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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

T minus 20 minutes

until the bread is done. I went ahead and had some scrambled eggs. I'm glad I went ahead and got a dozen a couple of weeks ago. I have four left. I'll cut a piece of bread and have it with some spread to finish off my dinner, assuming the bread comes out decently. I've never made this particular recipe, and I substituted some things for the herbs listed.

The sun is no longer streaming through the windows of my apartment; it's heading towards sunset. I should be cleaning up in the kitchen; there are dishes to do, ice to make, that sort of thing. After all, earlier I said I was feeling domestic. But I'm feeling somewhat torpid, I must admit. I've checked the news and Facebook, updated some things on my phone. I think I'll listen to some music until the bread's done, eat a slice, and then go from there. If I don't write anymore tonight, have a good one.

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