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Saturday, June 18, 2016

After work

I went over to YKWIA's, helped him with some things as he cooked and afterwards, and then came home. I spent a couple of hours looking at the numbers of getting a second job to help pay the bills, catch up on things, and maybe even put an emergency fund and some savings together (I applied for a Kroger position in addition to the library assistant one from last week). I also looked at how the finances would change in terms of when my full-time job ends next April. After that, I called a friend who had texted me earlier and she and I were on the phone for a good hour and a half. I was getting really hungry, so I put a chickpea patty on a heel of bread along with some salad dressing (as in Miracle Whip, not the stuff you put on salad). Now I have to admit I'm sleepy and perhaps it's time to head on to bed, as I have to be over to YKWIA's about 9 am.

So it's been a productive day--I sent in the Kroger application, looked at finances and was really thinking about ways to deal with the impending loss of job, spent time with friends in person and on the phone, and I also called and complained about a gas station where the manager took my loyalty card, signed in as me, and then took the customer survey without letting on that was what he did, all so they could cheat on their bonus. Since I used to work for the same company, and since I caught him at the kiosk right before he gave my keys back and realised what was going on (although really, they were pretty blatant about it), and I know that this is not how things should work, I reported them. Here's an idea, let the customer complete the customer survey, okay? Anyway, I think I've done enough for one day. Good night.

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