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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


KoKo (CoCo? Cocoa?) is still hanging on and his people know what happened and are with him. They called and if animal control is called, he will most likely be euthanised. There is an emergency vet on Southland who will put him down for free but if they want treatment, it's $93 just for the exam, without x-rays, fluids, etc.--the things he needs. So they're trying to figure out what to do. But he has calmed down, isn't barking anymore, and is doing better now that they're on the scene. He'd been hit to the side of the road, so he's in a place where he won't be hit again. YKWIA brought out the muzzle and showed them how to put it on, so at least when they move him, no one will get bitten. YKWIA thinks he may have a broken hip. That's not good--when my cat broke his hip years ago, he was in an animal hospital for a month, which is very costly. He is apparently fairly old and has been hit before--you can tell from how he walks, actually. I'm afraid the only choice may be to put him down. Like I said, he's a sweet dog, rarely barks, just makes his rounds. I certainly would rather they keep him on leash, of course, and that would have prevented this whole thing, but right now I'm just hoping the best thing for KoKo can be done and that he won't suffer too badly. :(

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