week. So, I had two choices: wait until Monday for them to get my voicemail requesting a copy of my diploma or a note on letterhead attesting my graduation, or find my diploma.

Now, when I was packing, I remember debating about the diploma. Should I keep it out or pack it up? I ultimately decided to keep my diplomas from my undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MSLS) out, as that might be required by a job, but since my diploma is in a puffy case that I wasn't sure that it would fit into my important papers box, I packed it away with the photo albums. I remember that distinctly. Of course, I also remember labelling the box 'diploma' (more on that below). So I knew the box, but not where it was in the storage unit.

So I went over that evening, after dark, and dug through roughly a third of the storage unit before finding what I thought was the box, but couldn't get that last box off of it easily. Then the lights went out (they're on a timer that only goes up to 30 minutes). Unfortunately, I'd burrowed in with things behind me, so I couldn't back up easily and go back down the hall to set the timer again. So I pulled out my cell phone, taking care not to drop it amongst the boxes, and put it in flashlight mode. Then I was able to read the box (which was not labelled 'diploma'), but nevertheless, had 'photo albums', and opened it to find the dratted diploma. It had taken about an hour since I'd left the house to achieve my goal.

So, this was what I encountered when I opened up the unit (I pulled out things, so I rearranged them, especially the boxes that had leaned against the paintings. My helper on the last day apparently did not realise one should pack heaviest on the bottom and get progressively lighter as you go up.)

Then, Eureka! Success! Or as my cousin wrote on Facebook, 'Behold! Glory!'

Then I put things back as best I could, and streaming sweat and feeling very overheated, made my way back home with the diploma. This is what I looked like. I think I aged 10 years, at least temporarily:

So Thursday I brought my diploma (and, for good measure, my name change court order, as I graduated under my former (birth) name). They made copies of those and now I am official, starting with Wednesday, October 18th as a hire date. Yay!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2017

It's a rainy Sunday with no game...

Brenda called earlier to say she had some sort of crud that may just be sinus issues but since both the gamemaster and I can't really afford to be sick, she's going to stay away in case it's something worse. We try not to play when any of us has a plague.

I haven't done anything today beyond running a load of dishes through the dishwasher and playing around, while actually learning some real, verifiable facts (yes, I verified them, hey, I'm a librarian) on Facebook. I may do some reading. I laundered my clothes on Thursday night, but the bed linens, both mine and my friend's, need to be done, so I've started a load of those. Yesterday there were errands to run, an umbrella plant to pot up in a bigger pot, and some chores to do, plus the game notes, of course, all of which have been done. Today I should go get some creamer (read: Land o Lakes half-and-half) for my friend, as it is an essential commodity, along with coffee, for his good disposition. Other than that, there's not much to do. I have a fun audiobook out from the library, a historical mystery called Maisie Dobbs, which introduces a series. And I've got plenty of books to read and a charged Kindle. But I decided to write first, and pay some bills that are due, because I haven't been on the computer much at all lately, except to finish a book review and the gaming notes.

No word yet on the background check and the drug test. The whole process can take something like two weeks. So I don't have an official hire date yet. Our PRN person, who did hers the same day, already has a start date of Wednesday, which will help immensely at work. I just wish I had one already.

Friday was a weird day at work. We had fewer patients, but a lot of odd stuff happened. For example, I had a doctor's appointment at 8 am and got in just after 9 am, and my boss and one of the women from downstairs who is usually doing pre-authorizations for surgeries were instead checking in people, due to two people unexpectedly being out, and there were a few glitches to be taken care of since they weren't used to doing it every day. Meanwhile, there was confusion on the part of the clinic regarding my absence, and so some things had to be ironed out, even though I'd gotten in before anyone normally would have checked out. (Isn't that always the case--I think five people were in and out before I got there that morning). After that all got straightened out, check-out was fine, I scheduled the appointments for those who'd already left, fielded phone calls as I could, returned voicemails, and scheduled surgery patients since the OR scheduler was out. My boss sat in for me for lunch so I could get a break. I was going to actually sit in at check-in yesterday and get some training on that, but of course, with the shortage of staff, that wasn't possible. Maybe next week. I'm more comfortable doing things than I used to be. I'm handling things pretty well nowadays. When I first started I had anxiety dreams where I was scheduling in my sleep. That doesn't happen anymore. I'm interested in learning to go beyond my current skillset. I'd still like to work in a library, but having a full-time job with benefits is my primary goal at the moment, and while I'm still watching the Kentucky job list, there's nothing out there I'd like to apply for right now.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

I said I might have good news, and I do

So a couple of months ago, I was offered a PRN position with the scheduling department with which I'm currently working under contract. Unfortunately, it was determined that since I had been laid off from the company and received a severance, they could not hire me. Fast forward a couple of months. One of my co-workers left, and another took her position, leaving a full-time position open. I asked my supervisor if the prohibition had been for the PRN position only, or for any position, as I was interested in the open one. My boss said they'd been round and round on this, and that I should communicate my interest via e-mail. An appeal was made, based on 1) the fact that the position was in no way related to my former ones, being in a different department entirely with different duties, 2) the volume of work had increased exponentially since the move, so they didn't expect to need my help before moving, and 3) I've been doing the job anyway under contract for the entire summer and more. The appeal did work, yay, so we proceeded and I have been offered a full-time position with benefits, which I have accepted. Monday I sign some paperwork and do my drug test. So pending my drug test results and background check, I have a new job! Considering most of my severance has gone to paying for my health insurance (continued under COBRA) at $755 a month, this is great news. Also, I haven't been gone so long that my PTO will accrue at the same rate, giving me four weeks' time off a year. I'll learn about any other things on Monday. But I am very happy. In fact, Friday was a great day, due to that news and the fact that I did get paid, and could pay said health insurance, as I think I would have been down to about $10 after that otherwise.

So that's my news. I don't expect any kinks, but I can't say I'm officially hired until I go through those two things, and that may take a couple of weeks. But in the meantime, I'll still be doing my job every day under contract. :)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

So, I've obviously been amiss at writing/blogging

I've been pretty much coming home, having a great meal, and relaxing a bit before bed, maybe listening to music, rather than getting on the computer. Sorry about that. But I've had to recharge well because we've had a lot (and I mean a lot) of patients come in this week, and it's been very, very busy. Today, though, I had an appointment and so I left at 1:30 pm. After the appointment, I made a couple of stops, came home, spent quite some time talking with a neighbour who is a co-worker's cousin and trying to organise a neighbourhood watch, and she told me about a meeting they're having on Monday nearby. Then I went in, ate a little something, and by 5 pm I was headed out to an appointment with my insurance agent, who likes his representatives to see clients at least once a year. That went well, I got a little refrigerator magnet out of it :), and then I stopped by the library to pick up a book I put on hold for YKWIA along with a couple for me.

Last night while looking up the said book on the library website, it reminded me to try using an application on my phone that they have partnered with, Libby, by Overdrive, which is a sort of one-stop shop for library e-Books and audiobooks. It was then that I discovered that there was one more, last, instalment of my beloved Amelia Peabody mysteries by Elizabeth Peters, called The Painted Queen. It had been finished by another writer, I presume, as the credits are for both Peters and her. So I borrowed it in Kindle format. Here's hoping I have some time over the next two weeks to read it. Of course, I have all the others, mostly in paperback but the later ones are in hardback. So eventually I'll buy one.

Okay, I know it hasn't been exciting, but I really should turn in for bed. However, I may have some good news to share in the next few days, so be sure to stay tuned. Good night!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

So the roommate thing is working out pretty well

But since this is someone I have known for almost thirty years who is like a brother, it has its moments. Such as last night, when he was finished with what he was doing, I was heading for bed, and he had a rare moment of boredom. So he came and tried to get me to get up and do something with him, and he was teasing me, and found some of my lotion on the nightstand and put it on my hair. I managed to get it at least dry so that I could go on to bed without getting it on the pillow. In all fairness, he told me he was going to do it. A bored YKWIA is never good. Today, I'd gotten a shower, gotten the lotion out of my hair, gotten dressed, and was on the way to take my dirty clothes to the closet when I passed the hall closet which has the cat litter boxes inside, and an arm grabbed me from inside with a roar coming from within. Fortunately, while my heart skipped a beat and it did startle me, I didn't really get scared. The same person, years ago, when we were living in separate apartments with a connecting door that I unwisely, in retrospect, kept unlocked, had stood in my shower for a good 45 minutes one day, waiting for me to come home. At the time, I had a shower curtain that was all aquatic animals in the blue water. I came in from school (I was in college then), put my stuff down, went to the bathroom, peed, and then when I was finished, he jumped out of the shower at me.

On that occasion, I startled, bounced into a wall, bounced into another wall, pinged to the sink, and settled in a corner of the bathroom completely gibbering with screaming that lasted for quite some time. I screamed over and over and over for quite a while. He thought he'd broken me. To this day, when I live in my own home, I have a clear shower curtain. Fortunately, we have a clear glass shower door here. Now, of course, I remember it with amusement. I'm much better with these things now, which is good, as we live together. Ah. Have I mentioned that he is more than a little cat like?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

It's been a relaxing weekend so far

Yesterday YKWIA and I did our own things, for the most part. He watched 'The Flash' and 'Arrow' on Netflix, and then listened to BBC radio plays with Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. He also took care of the empty boxed we'd saved from the move he needed for something and did some other things about the house. I got some medicine at the pharmacy, did a grocery run, did most of the laundry and some dishes, re-potted two African violets, gardened some outside, and then relaxed, listened to music, and did some reading. I am re-reading Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson on the Kindle. I haven't read the third (and last) trilogy, so I thought I'd re-read the first two trilogies and then go forward with those. I'd already finished the game notes Friday night, so I had plenty of time on Saturday to do whatever I liked.

Today I got up early, took a shower (something I never got around to yesterday, which is rare), washed my bedding and then made the bed. I also took my medicine, ate, etc. I was cleaning the cat box when YKWIA got up (he'd gone to bed later than I did). He fed the animals and let the dogs out (we agreed that if I do it in the morning, it'll set a precedent where they'll bark, etc., and since I get up around 5:30 or 6 am on weekdays, that's too early for that. So far it's worked well. I find they'll come out, hopeful, but if I just ignore or maybe just pet them, they'll go back to bed. Well, the cat will stay and get loved on and follow me about, but he's mostly quieter and doesn't keep begging for food much.

We did get some very bad news last night. An acquaintance I hadn't seen in about 20 years tracked me down via Messenger and let me know that a mutual friend (the owner of the comic shop I'd worked for) now has stage IV colon and liver cancer. We'd fallen out of touch over the years. I told YKWIA (he'd known him better and for far longer) and got the address of someone who can let me know if we can help him in any way or see him, as this person is not on Facebook.

Brenda called today to cancel the game due to either a stomach bug or bad barbeque from yesterday. So we're not playing, and I have pretty much the rest of my day to do anything I want. She knows the person with cancer as well, so YKWIA told her what was going on and she was going to tell her husband, who also knows him. A little later, YKWIA called me into the other room. His Internet and phone were both out. I put the modem through a cycle, and it worked for a moment, then lost the connexion again. I called Spectrum and apparently, there is an outage in our area. Fortunately I can get on through the hotspot on my phone, but it's not good for videos, etc., due to a monthly cap of 5 GB.

There are only a couple of things I have to do today. One is to go get pen needles from the Kroger pharmacy, as I forgot to ask at mine yesterday, where I have the prescription. I also told YKWIA I would wash his popcorn bowl (and by that, I mean the top of a plastic cake safe, so it's pretty big). I'll do the few dishes that are left after I put away the ones I did yesterday.

I have to admit, I feel more relaxed here. I always used to feel rushed on the weekends, and when I was home, with all the stuff I hoarded, my apartment seemed oppressive. My room is cosy. My friend and I are getting along well, giving each other space, and have had no major problems as of yet. It's actually been pretty companionable. I really do feel like I'm home now.

Okay, I should go and do something. I think I'll do a little reading. I'm going to go to Kroger after the church rush. Hope you are having a pleasant weekend.

Monday, September 11, 2017

It was a pretty decent day

I was back at check-out at work because the woman who had been in that position is no longer employed there. So I'm doing the phones and check-out, in a very busy week, and I did pretty well. I handled check-out fine, even when it was really busy, although I got behind with the voicemails and barely answered any calls. But I did ask for help, and got it, instead of trying to do everything by myself and getting stressed out. So I consider that a win. My OCD sometimes interferes with my work in the fact that I have to get everything checked off my current list before I do things like take a break or leave. I'm learning to let that slide a bit.

When I got home, YKWIA was making a salad, cream of corn soup, and a lovely baked carrot dish. I'm going to be very spoilt soon with the home cooking. Additionally, my blood sugar has been running extremely normal of late, after I got over the actual move when it was running high because I was nowhere near a routine on my medicine and eating.

Now I'm sitting on the bed with the fans on, considering going to bed, even though it's pretty early. I have to get up rather early (about 6 am) to get to work on time. I just got off the phone with my friend whose lost dog I shared awhile back. It's been 9 weeks since Elvis disappeared, and she's having a hard time. I just wish she could find him, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. In this case, I wish he'd just come trotting home unharmed.

So I just wanted to update. I noticed my name is inside the mailbox courtesy of the US Postal Service, written in red. I guess this really is home, now. I'm comfortable, was fed a very nice meal, and have some companionship beyond what I had before. Life is pretty okay right now, at least for today.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Surprise, surprise!

We found a way to save both my character and Brenda's in the Call of Cthulhu game from a nasty engineered virus that was going to kill them dead, dead, dead. My character will basically be an indentured servant of a bunch of Mages, but at least she and the other person will live, so well, okay. Of course, the true horror has arrived because her mother, who has never appeared in the game before has shown up and is having none of her 'paranormal investigating' as a...horrors...job. Celeste comes from a very aristocratic family and her mother is an opera singer, who in her very carrying voice, attended by several minions, made it very clear in the hospital that she would no longer be associating with our group and was coming home to be married off to someone of quality. I think she'll find that Celeste (when she is better; her heart was damaged by a cultist's spell) will not go so gently into that good night, and the Mages have a claim over her, anyway. But it's been a good run as an investigator. Her most memorable line was when she discovered footprints and declared them to be giant floppy clown shoes. Hey, she knows her shoes. And she was right, as the adventure, if I remember right, was called 'Killer Cannibal Clowns'.

Anyway, it was a good game. It's so weird to not be going home after it ended. I'm not used to the fact that I'm home already. I started doing a computer backup but a friend of YKWIA's called, so I put the last of the laundry away, took my things to my room, put the fans on, turned on some music, plumped up the pillows, burned a lavender soy candle for awhile, and went through some random shells and stones that I put out around the room, although there is an entire bag left. But I found a space for that, too. I've gotten ready for bed and set my alarm. I'm working from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm tomorrow and Wednesday, our busiest days, but the whole week is supposed to be busy, I think. I didn't see the numbers, as they hadn't come out yet and I was off on Friday. That extra day really helped. I'm much more rested, feel better, and my knee and ankles are doing much better. I really was hobbling around on my right knee. But I should go to bed soon; I have to get up about 5:45 or 6:00 am to get to work with time for the traffic and the shuttle. Good night.

So I

finally got everything put away and it turned out to be very cosy. And I think I've finally gotten rest and my ankles are not swollen to the size of softballs. :) It is a bit of a cross between a little girl's room and an old lady's, I think, but I'm sort of in the middle, so I guess that works out.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Checking in

I know it's been awhile. I finally have recovered from the move. Everything is either in storage or put away in my new place, or at least the stuff I was able to get out of the apartment. I called to apologise again, and to see how much I owed them. The final bill hasn't been tallied, but it looks like they are going to charge me a lot for the stuff they had to carry out, which I didn't really consider when I left it, I was so tired, and really, there was no way to get it out in time. So it is what it is. She's thinking it may be upwards of $2000, which I'm still shocked at, but I don't think I have a defence as to why I shouldn't pay it. I didn't think there was quite that much left. So this has been a pretty expensive move.

But at least it's over. I took a few last things to storage today. YKWIA and I finally had our lunch buffet at Masala for his birthday. We've been working on finding places for the food and other items I brought with me. I found a place for my wine and accessories for libations (in a cubby hole in my bed) rather than out in his very Jewish home. We've been getting used to living with someone else, and it's gone pretty well. And I finally got some rest. My boss let me off on Friday due to a low census (although the coming week will be high numbers), and I got a lot done yesterday and today.

I finally finished the notes, just now, for the Call of Cthulhu game. We're going to play tomorrow. I'm doing a little laundry. I just have to put my clothes away and I think I'm done for the night. Hope you're having a pleasant weekend. Sorry I haven't blogged.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

I really tried, but

I give up. There is still too much to do and not enough time to finish it. It is almost 1 am. I have to be at work in 7 hours. It was a valiant effort, and today I had some help. But it's not enough. I have all the stuff I wanted to keep. But there are things I'd wanted to take out and things I wanted to donate, and they're still there. I'll turn the keys in early tomorrow before they open with a note of apology. It was just too much, and even though I've been working on this for what seems like forever, that couldn't be changed. But I downsized a lot. I feel like I purged a lot of stuff. I'm just sorry I couldn't present the apartment in the condition I wanted. It means I won't get my deposit back, but really, at this point, I am so tired I feel sick, and I don't care anymore. I do care about the fact that they've been very good to me in general and gave me an extension. I wanted to do things right for that reason. But it was illogical to keep going when it was still going to lead to failure. I'm headed to bed, assuming my legs, which are terribly swollen despite a diuretic and in pain, will let me sleep. Good night.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Do I look as tired as I feel?

I am so over this move. Only a few hours left.

So tired

Most of my earthly possessions now reside in a 10'x15' storage unit, which is now completely full. The bread machine is my friend's, as we switched out machines since mine is superior. A few items are in a closet, a cedar chest, the bed, and lying in a pile at the foot of my bed to be put away tomorrow. Still have to take things to Goodwill and books to the library--and clean, all tonight. Not sure I can do all that. It's 9 pm now, and I have to work tomorrow. We'll see. But I'm drinking water and resting for a few minutes before going back over there.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

I was exhausted last night

I wound up, after coming home, taking a shower, and blogging just a bit, going to bed about 11 pm. So even though I meant to get up at my usual 6 am, I slept in till 8, whereupon I was awakened by a hungry cat. We had agreed that I wouldn't feed them in the morning so it wouldn't set a precedent of barking, etc. Now YKWIA has woken up and is doing it instead. The plan is to put some clothes on, go get some caffeine, and start working again. We both had bizarre dreams, apparently.

Okay, I'll sign off here for now. Have a good morning.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

I am STILL moving

I got an extension from my leasing agent because there was just so much to go through. The big stuff all got moved on Tuesday, along with about 50 boxes of books. The guys took my dresser, chest of drawers, and love seat out to the approved Dumpster area. They were competent and speedy. It took a little less than four hours. I tipped each one enough to get some lunch. They were carrying boxes of books out two at a time. Ah, to be young again. I highly recommend Wildcat Moving. They were very professional and everything worked well. They stacked things very well, using as much space as possible in my storage unit. There were other things I'll need to take out. I'm almost finished. I need to take my comics, the Rosemoon Guild files, a couple of cherry tables, the dining room table, and a few other things to storage, along with several boxes of kitchen things, one of which (the dishes) hasn't been packed yet. Then the fun begins. There's approximately 12 boxes' worth of books to go to the library as a donation. There is easily an entire carload of things for charity. There is a lot of trash and recyclables, too. Then I have to clean. I'm going to work all tomorrow, starting early. I was going to try to work last night, but after working all day at the medical centre, I only got about four hours in before becoming pooped. It's just as well that I didn't because 1) apparently there are special characters in the code for the gate at the storage area that I'd forgotten, and I wouldn't have been able to get in, 2) I decided that moving stuff into a storage unit at 3:30 in the morning, when you're a woman and alone, might not be the best plan, even though they have security, and 3) it was raining cats and dogs, and I'm moving cardboard boxes and things like acrylic paintings. It was cloudy today, but the rain left over from Hurricane Harvey has passed, and it just spit a little rain here and there.

Today I worked for over twelve hours. I am tired. We were supposed to go out to the Indian restaurant (Masala, in Beaumont) today for YKWIA's birthday, but we postponed it for the move. I didn't take a shower this morning and I was sweaty and let's say, fragrant. So I just took a shower and I feel much better. I'm just waiting for my hair to dry to go to bed. Tomorrow's agenda, beyond the apartment, is to put away a couple of boxes' worth of things I brought to the house, set up the printer, take my battery backup/surge protector and put it on the computer YKWIA is using, go over some financial stuff, and do some laundry. That's enough. Maybe we'll be able to go to Masala on Monday since I'm off.

I am getting very sleepy. I'm tired. I think my hair is dry enough, anyway, to not hurt the pillow. I think it's time to turn in for the night.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Taking a break on the last day of packing (the movers come tomorrow at 9 am). Have a carload of books ready to go to the library, but only half loaded in the car, as it is raining. Total books to go = two carloads. So much still to do.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I thought that I was finished with the books I'm keeping

as far as packing goes, but I forgot the cookbooks in the kitchen. There are two partial shelves, so there aren't a lot of books left. I think that they'll fit in a copy box. I wound up finishing up everything else book-wise and came about two boxes short of the small U-Haul boxes, but I'd put some VHS tapes in a couple, so it's just about 52 boxes of books to go. Now I have to turn to the other stuff that's going into storage, like the curio cabinet contents, electronics I won't be using, etc. I have to empty the chest of drawers that's left, which is mostly photos and audio tapes (yes, I still have a tape recorder on my player) and the steamer trunk (which is full of art supplies, many of which are old and need to just be thrown out, although I gave Brenda some Renaissance and Elizabethan patterns, a Hobbit graphic novel, and my fish. She came yesterday and got those, and so the tank is now empty save for gravel and some water, and I have to get the rest of that out today so it can dry).

Today I'm going to go get a few more totes for things that shouldn't go into cardboard, do some packing, take some things over to YKWIA's, including my laundry, do that, work on a project for him, take him to my apartment so that he can look through the discarded books (there's a lot of good stuff, I just didn't keep things that I would not reasonably read or use). I have to get things ready for a Goodwill drop off. And then I have to pack up the books that are left to take to the library so I can drop them off tomorrow. I think I reduced the books by about a third; I went from fourteen shelves to about five or six with books on them.

So most things will be taken by the movers to storage on Tuesday. Between now and then I need to take the following to YKWIA's:
  1. Three small boxes of books
  2. My library books (mustn't get them mixed up with the others)
  3. My summer clothes (winter ones are going into storage in totes)
  4. CDs and DVDs
  5. My laptop, accessories, and a portable DVD drive, since I don't have one built-in
  6. Some purses and bags with their holder that hangs in the closet
  7. My fan
  8. The CPAP and accessories
  9. My jewelry box
  10. The remaining plants
  11. Food and a few glasses
  12. Towels, washcloths, and hand towels
  13. Toiletries
  14. Shoes and hanging shoe rack
That's just about it. I have two long drawers in my bed, an entryway closet for clothes and a few other things, and YKWIA is going to let me use the cedar chest for some clothes, too, and I don't usually have many clothes at any given time, just enough for a week, so that should work. The books can go on the bed's bookcase; the CDs and DVDs can go in the sliding door compartments on the foot of the bed and if needed, the drawers. I was going to try to bring one of the folding bookcases, but there isn't room.

Okay, I should get started. I wanted to get breakfast in me and take my medicine; I've done so. Also, I really need to get a shower before I go to Kroger for the containers, as I didn't yesterday and worked pretty hard. By the time I get those and get them packed, I should be able to go over to YKWIAs.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

One week

It just really hit me that I'm moving in a week. That means I need to step up my packing game, for one. Really step up my game. I've been coming home around 8 pm the last couple of days and just haven't felt like it. I don't have that luxury anymore. The biggest problem is that I simply don't have much room to pack in. I'm just going to have to find a way to make room.

Today was a good day, though. My spirits are still up from the eclipse, although I started out a little tired this morning. But my boss moved me out of check out (except for covering breaks) and instead I was in a quieter bay with the door closed taking live calls and returning voicemails. I returned 60 voicemails today, answered maybe 20 more calls, and did some e-mails as well. Since I wasn't trying to check out people and do that at the same time (which gets worse as the day progresses when you do try that), I was able to focus on people's needs much better. All in all, I was much happier.

Alright. Here's the plan. Pack what I can each weeknight through Friday--try for at least five boxes each day. Friday I'm in a training for two hours and then a meeting, and it's lighter census-wise, so if I'm lucky maybe I can leave at 4:30. Saturday will be devoted to packing as much as humanly possible. Sunday is the game, but we knew I might need to cancel, and I think that's going to have to be the case, as the notes and the game will take too much time away from getting ready for the move. If I can have things ready so YKWIA can look over the books left to see if he'd like any, then I can box those up on Sunday evening and Monday, when I'm off, along with anything left, and then I can take the books that are the discards to the library on Monday, and fold up the bookcases that can be.

The movers will be here 9 am on Tuesday the 29th, so on the 28th, I should take whatever's left to move to the new place [medicine, clothes, etc.], except for my CPAP and the clothes I'll wear on Tuesday, plus a few toiletries. Then, when everything's gone, I can focus on cleaning and that sort of thing. Tuesday morning I'll put the mattress and box springs in their bags after taking the bedding off. I'll be sleeping that night at the new place [YKWIA's], so I'll take the CPAP, etc. over after the move. The majority of the plants are already over there; I'll take the rest over this week or weekend. Also Monday I need to go to the University of Kentucky parking office and get a new hang tag; mine expires on August 31st.

I also need to make a list of places to cancel service, namely Spectrum (Internet), Kentucky Utilities (electricity), and Vonage (home phone) and also touch base with the leasing agent to see when she wants me to return the keys and pay the fee for breaking my lease. My mail has already been requested to forward as of August 25th. I'll send my new address to my family members and change over the bills.

Sometime this week, Brenda is coming to get the fish so I can drain the aquarium and have it dried out before going into storage, too.

Wow. So much to do. I hope I can do it without melting down. (It has happened before, that time I left my entire record collection when I got evicted fourteen years ago after getting laid off.)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The dog

Figured out today that my bed is, indeed, a bed, mainly because I sat on it and tried it out for reading. It's pretty high and not really comfortable for reading (hopefully sleeping will be better--it's a Sealy mattress). I've never done well reading propped up on pillows, although the study pillow I have might help. With it being a bookcase bed with empty shelves as of right now, the pillows tended to recede into the openings.

The dog really wanted up, but I know if I let her once, it will be her bed, and there's really not enough room on a full bed for me and a 75-lb dog. Besides, the cat has already claimed it as his. :) The other dog can't get up on it, as far as jumping, I don't think, as it is very high, she is older, and she used to jump a lot and it's left her with some arthritis. She could climb up on the sofa that is temporarily at the end. But she knows better.

I'm a little afraid my weight will hurt the bed, so I'm being careful. There is a bunkie board underneath the mattress to help distribute weight, but still, I'm not confident.

I did do some reading. I starting to reread Stephen R. Donaldson's Thomas Covenant books. I read the first two trilogies when I was young and they first came out. I haven't read the last quartet. I own all the books but the last one and was going to leave them out from the packing, but wound up packing them because one was separated from the rest and I wasn't sure where it was (I found it later). So I found the first trilogy  together as a set on the Kindle. I also have all of Madeline L'Engel's Time books, but couldn't find Many Waters for some reason. So I may do the same for that. I do have the first three accessible, plus An Acceptable Time and one other.

Okay, I think I'll sign off. Looking forward  to the eclipse tomorrow, despite the fact that I'll be at work. I have my eclipse glasses in my bag and plan on taking a break near the climax. My boss said I could, and I can cover for the other person if she'd like to see it. Happy viewing! Be safe!

There is a very good chance

That I will lose a character next time we play the game (next week is right before the move, so I may need that Sunday for last-minute packing). Both Brenda and I have characters hanging in the balance, both infected by a mad scientist who took the only vaccine, with no known cure. The scientist was killed by ghouls after we unmasked him as a horrible serial killer and mad anatomist, but the damage is done. Magic is possible, but we don't have the time or materials needed for such a large spell. I came up with a possible solution after Brenda left, which the game master is considering, but even if it's iffy. I think the best we can hope for is to save Brenda's character. The scientist used a spell to nearly destroy my character's heart before infecting her, so she's not likely to be saved. But Brenda's might be. And he has kids and a wife who's going to be really passed if we let him die. Mine is unmarried and started out as a shallow princess (literally--she's a Savoy), but who's grown over the years. She's not my favourite, but I am rather fond of her. If she dies, it'll be the second killed of in less than two months, and the fourth in 26 years.

Friday, August 18, 2017


I think I'm up to over 30 boxes of books, CDs, and a few other things packed. I thought weeding the books in the bedroom would be hardest, but it went well - I decreased them by about a half. My nightstand, dresser, and one chest of drawers are empty. The old school Atari and Nintendo are packed up. Some of my winter clothes are in a tote. A lot has been put aside for charity and some things are in bags to be thrown away. Plus I did some things for a friend. It's been a productive day. I think I've earned a rest. There is still an awfully lot to do, but I got quite a bit accomplished.


Amazon, according to the radio today, is doing a trial run where in select cities you can order something and then go pick it up from their fulfillment centre within minutes, a new revolution in shopping.

Um. Let's drive to a place and buy what we want. I thought that was called a store. In fact, this store would be basically a warehouse outlet store. Not all that original. Just saying. I'd still love to do it with Amazon, because I like Amazon, but I can do the same at almost any brick-and-mortar store with a web presence right now. I wonder how much they paid the marketer to come up with that idea?

Tonight's rant

This Clown Blasts Gender Stereotypes After Mom Won't Let Son Get Butterfly Face Paint

Across the hall from where I work is a talking dollhouse. A little boy a few weeks ago wanted to play with it, and his parents insisted it was a girl's toy and dragged him over to a dump truck, and he stopped wanting to play altogether and got really quiet and sad. :( Lots of little boys play with that dollhouse every day, but that boy's parents drained the joy right out of playing. I felt so bad for him. Don't men live in houses? Why was it so bad for him to pretend to live in a house? Why can't we just let boys and girls discover their own likes and dislikes without being pushed like square pegs into a round hole to value what mom or dad do? If the little girl wants the pink sparkly unicorn, that's fine, but why can't the boy? And yes, as the article mentions, girls who are tomboys are more normalised and not shamed to the extent boys are for their 'unacceptable' choices, so the girl with the dump truck doesn't raise eyebrows (as much). How about just valuing the idea that the child is taking his or her first steps in developing choice and personality, no matter how 'girly' or 'boyish' it may seem to us at times? Also, a child should never be ashamed because he or she likes something beautiful and natural. And last time I checked, there are girl butterflies and boy butterflies. What makes any creature of nature particularly 'girly', anyway? Funny, my middle name is Welsh for 'butterfly'. And you know what? In Wales, it is traditionally a MALE name. Gender stereotypes are different between different cultures. They're not invariable and predetermined. We should think about that before pushing our own ideas of gender specificity onto our children. And we certainly should not change or belittle them. Just let them enjoy the magic of childhood, rather the being ashamed of being themselves or made to feel like they were never really wanted as they are. I know someone who, as an adult, lives in terrible pain because he was never accepted for himself by his family. He was never the child that was what the parents truly wanted. Think about that. Think of what damage that could do. Always criticized for being yourself. And you know how it begins? By being dragged away from something you want to do by well-meaning but clueless parents who are afraid that you will somehow turn into something they disapprove off because you played with a plastic dollhouse.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The water heater upstairs leaked (no one's living up there presently), so I awoke to a leak coming through my bathroom vent this morning. It's been fixed, as our maintenance is very responsive. I hope that will be the last order I put in to the office. It's so odd to think that within days I'll be leaving my apartment complex where I've lived for over 14 years! But soon I'll be in my friend's house, and I might be able to do some gardening in his yard along the way, and that makes me happy. The houseplants I took over already look like they're doing okay for now. We'll see. At work and at home I had sunny windows, whereas these are shadier, at least in my room, so I may have to do some distribution throughout the house. But we'll make it work.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Four hunting horrors and five ghouls later

So the notes went pretty fast, really. Next time (tomorrow) we go after the evil cultist/mad scientist. What can I say, this is what I do for fun.

And now, I'm going to take a well-deserved rest for about 40 minutes before doing anything else whatsoever, except clearing off space on the bed for said rest. :)


Sixteen boxes packed and one peace lily that constantly needs water replanted in the lavender pot (it had died, and the pot is a nice cobalt blue and larger than what the peace lily was in, plus it has an attached saucer built in. The peace lily is going on the floor in the room I'm going to be sleeping in--which is technically in the living room, not a bedroom--in front of a shady window.)

I did spill some soil on the carpet, and my vacuum is over at YKWIA's, so I will need to retrieve it tomorrow. Anyway, I think it's time to work on notes, now. Time to turn off Pandora and listen to the game instead. I also need to water the other houseplants. Two orchids are still blooming (in fact, the yellow one sent another shoot off of last year's stem and has five blooms and a bud on it, and the pink one that started blooming in March is still going strong). I've been going through things and rearranging them so I can get around things. I've also been throwing or recycling things as I go. There are two-and-a-half big bags of recyclables, one and a half of trash, almost two, and a small grocery bag full of drink lids, which one of my co-workers collect for some form of charity purposes. I'll take the bags out later--that's not got a time limit for today, whereas the notes do. So it's next on the list. I also have a (small) collection of books to take (remember, it's a book case bed), a few I want to read, a few to study (mainly Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, all of which I'm getting rusty with), and then there are a couple I just need to take--my workbooks on hoarding and anxiety/phobia disorders. I've also gotten my important papers and identification papers together, like my birth certificate, passport and passport card, business licence, and librarian certification, that sort of thing. They're definitely going with me, and not into storage.

Okay, on to notes!

One of the things I've discovered

having packed a total of 10 boxes is that I don't have room to really pack or store boxes. So, I'm going to see what I can downsize or move to storage, like some of the holiday decorations that never made it back in the walk-in closet, but rather are out in boxes of their own. I'm going to try to do that today, but I need to work on the game notes first, now that I'm about halfway through my list. I can always run the other things over tomorrow morning before the game, after all.

Today's agenda

  1. Get medicine from pharmacy
  2. Return books to the library
  3. Donate a few of YKWIA's books and a CD to the library
  4. Work on the bedroom
  5. Pack books
  6. Get totes for clothes' storage
  7. Get mattress pad to protect my current (queen) mattress from dust (and cover up a couple of menstural blood stains from the movers--I should have putt one on years ago. The new one (which is a full mattress) had one on within minutes of delivery. Of course, it has a 10-year warranty that is void if it gets stained.)
  8. Find something that will work for providing more clothes storage in the closet at YKWIA's
  9. Work on game notes
Today, possibly tomorrow:
  1. Take telescope, holiday decorations, and walk-in-closet things to storage
  2. Take out trash/recyclables
  3. Go through medicine in the refrigerator and reduce packaging/space
  4. Clean kitchen
  5. Clean bathroom

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Today was a good day at work. I kept up with everything, and didn't feel exhausted afterwards from that much mental juggling and human interaction. I even had enough energy to work on the house, and my boss gave me an extra day off next week to pack. But... being an introverted person with bipolar depression, anxiety, and OCD, I think work is taking a toll on me, but I haven't really had the energy to do job hunting lately. So, goals for the next few weeks: 1) take care of my health, physical and mental, meaning taking my medicine on schedule, eating well, and getting rest, 2) resume job hunting, 3) get moved with the least stress possible, and 4) do a great job at work. I think that's enough to work on, don't you?

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Countdown to sleep

Last night I got maybe one or two hours of fitful sleep, so the goal tonight is to sleep uninterrupted.

Lights out? Check!
Music off? Check!
Drank half of caffeine than yesterday. Check!

Okay, wish me luck!

Fun fact

So apparently my Bluetooth headphones, when fully charged, just make it through all of the deluxe versions of Ed Sheeran's albums (+, ×, and ÷) and then die.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Got everything set up

It's hard to see in these pictures, that this is a full-sized bed, but the 'headboard' and 'footboard' are on the long ends of the bed. The coloured inserts can be changed, or even contain photos with a clear insert over them. Since my friend's living room is pink, I changed them to pink, even though I prefer the lavender ones. I wanted storage and so this seemed a good plan. I guess I assumed the mattress would be recessed more - it's pretty tall. Only the cat seemed interested in claiming it - I think the dogs were afraid of it, or at least one of them was. All the animals were upset about all the furniture moving and strangers coming in to set it up. I hope this will bear my weight okay; it's quite different than the way the similar bed at the store was constructed underneath. There is a bunkie board to help distribute the weight, at least, but underneath there are boards above a cruciform support of perpendicular particle board.
But all in all, it went well. At one point they had a piece upside down and had to change it around, but they still did better than I would have. The guys forgot to put the lower knobs on the nightstands, so I did, and I changed the inserts, even though the lower ones on the footboard meant getting down in the hardwood floor. The workmen spoke a language I couldn't quite identify. Some words sounded Spanish, but it definitely was not that. Maybe Portuguese? It's possible that are Brazilian.
YKWIA seemed to be disturbed by the intrusion of his peaceful home by the bed and what it meant - that we were really moving in together. It will be an adjustment for each of us.
Anyway, it's together and I put the mattress cover and bedclothes on. Now I'm home and I need to work on the game notes tonight, or pack, either one. But I did do a lot today, cleaning and moving things, and really want to just relax. It's hard to believe it's only Friday night - it's felt like a Saturday all day. But tomorrow I have to take YKWIA to an appointment, but otherwise I think game notes and packing are a priority. I don't have a lot of time before I move, and it will go by very fast.

So nice to be off work today

My furniture is going to be delivered today, and I didn't know when that would be, so I asked off for the day. Turns out they're coming between 4 and 7 pm, so that leaves the rest of the day to be productive. I did sleep in, till 8:45, but there are things I need to do today:
  1. Pay my rent.
  2. Pay my electric.
  3. Call the credit union with a question.
  4. Get all of the boxes out of my car!
  5. Water the plants in the living room (I got the ones in the bedroom a couple of days ago).
  6. Look for a rose-coloured full microfleece blanket.
  7. Help YKWIA get the house ready for the furniture, moving some things and cleaning.
  8. Take him to pay a bill.
  9. Receive and inspect the furniture.
  10. Pack some.
I need to take two pillows (for the shams) and a blanket I'm going to use to protect the bedding from one of the dogs, who has very short hair but really sheds. Fortunately, the bedding is a cream colour, and she's a light gold, so it should be mostly okay. But since I'm allergic to dogs and cats, I should minimise direct contact as much as I can.

With the exception of Monday, when my mood was troubled by the horrible interview, it hasn't been bad this week. We were a little slower, about 100 people in the clinic or so a day, so busy enough to always be working, but not overwhelming. On Tuesday I sent an e-mail to the interviewing committee thanking them for the interview, answering the question I misunderstood and basically telling them that I tank during interviews due to nervousness, and I hope they'll consider me for the next step in the process, despite my performance on the phone. I hope they will. I suppose all the experts would say not to do this, but I felt I should. The new head of the committee sent an e-mail to me Thursday acknowledging it. So all hope is not lost, hopefully. I really want this job, and I think that I would be very good for the nurse-patrons.

Other things to accomplish this weekend:
  • Finish the game notes, as we're playing on Sunday.
  • Take off the caps of soda bottles to give to a co-worker who saves them and take out the recyclables, which are full.
  • Pack some more.
  • Take some light items over to storage and the new place as I can.
The plan is now to go through the books and pick what I want to keep, putting those in the U-Haul boxes. Then YKWIA can look through the ones left and those not chosen by either of us can go into some of the other types of boxes to be taken to the library. My therapist suggested just letting the movers take care of the books that are going into storage rather than me trying to deal with them a little at a time--I will be paying them to move them, anyway. That is the bulk of what I've got, after all. I've already booked the move to start at 9 am on Tuesday, August 29th. I booked them online, with a note that things will be moved from my apartment to a storage centre, that much of it is books, and with a request that a few large items be moved to the Dumpster area if they are amenable. I'm using Wildcat Moving, a local company that seems to have good ratings with the Better Business Bureau and online. I absolutely refuse to use another company, Two Men and a Truck, which is very popular around here, as they stranded a couple I know in the middle of their move with some lame excuse when they realised that the couple was not my friend and myself but rather two men. No kidding. Hometown Movers saved the day back then, and I would have used them now, but they seem to have disbanded. So hopefully, Wildcat Moving will be a good experience. That gives me 24 days to pack, including a weekend right before. I'm off the 28th and 29th for the actual move. That also gives me a couple of days afterwards to clean the apartment and turn in my keys. That reminds me--I should fill out a change of mailing address sometime this weekend, while I'm thinking about it.

Okay, I'm going to get going. I need to pay those bills, get off the computer, and get moving. The boxes will take a little time to get into the house--there are probably about 35 in the car, although the U-Haul ones are still packed flat in a bundle, at least. Hope you have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 03, 2017

A little sad tonight...

On this day seventy years ago, my mother was born. I so wish she were still with us. Happy birthday, Momma.

Monday, July 31, 2017


Feeling a little bummed about the phone interview today, which I think I really did badly on. I can do the work, I look great on paper, but interviews of any sort - especially by committee - make me very nervous, I tank, and I just sound like a babbling idiot. I finally got a phone interview with UK for a job I really want and most everyone who knows me seems to think I would be great at it - especially nurses, the main patron of this position - and I really think I blew it. But I guess it's best to consider it practice and analyse what I did badly and how I could have done better, for next time. I will eventually convince someone to hire me and let me show them what I can do. And who knows, maybe they'll give me that chance despite it all. After all, I came out of my interview with the Shriners folks convinced I'd done badly, they hired me, and I worked there as a librarian for twenty years. :)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tomorrow I pack

Well, begin packing, anyway. It's going to take awhile. I went by U-Haul and got a bundle of 25 boxes (for 73 cents each!) and some box tape. The plan is to begin in the living room, to pack the books that I want to keep, and then I'll be able to pack up the ones to be donated after that, in different types of boxes for now. The U-Haul boxes will be uniform and easier to store. I may eventually need to get some for the donated ones, but for now, I'm going to focus on what to keep, so I can start taking them over to the storage unit. The art will all go, too, although there's one triptych with two of the paintings that are too big for my car, I believe, so they may have to go last. And then there's YKWIA's self-portrait, which is on a larger canvas. But I think all the others will fit in my car. Then there are furniture/major items.

To keep:
  • The kitchen island
  • The microwave stand
  • All of the bookshelves that come apart and fold up
  • The bookshelf with glass doors
  • The bookshelf that matches my computer desk
  • The bookshelf my dad built
  • The computer desk and maybe the printer stand, if I still have the triangular piece that goes with them, along with the desk's hutch
  • The steamer trunk
  • My aquarium
  • The table (which comes apart)
  • The curio cabinet
  • The CD/DVD stand
  • The boards and blocks the plants usually stand on
  • The queen mattress and box springs
  • Ma Craig's hourglass table (it has sand and works)
Not going:
  • The cherry end tables
  • The loveseat, which was 'found' by the Dumpster fourteen years ago, so it gave its all
  • The entertainment center
  • The tall Sauder bookshelf
  • The short pressboard bookshelf
  • The bed [it has a broken cross rail that cannot be repaired, after 30 years of service]
Maybe keep/maybe go:
  • The dresser
  • The two chest-of-drawers
  • Two occasional tables
  • The two steel shelving units in the closet
  • The table I'm using as a TV stand [Brenda might be able to use it as a potting stand]
Taking with me to the house:
  • The laptop and accessories
  • My printer
  • My floor speaker that is Bluetooth
  • (Perhaps) one folding bookcase
  • Two bins, one for clean clothes, one for dirty ones, to go in the closet
  • Two small trash cans, one for trash, one for recyclables
  • (Maybe) the TV and DVD player
  • The plants!
I'm going to see if Brenda can take the fish. If not, maybe I can get Animal House or another pet store to take them. There are three pretty goldfish and a Chinese algae eater. Of course, some small things will go, like some clothes, my CPAP, etc. But most of the small things will either go to storage or Goodwill. That's all I can think of at the moment, anyway. But tomorrow starts all the decisions of what to keep and what to purge.

Well, I am the proud renter of

a storage unit. I went with Space Center Storage over on Stone Road. I tried first over on Richmond Plaza, which is closer to my current apartment, but they showed me the 10'x10' unit and it simply wouldn't be big enough, but the 10'x15' would be, and they didn't have any climate-controlled ones available. Because the items I need to store include books, art, and furniture, it's important for the temperature and humidity to be controlled. I set it up so the monthly rental fee and insurance (required) come directly off my debit card, in case something happens and I might otherwise miss that date. I also got a heavy-duty lock from them. I almost got some boxes but decided to check out U-Haul and they have them much cheaper. I'm going to go over there in a little while and get some boxes and tape. Needless to say, those were on the list from last week, which got interrupted by appendicitis. So if I take what I had left, let's see what else there is [with a couple additions]. I'd like to complete all of this by tomorrow evening:
  1. Tour and rent a storage area for the move.
  2. Obtain or at least line up some boxes.
  3. Work on reducing/weeding books.
  4. Take out the trash and recyclables.
  5. Do some cleaning.
  6. Do some job hunting.
  7. Write up my notice for my apartment manager in preparation for the move, to be given on Sunday.
  8. Pay my COBRA bill so it's in time for August.
  9. Create a timeline/Gantt chart for the move.
  10. Finalise my list of what from each room will go to the house, and what will go into storage.
  11. Research movers, as neither my friends nor I, can handle the big stuff.
  12. Find a missing book from the library that is camouflaged among mine.
  13. Do laundry.
I did get a little rest, too, sleeping later than I planned today and taking a short nap later after coming back from the storage place. I haven't slept much this past week, we had an incredibly busy week (over 100 in clinic each day except Friday, and over 200 on the schedule for Wednesday). Next week is slower (yay!) and I'm off Friday for the delivery of the furniture over at YKWIA's. On Monday I have a phone interview from the University of Kentucky Medical Library for the nurse liaison librarian position I applied for in the spring. :) My boss is aware, and I'm going to have them call me on my lunch break.

Okay, I'd better pay my COBRA now (so there's time before the end of the month for it to credit), it was the main reason for getting onto the computer this afternoon, although I did want to blog, too. Then I'm going to go get those boxes and do some work on the apartment before running over to a friend's house to help him feed the animals and check on him since bending is not an option for him still. Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This is cool

To see a total eclipse, I'd have to travel 109 miles southwest. I'd love to, I've known about this for years, but I'll probably be at work. But it will be almost total, almost 95%. Put your zip code in at the handy link and you can find out how much you'll see.



I've been so busy taking care of various things that this evening I found an email from yesterday afternoon offering to do a phone interview for a job I applied for this spring with the university that is a medical librarian position working to meet the needs of their nurses. I replied this evening to express my interest and arrange a time.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Monday, July 24, 2017

I should not have made such a lengthy to-do list

I was at the furniture store Saturday morning and as I was wrapping up the daybed purchase, I got a call from a friend, and I knew immediately something was wrong. He'd been having some pain the day before, and we thought it might be gas. But it had gotten worse. So I hurried over and called our family doctor, who advised going to the emergency room. That was very good advice, as he wound up having emergency surgery. With the exception of stopping by my apartment for a few necessities and a couple of showers, I have been over at his house or running errands for him to make him more comfortable for most of the weekend. Since this is the friend with whom I'm moving in, I guess you could say we had a trial run for living together. I hadn't originally planned to stay last night, so I slept in my jeans and a shirt, just taking off my belt and bra. At one point I woke up and I was halfway off the bed, as the dog had kicked me over, and my jeans were twisted so that the fly was on my right hip. Needless to say, I pushed the dog back and made sure I kept my ground from then on.

I'd set my alarm for 5 am to give me plenty of time to go home, shower, and get ready, but woke up at 4:30 to help him. I went ahead and fed the animals, as he can't really bend at the moment, got my stuff together, went home, got ready, dropped off some books that needed to go back to the library, and went to work almost an hour early. So now I'm sitting in the break room having a little alone time and catching up with news, etc. It's going to be a very busy week--four days of over 100 patients in clinic, with Wednesday having over 200! After work today I'm going to go check on him.

Okay, it's almost time to go upstairs and start my day. Hope you had a good weekend!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Things to do tomorrow

  1. Weigh myself (I haven't in a while) -- Yay, I've lost 10 lbs!
  2. Reconcile my finances. (It would have been nice to have been paid on Friday like I should have been, but it'll be Monday instead.)
  3. Get supplements for a friend at Costco, who will pay me back.
  4. Visit a furniture store to get a daybed for the move.
  5. Tour and rent a storage area for the move.
  6. Go to the library and return some books.
  7. Obtain or at least line up some boxes.
  8. Work on reducing/weeding books.
  9. Take out the trash and recyclables.
  10. Do some cleaning.
  11. Run by the grocery and get mayonnaise for a friend and denture cleanser for me.
  12. Plant mint and ivy at a friend's house.
  13. Do the game notes.
  14. Do some job hunting.
  15. Write up my notice for my apartment manager in preparation for the move, to be given on Sunday.
  16. Pay my COBRA bill so it's in time for August.
  17. Create a timeline/Gantt chart for the move.
  18. Finalise my list of what from each room will go to the house, and what will go into storage.
  19. Research movers, as neither my friends nor I, can handle the big stuff.
That's enough, don't you think?

Worry tends to eat at you if you let it

I'm not sure it's a good sign that it's the middle of a Friday night and instead of sleeping, I'm mentally composing a tactful response to a work email string. I have also been scheduling at night in my dreams. I've never had so much trouble walking away from work and not worrying about things on my own time. I've always kept work, health, and personal life fairly balanced, and I'm having trouble now. I must find a way to bring it all into harmony again.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

RIP Chester Bennington

You probably wouldn't think it by looking at me, a middle-aged librarian without a single tattoo and only one simple piercing in each ear, but I like Linkin Park a lot, something any of you who have read this blog for awhile probably know, though. I don't care so much for the screaming songs, but I do like the ones that blend Chester Bennington's and Mike Shinoda's vocals, particularly. I have several of their albums (my favourite is A Thousand Suns). The following just feature Chester Bennington, which maybe is fitting, given their subject matter and the fact that he was found this morning, having apparently committed suicide by hanging. His friend Chris Cornell had recently died, also believed to be a suicide, and he was found on what would have been his friend's birthday. Requiescat in pace.

So sad.

Monday, July 17, 2017

This is a long shot...

But I'm sharing for a friend who had lost her dog in Mercer County, Kentucky:

REWARD!  Large tri-colored male beagle from Bruner's Chapel Road, Harrodsburg, KY.   Missing since 07/09/17, answers to "Elvis" when he feels like it.  Last seen wearing a gray Seresto flea collar.  He's a house dog, not a hunting dog.  Please comment or email me (eilir.rowan@gmail.com) if you see him, and I will get you in touch with my friend.  Thank you!

Saturday, July 15, 2017


If you're annoyed, like me, with the fact that Facebook videos are playing with sound again as you scroll past them, check out your settings and you can change it to off for starting videos in your newsfeed with sound. I personally get annoyed with the autoplay. If I want to watch a video with sound, I'll turn it on myself, Facebook. Don't push it on me.

Another loss due to breast cancer

Maryam Mirzakhani, First Woman to Win the Fields Medal, Is Dead at 40/

That's not good

I was doing a final edit on the previous post and had some sudden enteric issues. I hope it's a matter of I ate too many cashews (it happens sometimes, so maybe I'm mildly allergic) at one time, rather than me coming down with a stomach bug. :( I don't want to be sick again, and while I rarely get them, I often get them spectacularly. I once snapped a pair of glasses in two while throwing up, for example. But I don't feel nauseous at all, so I'm going to blame it on the cashews.

I'm not sure

that I've ever gone this long without blogging, except maybe when I first started this blog. I'm sorry. I've mostly been working. The other night I was at the emergency room for hours with a friend (who is okay, but it was important to go), and I tried to write there since I had my computer with me and they supposedly had free WiFi, but it wouldn't save my post, let me listen to Pandora, or was in any way helpful in helping me pass the time, and my phone was dying, and neither using their charging station nor plugging directly into a wall outlet using the stock charger seemed to work, as at the most it would go up 1% after several minutes. It was rather frustrating. The next day I was a little late to work, but my boss understood, as she'd been in the ER with her father the other day and had come in late herself. Despite being very tired I worked very hard and maintained a level of perkiness suitable for dealing with the public, although it was hard, and then went and got my friend some groceries. I was so tired that I could barely drive, and came home and went straight to bed. Yesterday was slower at work, and I was still pretty tired, but I managed to get through it, go home, and I went to bed early again, sleeping till almost eleven this morning. I got up, got a shower, and went to the library to work on the game notes for about three hours, then went and got my hair cut (it really needed it; I hadn't had it cut since the end of March), and then came home and relaxed for a bit before returning to the notes for another three hours or so. But they're finished. We are, as far as I know, playing tomorrow, now that we've recovered (mostly--coughing is still bad for both of us) from the plague, so I wanted to get those done. I did want to work on the house some, as well, especially the books, but it's 9 pm now. It's taken so long because there was a lot of investigation. Anyway, that's ready for tomorrow. I need to desperately do my laundry tomorrow over there as well, as I didn't do so last weekend, and I'm down to almost nothing (or at least comfy underwear, which I consider essential). I'm looking forward to playing, though. We are currently playing an adventure that is set in Glasgow, Scotland, so I'm learning a lot about its history, including that of Saint Mungo, the patron saint (whose Celtic name was Kentigern). I know a little bit about Kentigern, or at least the name, from The Battlefield Band's song 'The Dear Green Place'

Mungo is known for four miracles which are portrayed on the city of Glasgow's heraldic shield. From Wikipedia:
  • The Bird — Mungo restored life to a robin, that had been killed by some of his classmates.
  • The Tree — Mungo had been left in charge of a fire in Saint Serf's monastery. He fell asleep and the fire went out. Taking a hazel branch, he restarted the fire.
  • The Bell — the bell is thought to have been brought by Mungo from Rome. It was said to have been used in services and to mourn the deceased. The original bell no longer exists, and a replacement, created in the 1640s, is now on display in Glasgow.
  • The Fish — refers to the story about Queen Languoreth of Strathclyde who was suspected of infidelity by her husband. King Riderch demanded to see her ring, which he claimed she had given to her lover. In reality, the King had thrown it into the River Clyde. Faced with execution she appealed for help to Mungo, who ordered a messenger to catch a fish in the river. On opening the fish, the ring was miraculously found inside, which allowed the Queen to clear her name. (This story may be confused with an almost identical one concerning King Maelgwn of Gwynedd and Saint Asaph.)
I'll give you resurrection and the spontaneous creation of fire, and the fish, of course, but we're still trying to figure out how bringing a bell from Rome constitutes a miracle. There must be more to the story, surely. Anyone with information, feel free to comment with that.

Okay, I think I'll get up and stretch a bit, as I've been typing at the computer for far too long. I will try to blog more. In the meantime, if I don't write again tonight, have a good evening, and a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

After a fairly stressful day

(and holding my bladder for something like three hours, as I was in check-out at work most of the day by myself), I relaxed and visited, first with my stepfather, and then with my best friend. So I feel recharged to some degree. But I really need to learn to just walk away from my desk at times and not take everything so seriously. I feel a little like I'm on an assembly line, with a lot more juggling and concentration. I know part of my occasional frustration is my OCD--I have trouble leaving something unfinished. On the other hand, at 5:15, when I was 15 minutes over and had to leave to meet my stepfather, I just had to close my door and tell the next person bringing a family up that we would call them with an appointment. I can't stay until the last patient is gone every time, and today was a very busy day, so there were still patients in clinic, of course. Anyway, the good thing is that despite that, I kept up pretty well in terms of the queue running smoothly. Now let's hope I can do so tomorrow without being so tense.

After work, my stepfather John came up and we visited for about an hour. He's having a hard time with my mom's death, and Sassy, their dog, died not long after. Then YKWIA and I visited while he cooked. He gave me a taste of the avocado soup and the salad, which had rice, curry, olives, and a bunch of other good things in it, although he was going to chill it to enhance the flavour.

Okay, one of my tasks for today was to get to bed by midnight. Morning comes early. I don't want a repeat of today, where I overslept and it put me off all day. Good night.