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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I seldom wake up hungry

But I did, several times throughout the night, so apparently last night's crackers didn't stay with me. This morning my blood sugar was 78, which is on the low end of normal, and almost unheard of for me, and it's probably just as well I got up early (5 am) and checked it. So now I'm having more crackers, but with some peanut butter this time. At least it is actually Wednesday, so I'll get paid late tonight, around midnight.

I've scaled back the new dishes I want to try (yes, I've been somewhat obsessed with food and the recipes I've found, probably because I haven't seen fruits or vegetables in days, except for some papaya and pineapple a co-worker gave me yesterday). Side note: Tropical fruit cups (I think it was by Dole) have red and yellow papaya and pineapple--not mango, which is great, as I am allergic to mango. I think I had a banana one day at work. But I've had almost no vegetables, and the things I've planned are heavy on fresh vegetables. But, one author advised trying no more than three recipes a week when you're beginning to cook to avoid being overwhelmed, and also fresh produce adds up and I can only spend so much. So I'm definitely going to try the blackberry-ginger salmon (the most expensive dish, but blackberries are on sale right now), the eggplant pasta, and the potato leek soup this week, along with the Mexican orange-avocado salad, (Yes, I know, that's actually four.) And I'd like to try the recipe I have for honey wheat bread, as I'm quite comfortable making bread, and it's designed specifically for my machine.

Wow, now that my stomach is satisfied, I'm trying to go back to sleep, even though I had several hours' worth. I may go back to sleep for a little bit--I did get up awfully early. The sun's not even up yet, although it is twilight outside. Maybe till 6:30 am? Then I can still go into work early to make up for the time at the appointment yesterday,

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