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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The pies turned out great

There was still some at the picnic when I went to pick A up, so I had a small piece. Very nutty and chocolately. Some Derby pies look like glorified pecan pies with chocolate, but this recipe is from a 'My Old Kentucky Home' pamphlet, and has walnuts instead. There's a batter of butter, eggs, flour, sugar, and then the walnuts and chocolate, so it comes out creamy rather than clear like chess or pecan pie. Since we did four pies at once, there were three cups of walnuts and three cups of chocolate chips in the whole thing.

But now he is safely delivered, so I can really work on things. I'm going to spend a few minutes cooling down with an iced drink and in front of the fan, then get going in the next half-hour. I'm trying to decide if I want to do the salad in addition to the salmon tonight or leave it for a separate day. The avocado and lettuce would be best if I did them now, I suspect, as the avocado is ripe without being soft, and I don't know how long they'll stay that way. We'll see how my time does, and I'll check the date on the mixed greens. I'm also going to mix up the dough conditioner and bake some whole wheat bread today. But first, cool off, and then get up and rearrange the refrigerator and do the dishes, then put the other groceries away. Hope you're having a good day.

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