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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Well, I got paid

I resisted the urge to go out at midnight and get gas and groceries. One, that's not the wisest time to be out, especially if you're a woman, alone. Two, I have 30 cents off a gallon at Kroger and their fuel centre closes at 11 pm anyway, and I'd like to use those points when I fill up. So I'll get the gas tomorrow morning. What I did instead was go meticulously through each bill and payment I need to make to see how much I can spend on groceries, and which bills can be paid and which cannot until next time. I then pared my grocery list down to include a few staples, the breadmaking ingredients, and three main recipes to try. It'll come to about $125 (keep in mind the cupboards are pretty much empty), leaving me some for next week for gas and groceries, but not much, so I think the second week will be experiment-free in the food arena. Unfortunately next time includes my rent, car insurance, and cell phone bills, so I'll have about $85 for two weeks for food. But as long as I can make bread, and I have peanut butter, I guess I'll do okay. What was so bad this time is that I ran out of flour, and so this time I'm getting two bags (one white, one wheat), and I'll mix it up a bit as to which loaf I bake at a time, as each bag lasts about a week.

I checked and the fuel centre (which is 1/2 mile away, so here's hoping I can get to it) opens at 6 am, so maybe I can do an early morning run to the grocery before work, as I'm taking a friend to the credit union and to the cable company tomorrow after work so he and I can both pay our bills. (In my case, the Internet, only). So I really need to go to bed, as it's almost 2 am (but I was asleep earlier). But my ledger is updated, I'm also keeping a tally on my phone, and everything's balanced and planned out, so barring any terrible emergency stuff coming up, I know what I can spend. Here's hoping no emergencies arise. Good night.

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